Preview: Barca Vs Sporting Gijon

Barca Vs Sporting Gijon

Bojan – I’ll settle for you scoring a goal like this….

Venue: Estadio El Molinón K.O Time: Saturday, February 12, 2011, 19:00 GMT

League leaders Barca travel up North-West to the Asturias region to take on 13th placed Gijon on Saturday – more than likely with one eye on the CL clash against Arsenal on Wednesday 16th look for the squad to be a slightly different starting 11 than we rolled out against Athetlico Madrid (which was almost our strongest 11 possible). Also due to the International friendlies played – there will be some rest for players, guaranteed. Puyol will be out due tendinitis in his left knee.

Gijon are comming off a 3-0 loss to Bilbao – they lost defender Gregory Arnolin in the 15th minute of that game due to two yellow cards and as such he will be unable to take to the field against Barca. Gijon normally have a pretty good supporter base so the Stadium will be close to capacity (29k or so). They also possess some pretty good individual talent, namely Diego Giminez – who has scored 8 goals in 18 games for them this season.

I can’t see Barca having too much trouble with this game, even with resting key players. Having said that with some squad players having a chance to start, you never know just how rusty or how they are feeling on the day. Despite that, the squad’s quality cannot be denied and I would expect an 3-0 or a 4-1 scoreline.

Worth a mention that Madrid are taking on Espanyol this week…they have some serious games to come still so lets hope for another dropped 2 points at least and a draw.

My Probable Starting Lineup: Valdes, Abidal, Pique, Alves, Maxwell, Iniesta, Mascherano, Keita, Afellay, Pedro, Bojan(score a goal!)

Out: Puyol

Scoreline: 3-0 Win.

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6 Responses to Preview: Barca Vs Sporting Gijon

  1. barcacentralroger says:

    Pete Jenson at the Daily Mail has a nice brief article reminding us that this match with Sporting Gijon could not be better timed for Pep Guardiola to sign his new contract: the six goals we knocked in two years ago was the first win of Pep’s career as Barca first team coach:

  2. bc9jaCulé says:

    I’m actually concerned about the lineup of tonight’s encounter. It’s an away match and all of our startin’ XI were involved in international friendlies durin’ the week. So, bearin’ in mind that our CL 1st leg fixture with Arsenal is just 4 days away and coupled with the fact that they’ll also have to travel to London, a precautionary rotation is highly essential for tonight’s match — so as to avoid exhaustion and have the boys ready to fire from all cylinders @ The Emirates stadium next week Wednesday — but I’ll leave that responsibility for our able Pep to do the tinkerin’.

    Anyways, we shouldn’t have much headache givin’ them a decent thrashin’ but incisive cautions must be taken by Pep tonight.

    My prediction:
    Sporting 1 — 4 Barça

    Força Barça!!!

  3. Caleb says:

    I’m guessing the lack of a write-up is due to the shock of it all 😦

  4. bc9jaCulé says:

    It’s kind of weird, actually. I seriously hope the absence of a review is not sequel to the shockin’ outcome of last night’s encounter.

    Come on culés!!! It’s football and anything can happen against any team at anytime — @ least we salvaged a point. What if we had lost all 3 points? Let’s count our blessings and be grateful. We’ve played and won 16 on the trot — breakin’ a fifty-year old record in the process — without sacrificin’ a single point.

    This draw came @ the very time. The magnitude of the admiration of our footballin’ prowess has been floodin’ in from all quarters and while some folks might be disappointed with the outcome of our match @ El Molinon, I see it as a much-needed catalyst capable of spurrin’ us for our Champions league fixtures with Arsenal and beyond.

    More so, Pep now knows that there’s no more margin for error b’cause any further loss of points will inevitably heap immense pressure on us. In a nutshell, I see this draw as an inspiration to the boys. Fret not culés and be strong, Laliga’s ours this season and hopefully for the next 8 (so that we can equal the number of our rival’s Laliga titles).

    Força Barça!!!

  5. bc9jaCulé says:

    My third paragraph above:
    *This draw came @ the very right time*

  6. bc9jaCulé says:

    Until tonight, I ne’er really understood the details of the rivalry existin’ b’tween Barça and Espanyol.

    I can’t imagine that they couldn’t salvage even a point on their own turf where, before tonight, they’ve lost only two matches — against Barça and Villareal –all season.

    But!!! Someway, somehow, they couldn’t handle a ten-man Madrid team despite havin’ that numerical advantage right from the start of the match. It’s like deliberately refrainin’ from takin’ a sip from a filled glass of wine held to your mouth. To say the least, they’re inconsequentially pathetic.

    Well, I just pray God graces Pep and his team with successive victories in the remainin’ 15 Laliga fixtures — remember, we need luck to avoid injuries and complement our hardwork — so that we can send a CRYSTAL CLEAR message to them (Espanyol) that we don’t need their help to win the league. Thank God for the Villareals, Valencias, Bilbaos, Almerias, Osasunas and Gijons that are ever vibrant in the league — no matter what!!!

    Força Barça!!!

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