Report: Barca 1 Sporting 1

Today we didn’t show enough conviction when dealing with these tactics.


Barca produced an lackluster dispay on Saturday to escape Gijon with a point that salvages something from the trip. Yes, all statistics point to a domination by Barca…81% possession, 15 shots..yadda yadda….business as usual right? wrong. It was one of those frustrating days where we couldn’t get the job done, and all of sudden we have to realise that even the best sides have tough days at the office. I don’t want to be too critical of the team that I love, because they have given us all so much, and have been on an amazing run (and they didn’t lose the game!) but to me this was really not acceptable.

Credit to Gijon – who are fighing for their survival in La Liga. Gijon’s keeper said “we should be hpapy with the draw” and I agree….they scored early on, and then parked the bus, even more so when we grabbed a Villa equaliser…we need to be able to break down teams who do this more often – as this seems to be Barca’s achillies heel of recent times…teams score early, setup camp, and we knock it about like our superb selves for 80mins then wonder why we didnt get more from the game? sometimes we just need to be more ruthless.

We started out with a lineup that was keeping upcoming big matches in mind: Valdes, Alves, Pique, Milito, Maxwell, Mascherano, Xavi, Iniesta, Afellay, Messi, Villa. The lineup itself is good enough to beat most sides…so what happened today? Today the guys didnt come to play..first time in a long time. Lets hope it’s a one off and it serves to get our motivation back to absolutely destroy Arsenal…it should not take us 80minutes to produce brilliance to get us out of trouble that we should never be in.

Apologies for not going into full match detail – as I was writing it all out I lost power and I don’t want to retype it all (lesson sorely learnt to save/autosave often!). I’ll do the next best thing and give you a youtube link where you can see both goals and some highlights.

I’ve had some more time to think about the match and was probably a bit harsh. But I still stand by my thoughts….I can let these blemishes slide, mainly because of what we produce every other week, but I guess once you are use to having Caviar even a nice Sunday Roast tastes a bit bland 🙂

Lets all hope we can get back to “business as usual” against Arsenal….what’s your thoughts on the game and my comments…too harsh? not harsh enough?…

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9 Responses to Report: Barca 1 Sporting 1

  1. Caleb says:

    I think every season there will be a few games like this. We just have to hope they come at “good” times…

    • Caleb – I agree. I’m just dissapointed. I expected better, especially when we have a CL game due in the next few days. Still, looking back we couldve won it and after what this team can do and has sone perhaps i’m being too greedy. Madrid won but looking at it on the whole I’m still very confident they will drop more points than we ever will. Just a bad day at the office

  2. laoahpeh says:

    Afellay did nothing to justify his starting spot. Very disappointing (starting) debut

  3. bc9jaCulé says:

    Seriously, the game itself was frustratin’ and even more so was the result. If only we had played well in the first half like we did in the second, we wouldn’t be sayin’ all of these. As for Afellay, he literally did his bit. It’s just that he needs more time to blend with the first team.

    Anyways, we’re still ‘MANITA’ points — 5 points — ahead and the boys must have learnt a really hard lesson. Thus, the least I expect from them is to give their last drop of blood from the first blast of the whistle — like they’ve been doing prior to the Gijon match — in every single encounter henceforth, as they can’t risk any further loss of points so as to avoid unnecessary pressure.

    Força Barça!!!

  4. FCB-Parbo says:

    Whow, indeed a little blow it is. But then again as fans we expect that our team can just cruise pass lesser teams. Well, it’s footbal and anything can happen. They will drop points now and then. You can’t be full that they will win every game for us? I see it as a wakeup call, although I’m a little bit dissapointed. But, we had our changes and it were many times, to seal the match had we been a little bit efficient with those.

    On to the match against Arsenal. They are better then last year and Robin van Persie is a killer right now, but we are way better too then last year. With David Villa our game has improve. Messi and Pedro have been super for us. The MVP is “THE DEADLY TRIO”. I predict a win for us.

    Big Up Barca, Visca Barca!!!

  5. Hilal says:

    These things happen guys, we were going to drop points eventually, it had to happen. Credit to Gijon who played their hearts out. The international break always leaves us a bit funky and I am sure the players had their sights set on Tuesday. I know they shouldnt but it is only natural, they are humans at the end of the day and not machines.

    This draw might have also come at the perfect time. There was a little too much praise and hype surrounding the team for my liking. The last thing you want going into a champions league tie is a feeling of invincibility. I think this draw will help to keep the players grounded. I am sure Pep will use this draw to his advantage and we always seem to come back strong after dropping points.

    I have a feeling we are going to come out very strong and aggressive on Wednesday.

  6. blaugranaboy says:

    i am really very pleased to see the rational analysis and reactions from the game. its great to see those that have followed fcbnews to this seem to be the more level headed and logical ones.

    what a relief. these things just happen. goodness, its just a draw. pep knew it was going to be tough pre match and it was. those sporting boys just ran and ran and ran, and when i thought they were going to be tired, they ran a bit more. sure, they were ultra defensive and dogged in their tactics, but when they got the ball, 1st half at least, they knocked it around quite nicely.

    fact is, we could have won. i dont think we actualy struggle against teams that park the bus. well we do, but so does everyone. succeeding against that tactic is fashioning maybe only 2 or 3 chances, instead of the normal 10 or so. we did that. we scored a majestic goal and then xavi had a great chance in the first half early on. pedro also could have touched in a scrambled goal. so if one of those other go in, 2-1 = 3 pts. against those tactics you just have to wait and wait and we will get enough to win it. we just have to be damn sure to take them. plus, we did this in one of our most off matches of the year, after another stupid fifa break.

    i was so disappointed with villa that night. first time this year. but then, boom, he proves that class players do the top things when given just one chance. thats why u leave them on. like rooney on the weekend. he was garbage before and after the goal, but he scored a stunner.

    afellay was very poor but gets the excuse because of how new he is etc etc.

    i think this result will help us. it certainly wont harm us wednesday. its a pity espanyol couldnt help us out, especially since the red card was so early. i was really hoping they would at least get a draw.

    onto wednesday boys and well, its going to be a huge encounter!

  7. Noureddine says:

    We would’ve rejoiced for this draw back in Rijkaard’s days, yes we would’ve won it but we could’ve lose it as well, we should be happy with that point considering the way we played especially in the first half.

    Though the timing of this result is just perfect ahead of London’s trip.

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