Copa del Rey Final: Barça 0 Real Madrid 1 (a.e.t)

I’m afraid there’s not much I want to say right now as there’s not a lot I want to remember from tonight. But for those of you who didn’t see the game it was a bit of a strange one. There were no big surprises in the starting lineups, Mascherano came into defence in place of Puyol, and Guardiola kept to his word regarding Pinto. For Madrid Arboloa came in at right back meaning Ramos switched to the centre in place of the suspended Albiol, Pepe continued in midfield and Ozil started. Madrid had the better of the first half and came close to a goal when Pepe’s header struck the inside of the post just before half time. Barça only played like Barça in the second half which we totally dominated. Pedro had a goal disallowed though he was half a yard offside and in the 75th minute Casillas first denied Messi with a low save and soon after he just got to Pedro’s effort to lift the ball over him. At this time we looked sure to go on to win but Casillas again saved Madrid, this time from Iniesta with nine minutes to go. Then in the final minute of normal time Di Maria nearly won it with a shot from 20 yards but Pinto did brilliantly to tip the ball over. In extra time we failed to keep up the rhythm and Madrid came back into it. Xavi Alonso was lucky not to get a second yellow in the 100th minute after pulling Iniesta, but soon after that Marcelo and Di maria combined well on the left and Di Maria’s cross found Ronaldo who headed well past Pinto. Unsurprisingly Madrid defended doggedly for the remaionder of extra time and we were a bit over frenetic with our main weapon being to push Piqué forward. That’s all I can manage for now, I’ll post a comment tomorrow, for now I’ll hand it over to you guys to discuss what we did wrong.

Barça: Pinto; Alves, Mascherano, Piqué, Adriano (Maxwell m119); Xavi, Busquets (Keita m108), Iniesta; Pedro, Messi, Villa (Afellay m105).

Real Madrid: Casillas, Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos, Carvalho (Garay m120), Marcelo; Xavi Alonso, Pepe, Khedira; Di Maria, Ronaldo, Ozil (Adebayor m70).

Goal: m103 Ronaldo 0-1

Yellow cards: m26 Pepe, m34 Pedro, m59 Alonso, m64 Messi, m74 Adebayor, m86 Di Maria, m117 Adriano, m120 Di Maria = red.

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20 Responses to Copa del Rey Final: Barça 0 Real Madrid 1 (a.e.t)

  1. layibiyi says:

    sad stuff indeed

    all i can say is that our squad depth really did us in tonight. madrid had the legs and the personnel. just one more forward would have really helped us in this kind of game that we have 2 out of forwards off form

    well, all that is past tense now and we need to focus on the next games. for you to win a treble, everything has to fall in place. Do y’all remember how hard our 2009 treble was. We were like a second away from going out in the champions league semi-finals. Man utd to just found out how hard it can be. Barca and inter have made the treble seem like a piece of cake in modern football. That said, if any team could make the treble seem like a piece of cake, its this barca squad (with some reinforcements).

    we really need all our first team players on form as soon as possible. Villa, we need you seriously. Given Madrid’s setup, we cant afford any of our forwards to be off form. Everybody needs to put in their part. The defence have done their best despite the absentees and we will need puyol fully fit. The game this weekend is really important for villa and puyol. messi and co can have some rest. But thats also part of the problem. Ronaldo and co can have some rest without bothering much since they have conceded the league and their second team is more than able. Meanwhile, we still need to use some of our first team players

  2. wikd14 says:

    Thanks a lot Nic.

    I am not shocked about the result. We played well for only the 2nd half and we were tormented by Mourinho’s leg breaking and rhythm breaking strategies. Simply, I was just watching a replay of last year’s 2nd leg against Inter but with Madrid instead. Tactically we did our best but in the first half the midfield was out of our hands. Pedro-Messi-Villa should have dropped simultaneity in midfield for more support. We were greatly outnumbered.

    Also, Pep did the best he could with the available players at his disposal. Sometimes, even best teams in the world lose and sometimes this defeat is against their arch rivals.

    Anyways, we could argue a lot about what could have happened but seriously, we didn’t have much of choice in the back-line. Although, some of us would say Milito would have made an impact but let’s face it he cannot do much against Ronaldo or Di Maria’s speed and agility after his recovery.

    This season we had 4 defeats and 1 thing was in common between all of em. Guess??
    Puyol wasn’t playing in these games. Also, in this game we needed Abidal with Puyol the most. As a proof for my assumptions please, refer to the 5-0 line up and report. Even if Madrid played like they played tonight but with Abidal and Puyol playing a huge role in covering up and tightly closing the back line. That assurance was missing tonight.

    Also, we were faced by a harsh reality. We cannot compete on all fronts without a solid substitution bench. Especially, in the CB position. Busquets playing in CB is good in many games he didn’t do a lot of mistakes but let’s face it he cannot think like a CB or anticipate the opposing strikers in counter attacks well.

    Finally, Madrid were more hungry than us for this trophy they had this flare in them and thirst for glory. We missed it in the first half clearly. I have supported Barca in bad times and in good times this match result doesn’t agonize me. We still have 2 more matches and I bet it won’t be the same next week.

  3. laoahpeh says:

    mou broke us, simple, his tactics work… yes they are not the most attractive but they work… damn… one thing i notice is how they close down everyone except pique, as if they are luring him into running out of position

    another is team depth, noticed that we din managed to sub anyone until extratime, there when i was think why then i realise, no one is capable enough to come out and play in such a big game… guardiola will rather play a tired pedro than a fresh bojan/afellay

    oh well, kudos to madrid for winning the cup, they played to our weakness and they succeed… two more games to go, guardiola is not known for his tactical prowess, so i am quite sure we are just gonna play the same tactic and hope for a different result…

    oh well…

  4. bc9jaCulé says:

    Like laoahpeh put it, MOANinho simply figured us out — no need to shy away from the fact. There was no dynamism in our pattern of play and if anythin’, this is a testament to the fact that Pep DID NOT learn a thing from our encounters with Inter/MOANinho last year despite bein’ freshly forewarned on Saturday. We just didn’t do anythin’ significantly different last night and Pep is always TOO scared to make DECISIVE SUBSTITUTIONS.

    Apparently, the whole team left the entire burden of creatin’ chances on Messi and he was effectively shackled last night. Villa is a good player but seriously he has not been cuttin’ it for a while now (11 matches without a goal? Worrisome!!!). Villa wasn’t tickin’ @ all last night and although we were outfoxed in the 1st half, we more than made up in the 2nd and should have clinched the winner from one of our foray of chances. Simply put, Villa, again, failed to complement the efforts of our attackers last night and it was like we played 10 vs 11. Afellay should have been introduced @ around 60min of regulation time and not the 2nd half of extra time since Villa was dysfunctional all through the match. This is because Afellay hasn’t really integrated well enough. Therefore, he needs ample time to make an impact especially in such a tensed encounter. Our shallow squad depth also told on us (and I TOTALLY rest that blame on Pep) and I can’t express the depth of the disappointment that I felt last night. In fact, it’s really hurtin’.

    Well, the Copa is in the past now and I hope we knock Madrid out of the CL right from the first leg @ the Bernabeu so as to redeem our image because we can’t afford to be knocked out again by MOANinho back–to–back in the semis. More so, NOT to Madrid, NOT again.

    I can’t vent my frustration enough but I’m tryin’ to deal with it by lookin’ forward to the next games. Besides, you can’t always win as even heroes are sometimes reduced to zeros. Take heart culés and remember the bright days gone by and those ahead. And seriously, I just became culér(!!!) last night.

    Visca Barça!!!
    Força Barça!!!

  5. Fredegar says:

    To say that Pep did not learn anything is to completely forget the second half, the fact that we dominated it outrageously must have something to do for the half time team talk, no? Also, how can you blame him for the form of Pedro and Villa and the injuries of Puyol and Abidal? We knew we had a small squad, it’s the way Pep works and that’s it, he had plenty of success with this way, if you don’t like it now you must not like the Triplete either as our squad had no more depth at the time?

    That said, I’m pretty worried now. Madrid could have been out of sight at half time, they really gave it all and completely killed our midfield, I’ve never seen us so completely dominated, this Pepe-Alonso-Khedira trio is working wonders. It was good to see us come back with better football in the second half and Casillas saved their skin big time, but still they were able to frustrate us and to hold as long as necessary to find a goalscoring chance.

    So they were able to dominate us in one half, and to frustrate us in the other. All their players seem to be on top form, they have a far larger bench than we have (how can you have a bench with Benzema, Higuain and Adebayor on it, frankly?) and they could possibly be fitter than we are. And Mou still might not have shown all his cards yet. Not looking good for the CL tie at the moment…

    Pep will have to find something, for my part I firmly believe that he is a very very astute tactician, it’s just that there are not a 100 ways to play a bus without dicovering yourself too much. Puyol and Valdes back could change some things (could Pinto not have saved this goal? ah well…), and maybe we will have something in store to surprise them. I wouldn’t mind to see Messi play from the right as he did two years ago, that would draft Pepe on the wing and maybe free a bit of space in the center of the pitch.

    I have confidence in Pep and I know that this team will never go down without a huge fight, but all in all I must admit I’m not too optimistic…

  6. Caleb says:

    Mourinho played tactics that a lot of other coaches try against us. he just has far more skill at his disposal than others. Not sure that makes him a genius.

    Missing half of our starting back four and having 2 of our 3 forwards out of form is what really hurts.

    We can still take them in the CL.

  7. blaugranaboy says:

    as disappointing as losing is, in a cup final no less, and against real madrid as well, have perspective people. we have been owning real madrid the last 5 or 6 years, the last 3 in particular. 5-0, 6-2, winning trebles, while they watch from the coach at home. the run could not go on forever, plain and simple. you win and lose in sport, and we’ve been doing a lot of winning lately, the losing had to come. and personally, this it the trophy id much rather not win.

    aside from the fact we played a pretty awful first half (actually the worst ive seen pep’s barca in a big game) and the fact we were lucky not to concede, i took quite a bit of heart from the 2nd half where we were truly dominant and played some awesome football. it seemed we used up all our luck first half and then got none in the second. i mean come on people, stop praising mourinho for his tactics. god, im so sick of that bullshit. he must be the only manager in the world who gets so overly praised for tactics when he wins games. seriously, when other teams win, most the praise goes to the players, but mourinho its always his genius. yeah, so genius playing defensively and rough, close down space, and then asking 150 million euros worth of worldclass attackers to play the counter attack against the 2 or 3 barca players defending. WOW. please, someone give him the nobel prize. just think about it. so mourinho won a trophy for real madrid, it was all him, not the 300 euro plus worth of talent on the pitch or wasting away on the bench. if casillas hadnt pulled off some miracle saves against pedro and iniesta especially and if pedro was not that nanosecond offside, the whole headline changes. Everyone goes with how amazing we are and how mourinho was so negative and how he got it so wrong and didnt learn from the other games. but now that he wins, but the most narrow of margins, he’s a full blown genius. its the most hypocritical flip flop over analytic bullshit. i real plague on football these days.

    same with this small squad business. nobody seemed to worry too much at the 5-0, or during the arsenal games. it all seemed hunky-dory then. but then we lose a game, and boom, analyze everything, point the finger, guardiola is so wrong. i cant stand it. losing is part of sport, its part of being a fan, get use to it. most barca followers now are all post rijkaard/ronaldinho people that have barely had to bare losing, which is why there is this ridiculous overreaction. its part of the game.

    i for one have always and will always believe in smaller squads. yes it has its limitations at times, but it has a huge amount of benefits and we have seen these benefits lift title after title recently. it creates much more true team unity and friendship. have you ever seen a team with better camaraderie then us? the fact 10 -12 players always play together makes them click and gel way faster and more effectively. you ever wonder why we have the best interplay in europe? the most intuitive moments, like the players do not need to see each other? i hate the likes of madrid and man city, and mourinho with both inter and chelsea when they just buy without thinking and let true talented players rot away on the bench JUST IN CASE they need then for 5 or 6 games a year. look at great icons like kaka reduced to a bench warmer, benzema almost begging for his supper to play, diarra once a huge prospect in europe at lyon who has sat more than stood the last 5 years, gago, a great argentine prospect, now some forgotten man. i could go on and on. you really want us to buy like 5 new great players just to be there in case we need them 20 minutes a game in a copa final? what about la masia?

    that kind of treatment of players is not the barca way, its not in its philosophy. it never has been. the fact people do not recognize that is only testament to a massive lack of perspective and understanding.

    there were many positives from last night. the 2nd half reaction was great and if were not fluffing these chances we could have won easily. adriano had a really top notch game, mascherano was simply brilliant. iniesta really showed his ability 2nd half. messi had some dazzling moments. villa is of course the biggest issue, but all you can do is give him time and the chances to score. all strikers hit slumps, and you just have to be patient with the player you believe in.

    we have the leauge to win and two big CL ties, the two trophies that truly matter. if we get through madrid there, and win the CL, this will be a tiny tinny memory. have a think about things before declaring a team and manager zeros after one night after years of historical games.

    • FCB-Parbo says:

      I’m of course dissapointed and still sad. And BBoy you’re spot on!!!!!

      Visca el Barça!!!!!!
      Força el Barça!!!!!

      Have you guys noticed that CR didn’t celebrate at the end. He looked not happy. There is no unity at RM.

  8. blaugranaboy says:

    good to see caleb and fredgar with some perspective. thanks people

  9. barcacentralnic says:

    I don’t think the short squad can really be criticised after the success we have had, the two main players we were missing last night Puyol and Abidal are very difficult to substitute but I thought Mascherano and Adriano were among our better players last night. The main problem is that we are failing to create many chances and Pedro and Villa are not in their best moments though Pedro appears to be getting stronger and I’m hopeful he’ll be back to his best next week. Puyol should be fine for next week and we’ll have Valdés back too which makes us better. Madrid will have Albiol back but they’ll be without Carvalho, so if Mourinho wants to keep Pepe in midfield he’ll need to play a new centre-back pairing (Garay-Albiol, Ramos-Albiol). What will be really interesting is to see what Guardiola does: will he stay true to the front three of Pedro-Messi-Villa? or will he try and “invent” something (Adriano on the wing for example) to try and shake things up a bit? I don’t think there is any need to panic, this series of games was always going to be tight, we’ve seen two tight games so far and I’m sure the next two will be tight as well (it wouldn’t surprise me to see a 1-1 and 0-0 in the two CL semis with someone going through on that away goal). Barça need to keep to their style and we’ll just have to hope we get the breaks, I still think we are a better team than Madrid even if it only showed in the second half yesterday, and I still think we are the favourites to go through and it is going to be some nail-biting stuff. This is the first time Madrid have beaten us since May 2008, one win does not earn them the right to be considered better than us but our reign is under threat, if they knock us out of the Champions League we are going to have to eat some humble pie and then no doubt the questions will really begin, I hope it doesn’t come to that and I have big faith in Guardiola and the team to find that little bit extra that will see us to Wembley.

  10. wikd14 says:

    I totally agree with Bboy. Mou didn’t create something new in football look at the Italian philosophy in football it is the same. I won’t say he is a genius. He just had trained teams with 300 million plus players on the pitch. Since Porto FC era. Honestly, I was expecting to lose 1 or 2 encounters but the first two matches don’t matter a lot. The CL, European football holy grail, is what matters for all fans of all teams cuz with it you conquer all of Europe 🙂

    I believe in our total football and most of all in our pep and players. It is sad that villa is having a goal drought at a very crucial time but this is football. He is still a world class striker. I believe we won’t go down that easily. Also, I agree with Nic in the coming matches will be very tight and nail biting.
    Vesca Barca!

  11. Evil that men do says:

    Villa was awful last night (has been for some time now, considering his reputation) I was hoping Pep would sub him for Ibrahim Afeelay in the second half the argument regards to the short squad I can see the benefits and in my opinion it out weights the negatives.

    But our squad depth simply doesn’t cut it, Bboy makes the argument regards to when Barcelona won everything in the 09 season (my opinion that was the best team under Pep and even in the history) but lets looks at the squad of players we had than:
    (Yaya Toure who could play as a world class CB and anywhere in midfield)

    The bench was solid and had players that could make a difference at CB and Midfield if required, now our bench is subbing in Keita to protect a lead which has backfired a few times on us.

    The forward line which consisted of 3 legitimate world class forwards that were a genuine threat to defenses, now we have a super Messi if he doesn’t score than we got a problem.

    Some Barca fans give Henry a lot of criticism for his time at Barca but he was a menace on that left side of attack in the triple winning season and scored crucial goals.

    The replacements of Etoó and even Henry you could say are are not up to par and it’s not fair on Messi to have the responsibility of creating and scoring.

    Not to take anything away from Pedro but in my humble opinion he should be used as a sub who can make a difference of the bench.

  12. blaugranaboy says:

    i have to totally disagree wit the above comment and say that your having some selective memory.

    1 marquez. come on. when he was in that final season in 2009 everyone would go crazy when he played. he was quite poor his final year. id say millito easily matches up.

    2. slyvinho. we now have adriano and maxwell as replacement left backs. both younger, both better.

    3. yaya. no doubt, but he hated being that sub role and rightly so. we had no right treating a wordclass player like him to be the back up and he was ever so right to leave. but have you heard of this guy called mascherano?

    4. caceres got 13 appearances that year. he never contributed in a positive way. so you can see adriano as a replacement for him who has already slotted in better and is much more versatile.

    5. hleb. you must be kidding. thiago has done more in under 10 games than hleb ever did.

    i said at the beginning of the year and still stand by it now, this squad is better than that one. there is high calibre in the starting 11 and off it. we were just very fortunate with injuries that year.

    and saying that villa as a replacement for etoo is not up to par is totally unfair. david villa has been a wordclass center forward for year and years now, consistenly getting over 20 goals a year no matter at zaragoza or valencia. he is going through a slump but that doesnt mean he is any worse of a player. i was the first to say then and will say now i never wanted etoo to go. but thats ancient history now. david villa will come fine and bang in goals again, maybe only next season, and then this slump becomes forgotten.

    anyway, i think u saying that bench is better than the one now isnt correct and not fair considering the injuries.

    but thats all i have to say for this game. let it be. we were bound to lose eventually in a final and lose to madrid. goodness its been like 3 years. be proud of that and look forward. sure there are some issues, but its not like real were amazing and made beating them in the next 2 ties some mission impossible. far from. in that second half i saw a bunch of tired players chasing shadows and blowing big sighs of relief when casillas pulled out some exaggeratedly amazing saves.

  13. Mike M says:

    Well, it was gonna happen at some point or another, Barca is not a machine, we had to lose at some point, but yes losing a cup final to Madrid does hurt, but it’s not the end of the world. This defeat may just help the team work harder to exact revenge and get to the final to make up for the disappointment of losing.

    We’ve been priviledged to see some of the most amazing football over the past three years, and one loss can’t undo all of that. The team will bounce back…

    Hleb was probably the worst signing in recent history, and some other signing in this era were not that great either (Caceras, Henrique, Keirrison). But we have seen that there are amazing talents within La Masia that are ready to do the job for us. Having a small squad makes it easy to work with, while keeping every player motivated as they will all get game time. I’d rather not have players being part of the team and not playing and causing a fuss which would disrupt the harmony in the squad.

    We now just need to regroup and focus on winning our remaining games. No big spending is required we’ve got the talent we just need to exploit it.

    Visca Barca!!!

  14. Evil that men do says:

    I can agree with that regards to losing at some point and being content they made the final, another point I wanted to make it’s crazy how Pepe, Albiol and Ramos lasted the entire 90, referee clearly choked.
    Yet people will ignore this.

    Yaya actually under Pep first season was a regular all the way through.
    Only at the start he had to play second fiddle to Keita and Busquet for a few games, that was when Pep was trying to find his best eleven.

    He was asked to play out of position at CB at the Copa final, the second leg at Stamford Bridge and the final in Rome which he excelled at.

    It was his second season under Pep where he got pushed aside for Busquets but still when he started and even when playing in a creative position he was brilliant as ever. I still feel letting him leave was a HUGE mistake, he is a complete player and while Mascherano has shown that he is no bench warmer and can play with this team I feel he isn’t as versatile and isn’t of the same ilk of Toure.

    Forgot to mention Gudjhonson, Sure most of these players didn’t contribute significantly in the 08/09 season but they were options and good for rotation when the important players needed a rest.

    Apparently Adriano is out for 4 weeks also.
    The Champion League dream isn’t looking too good right now.

  15. apo says:

    Losing sucks but it happens to all teams. Personally I’m most disappointed about the Adriano news right now. Not just because we have one less defender, but like Bojan and Abidal he was really, REALLY, starting to shine and now he’s out. My heart goes out to him because he’s been so clutch lately. It’s too bad.

    I still agree with BBoy about Mourinho…di Maria’s assist and CR7’s great header weren’t a product of Mourinho tactics. They were two great players making a great play. I really wish people would stop treating this like Barca lost 10-0 at the Camp Nou and Mourinho comes from these humble roots with a Segunda side and slew a giant. Look at who started that game. Look at the Ballon d’Or winner who was warming the bench. That team is tacked no matter how you look at it and frankly, if Mourinho DIDN’T win a trophy this season I’d be even more surprised. It’s still crazy to me that Madrid were celebrating that 1-1 draw at the Bernabeu. Don’t any of them realize that it basically sealed their fate in La Liga? I guess we can admire their optimism…

    I’m very interested to see what happens next. I wonder if there will be a bit of a RM hangover. Also, one of the things I love most about Messi is how badly he wants to compete and score and win. That’s rare in a player, and even rarer in a player who has already won so much. He’s not content to rest on his laurels and I think that if nothing else he’s going to destroy Madrid just because of his sheer desire to play hard and win. LOVE that dude.

    Madrid played better in the final than they did over the weekend, but to be honest I think that was them at their absolute best. Now let’s see what Barca can do when they play at THEIR best.

  16. Pitt says:

    Why cant we play Jonathan Soriano as a sub? He is scoring lots of goals in 2div

  17. William Christiansen says:

    Hay there guys. Nice write up Nic. I’f been here and in fcb news for ages (barsa4life, hardcorebarcelonean, Chris were names i used in the past)

    As for now and for the future, i’ll just go with my real full name =)

    About the game, as many stated above , our team certainly played terribly in the first half!! Now i do realize that many a common football fan would start giving praise to Mourinho for that matter. But did u guys realize that we actually tried playing with a wider width in the first half?

    The wider width strategy didn’t work in our favor. This was a wrong tactical call by Pep and our coaching team. I’m not too sure about the reasons behind this approach in the first half. In my humble opinion, the idea was to move the ball quicker upfront and to play in a more direct approach. The strategy totally backfired, and worked perfectly in-favor of Mourinho’s game plan.

    The combination of Iniesta and Xavi were non existent in the first half. Iniesta in particular struggled to prove his existence whatsoever in the first 45 minutes.

    It is common knowledge to many a Barcelona fan that our team thrives on possession play and super combinations of passes apart from the brilliance of individual magic from Messi, sometimes Iniesta and The unending runs and dominance of Daniel Alves down the right.

    Now, if you’d notice neither of the above mentioned worked well for us in the first half. The question that all should be asking is WHY DIDN’T IT WORK? Was it Mourinho’s brilliance or was it our own making?

    The terrible first half performance we had was more of our wrong strategy than the brilliance of the strategy used by our opponent. If you’d payed close attention, we totally dominated the 2nd half without a single sub made. All players were playing in their respective positions, besides the switch of flanks for Pedro. In the 2nd half we played to our strengths. We played shorter passes, narrower width…and we were starting to cause alot of problems for Real.

    Its unfortunate that Villa is finding it hard to recover his form recently. His goal drought is causing us alot . I’m not too worried about his goal draught, but the Villa that we signed, used to possess a great pass too….strangely that pass ability of his has been missing as well =( Is this a fatigue issue?? Lets not forget Villa is 29 years of age (if i’m not mistaken) Could he be needing a rest?

    Last but not least, when we were 1-0 down….i just don’t understand how bringing on Keita helps. Why can’t Pep take the risk by fielding young blood such as Thiago? Why can’t we have an attacking Thiago instead of Keita? Why couldn’t we just field captain Puyol in defence at that moment?

    I’m grateful that Pep and Cruyf has formulated such an interesting style of football for Barcelona…i respect Pep as a coach, and i’d give him all the credits he deserves for all that he has won in Barsa. But if i had one question i’d want to ask him……it surely is gonna be about Keita’s relevance as a sub in crucial games….i would love to hear some reason from Pep and co regarding this matter surely.

  18. William Christiansen says:

    Now, Adriano is injured…we have to bank on Maxwell on left back….Abidal and Captain Puyol’s presence in defense is surely missed. We need these guys more than ever now !!! Anybody got news about Abidal’s recovery process?

    I sure hope Barsa gets the better of Mourinho’s Madrid in the Champions League !! I have faith in Pep and the boys….i just hope we don’t make silly tactical errors again. We trashed them once on a night where we had both tactics and individual player form on our side. I hope Villa starts scoring or passing atleast real soon. I hope Barsa goes all the way and wins the Champions League in style..

    Most of all, i hope that overated Mourinho doesn’t win the CL with Real Madrid. Mourinho’s victory in CL is not gonna be good for football. While he may possess the winning mentality, his aggressive and rigid tactics are not what football represents !!

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