FC Barcelona 3 – Manchester United 1 – UEFA Champions League Final


Truly wonderful evening of football to be culé.  Pep and the legendary players he commands completely outclassed Manchester United for most of the 90 minutes and came out 3-1 winners.  I am not going to do a traditional minute by minute report as if you’ve didn’t watch the game tonight, I don’t know what business you have supporting this team or football in general.  Man U started off with lots of energy and fight but we got into our stride soon enough and finally took the lead in the 27th minute with a clinical finish by Pedro, though the true credit goes to Xavi for typical patience on the ball and an excellent pass to set our number 17 up.  Man U responded in the 34th after we lost the ball from a throw in, finally resulting in Giggs laying the ball for Rooney to finish expertly.

Second half we dominated start to finish.  Messi scored in the 54th minute with a wicked shot from outside the box,

and the game was sealed off by VILLA VILLA VILLA MARAVILLA in the 69th after a pin point finish from just outside the box.  I had told my father before the game I had a feeling Villa would have a big role tonight, and I am so happy for him.

We were excellent this evening, truly excellent.  Pretty much the peak of our ability and for long stretches of the game we made the champions of England look very ordinary indeed.  Even the Scottish commentator, who has done Barça matches before and not always given us your due credit, said it was the best football he had ever seen as player or commentator.

I truly feel however there was no man of the matches tonight, that award MUST go to the team as a whole.  From Valdes who put in 2 awesome superman style stops, to the defense who one by one played critical roles.  Alves was tireless as always and became critical in creating space in the final third, Pique was perfect, its bizarre how excellent Masch is as a center back,  and then Abidal.  Abidal was inspirational, and with the story of the last months, it’s something every footballer fan and human being really has to smile about.  Then the midfield 3 who are without question the best in their craft.  Busquets is a top footballer who gets less credit than he deserves.  He sees the game very fast and has total faith in his touch.  Iniesta was comfortable on the ball all night and looked to push forward and penetrate whenever he could.  Then we come to my man Xavi, the player I told everyone for a decade is the best in his position.  He was sublime tonight, and I’m proud it was his shirt I chose to wear tonight (and I’ve got quite a few to choose from).  Pedro was excellent, clinical again with his finishes, and ran himself dead.  Villa bounced back and from the start looked very sharp and confident on the ball, and his finish shows the fact class is permanent.  And Lionel Messi did what he does every week, and that’s be the best possible player and teammate in world football.  I loved how much he loved scoring that goal, he was truly ecstatic.  We are lucky to be able to ring all those names above into our starting 11.

Johan Cruyff had some interesting words about Pep before the game, but I don’t want to get into that debate tonight.  Guardiola has revolutionized Barça, adding onto the foundation laid by Cruyff and Rijkaard in particular with the vital aspect of non-stop pressing.  He prepares the team so well and I believe gives them so much confidence.  From my favorite player back in the 90s, he is now my favorite manager ever, and if I had it my way he will be sitting in that chair for at least 20 more years.

Another historic season that confirms this team the best in Barça’s history, but for many in the history of the game.  Sir Alex was gracious in admitting he has never faced a better team and never had a team humble them like tonight.  So enjoy yourself, whether you are going to go out, just chill with friends, or have a nice sleep, but also be humble.  This club does not stand for arrogance and controversy, but humility, pride, and loyalty.  We stand for Abidal being given the captain’s armband and lifting the trophy for his team.  Més que un club!


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15 Responses to FC Barcelona 3 – Manchester United 1 – UEFA Champions League Final

  1. BarcaCentralDiatus says:

    Nic, I dressed the boys up (in blaugrana) and the wife and I are out on the town celebrating!!! This was an incredible feat…total dominance!

  2. barcacentralroger says:

    Absolutely rocked it and the class shown by Puyol/Xavi to give Abidal the armband and let him left the cup – me and my missus were getting teared up.

    With regards to Cruyff’s comments, Pep said enough to assure that he’s definitely going to be with us one more season…

    First team to defend the Champions League?

    Whatever – tonight is now and to enjoy!

    Visca visca visca Barca!

  3. wikd14 says:

    Congratulations to all of you Cule’s.
    What a spectacular end of season!

    Thanks Nic, Bboy and everyone.

    Let’s party hard tonight 😀

  4. The evil that men do says:

    Feels good, Masch is really looking convincing at CB and Abidal I can’t say enough a nice touch to let him lift the trophy.

    God bless you all.

  5. Fredegar says:

    Barça rules!

  6. Mike M says:

    What a great game, an advert for football.

    Barca dominated and we are all proud of our team, its magnificent to witness.

    I’m just so excited. Just superb football.

    And what a great gesture to let Abidal lift the trophy, what class.

    Guardiola confirmed he will stay for at least one more season, which is the icing on the cake.


  7. barcacentralomer says:

    What a night. Pep and Co. proving to all incl. the EPL cynics that Rome was no fluke by blowing away the best team team in England/probably second best in Europe in their own homeland.

    A complete masterclass in football conducted by Pep’s protege Xavi from the middle of the park. This was bigger than Rome IMO because this was Man U in their backyard, a Man U side that kept blowing their own trumpet and stating a number of times prior to the match about not being overawed by Barca this time around and learning from their Rome defeat.

    Not one to question SAF’s tactics but I don’t understand what he set out to achieve by playing Ryan Giggs [a winger] and Michael Carrick [a sort of deep lying playmaker] in the centre of the pitch against the most balanced/creative midfield line-up of the past two decades.

    For me the thing that really topped the magic on the pitch came during the trophy presentation. The grace and humility displayed by Xavi and Puyol in letting Abidal wear the captain’s armband and receive the trophy was just PURE CLASS.

    Thank you GOD for letting us witness something so magical like this evening, something that all of us Barca fans have been dreaming about since Rome.

    Congrats to Pep and his backroom staff who quietly go about their business to produce this kind of spectacular football, every single player whether in the starting XI or on the bench who gave it their all, Abidal in particular for showing that he’s a champion on and off the field, to Nic,Bboy,Diatus,Roger,Darren and all the readers of this blog for letting us celebrate the joys and frustrations of being a Cule and to all Barca fans for experiencing one of the happiest moments a football fan can only dream about.

  8. DAYYIB-SM says:

    I did not sleep last night because of celebration…. i never driven my car like this before… i was driven till 9:00am on moring…. because this was my first champion league final on the staduim…..I have been fun of barcelona since 1997…..

    i have watched barcelona on the staduim vew times although the most i will remember is to night game because it was final againts manchester….
    the others is chelsea 1-2 barcelona in 2006 and arsenal 2-2 barcelona 2010…
    sorry i missed chelsea 1-1 barcelona in 2009 because i was away from london… and 2011 arsenal 2-1 barcelona….

    Always i like to watch barca even friendly but those games on the staduim is more memory for me because i was chanting barca barca barca barca barca barca…..

    congrtulation all barca funs i am sharing this all family as we are one family barca family……. because what i saw last night was more than family alwasy my friends when they are trying to critise barca they said catalan people and barca are the people in the world who remain in recist… but i don’t beleive i saw barca given every thing to abidal and one of the best remembered would be the gasture of given him to lift the champion league….
    congrts all barca where ever and what ever…..

  9. bc9jaCulé says:

    What hasn’t been said already? From the deliveries of our MVP to the humblin’ of ManU and the priceless gesture accorded to King Abi…… Everythin’ about last night was perfect — for every culé and all lovers of football. We couldn’t have asked for more than we were priviledged to witness last night. Indeed, it was a befittin’ end to a very tedious and taskin’ season despite all the tryin’ times.

    Big up to Bboy, Nic, bcRoger, FCB–Parbo, and all the faithful culés that have given life to this site. Here’s to hopin’ we’ll enjoy many more joyful celebrations in the comin’ seasons.

    Visca Barça!!!
    Força Barça!!!

  10. bc9jaCulé says:


  11. Caleb says:

    See above.

  12. FCB-Parbo says:

    Sorry guys that I’m a little late with my congratulations. I’ve been very busy and still am, but I will sneek 1 or 2 min. to congratulate every cule and all football fans.

    It was AMAZING huh? There’s nothing else that I can say. I am especially proud of Pep and Messi. A big hug to evreybody.

  13. Josher says:

    dream final (minus puyol starting) and I feel like I’m still dreaming.
    Visca Barca

  14. Jfan101 says:

    Assists from our world class midfield (iniesta, xavi, busi) goals from the most threatening 3 forwards and world class defense. What a great display!!!! Only letting man u take one shot on target the whole game is amazing. Congrats to all

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