Official Welcome :)

Hi guys!

Well, we have got a foundation here now to start us off. I was thinking about this for quite some time and we all at BC (BarcaCentral) wanted to do an official welcome/launch of what we hope will be a great continuation from fcbnews.

What makes this blog/community work well is all you wonderful people. Everything is driven from the point of what we think is most important for you guys and gals to hear about FCB. In essence, what I’m trying to say is the blog is for you – we just maintain it.

Bear with us over the next few weeks – we realise this isn’t the best looking blog yet but over time (and xmas cheer!) we will get to the finished product we all hope to achieve. Not to go into all the details right now, but we have a mammoth list of ideas/plans – all evolving around bringing the club closer to us all and reach all the corners of the globe. Some future plans at a pinch include; apart from the usual stuff (previews, reviews, news): podcasts, readers corner, more stats than you can poke a stick at, historical information, competitions (with prizes!), tactic talk, player reviews, transfer gossip (cue sensationalism!), a weekly FCB digest rundown,  and everything in between. Again – everything is driven to bring the club closer to us all.

We also love hearing from you guys – comments especially are great, but so are emails – we will respond to as many comments/emails as humanly possible! (leave comments at the bottom of each post….it may not be so visible to you guys but click and submit!) Be aware at this stage all the comments get moderated for approval (mainly to filter spam etc..but typically we are on them within minutes of you posting) we love getting feedback, good or bad. As such, I’m encouraging you all now to comment away, give us your ideas and thoughts about the blog and what you would like to see, what matters most to you…what makes YOU come here?

So, welcome aboard, lets enjoy this wonderful community and more importantly, what this club and team are achieving in modern times. There has never been a better time to support this club and show your pride.

Until next post – be safe at this time of the year (we will do a xmas post too!) – but what an early present we have been given – two great wins over two of our toughest rivals



PS: Don’t forget to spread the word…we don’t want to whore our names about, but we are looking at making something really special here – something that stands out from the other club blogs around the world – quality writing, quality pieces of information, central to you and what it means to support this club.

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17 Responses to Official Welcome :)

  1. AyousB says:

    Great job Darren, proud of you.
    We really count on you and Nic.
    Thanx for ressurecting Fcb news as Barcacentral.


  2. FCB-Parbo says:

    You’re welcome BARCACENTRAL!!!

    Words can’t describe how I feel right now Darren, but I’m soooooo proud of you guys and all the fellas here. So I’ll just say keep it keep it keep it moving ———————>

  3. bc9jaCulé says:

    I really can’t thank u (I mean Nic, Darren & every fella that’s got a hand in this endeavour) sufficiently for givin’ a a breath of fresh air to fcbnews (now barcacentral) despite your tight schedules. The least anyone could do is to wish u d very best of success with this one. Thumbs up culés!


  4. barcacentralnic says:

    Just to add to what Darren said. Barcacentral was started with the aim of keeping the community from fcbnews alive, though there are bound to be some changes. Besides the look of the site there are going to be some new writers, we are looking for quality over quantity so don’t expect there always to be a new post every day but I hope things will be more active than they were in the last few months at fcbnews. As Darren said your participation is vital to the blog so please send your comments whenever you have anything to say. If we like your style we may invite you to write something for Barcacentral.
    Darren says we don’t want to whore ourselves out but personally I don’t have a problem to. So, if you really love us you can do all the facebook twitter type stuff to help spread the word, post links to us on any other Barça forums or blogs/websites so that all cules can find us. I imagine we’ll get a facebook group going as well sometime soon so you if you do the facebook thing you can become a fan of us there.
    Finally, at the moment we are not putting any advertising on the site but this may (or may not) change sometime soon. If we do put up ads then you could support us by occasionally clicking on them as this will help to cover expenses (I should talk to Laporta about expenses). We are not going to get rich from this but every little helps 🙂

  5. Fredegar says:

    Well, this looks pretty tasty guys, I’m really looking forward to see how this project develops.

    Thanks a lot to everybody involved in it, and Visca Barça(central)!

  6. FCB-Holland says:

    Guys ,
    I realize that the blog is still in its infantry but I’m wondering if it is possible to Export / Migrate members’ profiles from the FCBNEWS to BARÇACENTRAL ?
    If that is not possible I suggest that an easier way is laid out to the readers . It is not very clear to me , so far , how to Log In or create a profile . I don’t want to go through a “third ” party or some mystery website or a blog in order to do so .
    Another point / suggestion ;
    I have always appreciated nic’s hands off approach handling the FCBNEWS however I would rather NOT see anti-Barça posts that are ” insulting ” or ” degrading ” . Why not zip those bastards off ? I doubt if a Madrid site would put up with any anti-Madrid rhetoric . We shouldn’t put up with that crap either . I was disappointed to see that idiot Arsenal fan with the F Barça shirt . Enough of this self-degradation and turning the other cheek .
    BTW, guys , you are doing a great job . You have my appreciation !!

  7. barcacentralroger says:

    Welcome one, welcome all!

    So great to see so many of the familiar names having made the journey over to this new site.

    For the record, I was LokiFCB on the old site, and am excited to be involved in the new site.

    Yes, I agree that the log-in process is not very clear – we’ll discuss and see if we can either make it clearer or provide some guidance.

    With regards to Facebook, do we have many users? Shall I set us up a group and try to get the RSS feed going through that?

  8. FCB-Holland says:

    @ barcacentralroger ,
    I have wondered who the Hell is this barcacentralroger guy is . Now it is clear . Welcome back LokiFCB .
    @ barcacentraldarren ,
    Thanks for your reply . Keep up the good effort .
    You guys can always rely on me ranting on something or another !!

  9. barcacentralroger says:

    @ Holland – glad you made it over Sir! (Or Miss, a false assumption to always assume that those posting on a football blog are gentlement!) Holland, always appreciated your comments so glad to have you ranting!

  10. FCB-Holland says:

    @ barcacentraldarren ,
    I came across this link . I hope you find it useful .

  11. FCB-Holland says:

    @ barcacentralroger ,
    Same here . I’m glad you decided to go to work for Barça fans . From a Dutch guy !!

  12. FCB-Holland says:

    @ barcacentraldarren ,
    Thanks . I’ll give it a go . My computer ability is almost as crappy as of that of Abidal playing CB . Just kidding !!

  13. fcbholland says:

    ” Just quietly, I think he never gets the credit he deserves – he has had a superb season so far. ”
    Of course , difference of opinions is what makes a debate worthwhile . No right or wrong here . Just an opinion not a fact !!

  14. barcacentralomer says:

    Congratulations once again Darren,Nic and everybody else involved with the ‘official’ launch of Barcacentral [BC]. Good to see old friends and FCB regulars like Holland and Loki over here as well.

    Oh btw I’m the annoying guy known as omerpk on FCB-News who’ll be waiting for when our Barca transfer team screws up again…;)

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