Cesc Fabregas to sign for Barça in the next three minutes!

It has been a very quiet month at Can Barça. Despite the continued hype in the press neither Cesc Fabregas nor Alexis Sanchez can be considered as a definite signing. Of course I hope the impasse can be broken, either player would be a useful addition but unless the price is reasonable then we do not need to go crazy to get them. Fabregas is the name in the papers today with El Sport reporting that his signing is “imminent”. The fact that Cesc is here on his holidays always gets the papers excited, but I’m not sure where they get the idea from that Fabregas will not start pre-season training with Arsenal on July 5th if Arsenal refuse to sell him. The only important question here is whether the clubs can agree on a transfer deal, and from what has been reported so far they are still a long way apart in their valuation of the player. Barça are reported to be preparing a higher bid than the rather insulting first bid of €30 million, but it remains to be seen whether Arsenal will accept. Frankly I can’t see us going much over €40 million while I think it will be hard for Arsenal to accept anything under €45 million. We may just get there in the end but don’t hold your breath.

There’s not a lot on other transfer news. Luis Enrique has become coach at Roma and has put in a bid for Bojan but this was a few days ago and the deal has still not gone through. Roma are also supposed to be interested in Martin Montoya who impressed for Spain’s under-21 team in their recent Eurocopa win. Thiago Alcantara knocked a bit off our next bid for Cesc with a splendid goal from 40 yards in Spain’s 2-0 victory over Switzerland in the final.

I was also delighted to see Barça’s Juvenil A team complete a treble this season with a 2-0 win over Espanyol in the Youth Cup. The last time our youth team won the treble was back in 2005 with Pedro in the team. We may have some more stars of the future with excellent promise shown by Gerard Deulofeu, Rafa Alcantara, Sergi Gomez and Javi Espinosa.

For those of you dying to see some top quality football we have the 43rd Copa America starting on Friday starring a certain Leo Messi. I always have mixed feelings watching Messi play for Argentina. I always want him to do well but at the same time I just want him to get back to Barcelona in the best possible conditions for next season.

Talking of next season: it all starts in Split on July 23rd with our first pre-season friendly against Hajduk Split. We then play two games in Munich on July 26th against Porto Alegre and on the 27th against either Bayern Munich or AC Milan. We then fly to the states where we play Manchester United in Washington DC on July 31st, followed by games in Miami (Chivas – Aug 4) and Dallas (America – Aug 6). More on the pre-season as we get closer, let’s hope we get a little bit of transfer activity in the meantime.

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14 Responses to Cesc Fabregas to sign for Barça in the next three minutes!

  1. stevecaresx says:

    What has the ‘SUPER’ heading got to do with the ‘boooooring’ article?

  2. William Christiansen (barca4lyfe) says:

    Great write up Nic. Me can’t wait for Copa too. Can’t wait to see Messi shine. And just like you, i’d also have a little mix feelings. Above all, i’ll always pray and hope that our Messi-ah doesn’t get injured.

    The transfer rumors have been as usual. All the hype about Fabregas coming back to Barsa. For me, i’d love to see Fabregas in our colors, however i don’t think we should buy him above 40 mIl. It’ll be great if we could get him for 35M =D Fabregas aside, i’m more keen to see us giving more chances to our rising stars, Thiago & Batra, Muniesa especially.

    I’m absolutely certain that Thiago could be the next best thing for us in midfield. All he needs is just more minutes. We need to sacrifice this season giving a selective amount of our promising youth talents some playing time above all the competitiveness with REAL and Mourinho in the league. The management has got to be daring enough to do this. We should expose Thiago, the same way we exposed Busquets when Yaya was around. I’m sure Xavi and Iniesta won’t mind taking turns to warm the bench a LITTLE here and there. We have many games ahead and the World Club Championship as well. I just pray we expose our young talents a little more then we did last season. I’d rather producing then us buying unnecessarily. This could ease our financial burden for the future of Barsa.

    Besides that, i’m also reading alot about the Sanchez rumor. Alexis Sanchez is an exceptional talent, surely. However, i just don’t agree spending more than 35 Mil for this guy too. I have seen him play, and i will agree that he has got skill and pace to take on his man, he also tracks back alot, & has great technique on the ball. But i won’t pay anything above 35 mil for this guy. This is simply because, i have also seen not too overhyped talents such as Walter Montillo (Argentinian/Cruizero’s number 10) and Lucas of Sao Paulo who are equally great if not probably better , that i’m certain we could be able to purchase for less than 20M each. Given the option, i’d rather go for Montillo as he is Argentinian (Messi could teach him a little) =D Whatever the players we get, i just hope the management buys reasonably. It is important for us to trade carefully in the market. Sanchez was bought by Udinese for less than 4M. Now look what he has become? We certainly can afford to experiment in the buying of an additional number 10 (playmaker department)

    Lastly, i also feel we need to strengthen the cb position more than any other position on the pitch. Thiago Silva gave me the shivers. I think that sort of defender suits us like a glove. Still, we don’t have to look for ready made talents. We could scout in Brazil, or Argentina….we are at the era and time that we certainly don’t need to spend too much. It’s the time to take some risk, and buy smart. Buy for the future of Barsa !!!

    Here are some links i’d like you guys to check out. Awesome stuff!!!

    Visca El Barsa !!!

  3. Sir Xavi says:

    lol @ stevecaresx – ha ha what a mug if you thought the heading was going to be literally true!

  4. FCB says:

    @stevecarex — its cause all the news is boring. all lies and same news from last year being repeated over and over.

  5. layibiyi says:

    well , 3 minutes have gone by ???

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Caleb says:

    Thiago got an improved contract and 2 year extension with a huge buyout clause. Interesting on a few different fronts.

    1. It send a great message to Thiago: Barca likes what your doing enough to try to scare all other clubs away.
    2. Thiago is determined to fight for a spot at Barca.
    3. It reminds Arsenal that we really can’t be bullied into buying something for an exorbitant price when we really may not need it at all.

    Personally I’d really like to see Thiago break into the first team more this season. But, then again, it’s important to remember that Iniesta didn’t really take on a major role in the team until he was 22-23. Before that it was mostly coming on as a substitute. Central midfielders seem to need more time to mature than many other positions.

  7. barcacentralnic says:

    Glad to see Thiago commit himself to the club, but not sure how he will feel if we go ahead and buy Cesc. Today El Sport say we are very close to agreeing a fee of €27m + €13m in “variables” for Alexis. We were also led to believe a while ago that we only had a total of €45m to spend so unless we sell somebody we are not going to have the money to buy Cesc. I don’t know, it just seems that Cesc is probably worth more to Arsenal now than he is to Barça, and I’m not sure how much either side is prepared to shift to assist the player in the move.

  8. Lee says:

    Cesc? Really? Me I’d sign Couldibaly from the Ivory Coast. You would too if you’d been watching the 17 and under World Cup. Kid’s incredible. We got the strongest midfield in the world and we’re gonna deplete our budget on a . . . midfielder? Let Real get stuck with Neymar. I’ll take Coulibaly.

  9. Caleb says:

    When did Cesc extend his contract? The more I think about it (and see how low Nasri will go for given that he only has one year left on his contract) the more I’m against signing back Cesc.

    Seriously, if he really wanted to come back, did he just want to make Barca pay as much as possible for it? Some sick way of making sure that he was wanted as much as he wanted the move?

    Or is he really just capricious? Can’t decide what he really wants or what he should do? One week he wants to stay at Arsenal, the next he’s determined to go home? If that’s the case, I don’t want him. No one wants an indecisive central midfielder.

  10. barcacentralomer says:

    @Nic: I think the Fab farce needs to be brought to an end soon. This is distracting us from bringing in reinforcements for the other positions in our squad. Jose Angel’s agent is claiming that his client his headed to Roma in the next 48 hrs. So it looks like we are going to miss out on a promising player because Barca’s mgt. is obsessed with bringing back another one of its own irrespective of how long this painful saga continues and at a inflated price for a player who is not essential for the coming season.

    I know we have Abidal, Maxwell and Adriano for the LB position but isn’t Abidal being moulded into a CB to deputise for the legendary but aging Puyol and Maxwell is inconsistent and perhaps not good enough to be in Barca. So IMO we need to sign a LB more than a CM. And while Masch has performed well in a makeshift CB role, we are also going to be one CB short in the coming season with the departure of Milito.

    To end for now and to reiterate my viewpoint about Barca’s pathetic transfer market performance over the past few years, I’m surprised how in all this Fab farce we have heard next to nothing about Barca offloading/initiating new loan deals for their transfer duds of the prior seasons [Hleb, Caceres, Henrqiue, K9] and generating some precious transfer funds.

  11. Caleb says:

    Watching Argentina is interesting…

    Anyone that says Messi didn’t play well is mentally deficient. Or hates people who play great soccer.

    The reason why people think Messi doesn’t play well with Argentina is because he has to try to play some sort of half-and-half role: be the greatest striker in the world while also being the main creative midfielder on the pitch.

    He’s really not bad at being a creative midfielder. But, and it should be obvious to everyone, he can’t score tons of goals if he must drop way into midfield to pick up the ball and then Lavezzi and Tevez fail to do any real sort of linking up (sure, Tevez is great, but he’s like a bull in a China shop if Argentina are trying to play a game similar to Barca) and don’t do better with the chances Messi creates for them.

    Why two defensive midfielders? Cambiaso or Masch has got to go. Pastore? Is it too late to bring back Riccquelme? And give Kun the start over Lavezzi. I might even prefer Milito or Di Maria to Tevez, but I’m sure that would never happen.

  12. Caleb says:

    On the bright side, perhaps when Messi’s speed diminishes so much that he can no longer play forward he can drop into the midfield for a few years 😀

  13. FCB-Parbo says:

    I’ve watched the match. I have to say that I was very dissapointed in the team. Messi did his best and tried very hard, but there was no team chemistry. He has to carry the team on his shoulders, while others are too busy to do there individual showings. Teves was very often so selfish and so was Lavezzi. The link ups were bad. Di Maria had also tried to be selfish too, but turned around. There is too much individualsplaying involve than teamplaying. I feel so sorry for Messi. And then they will say it’s Messi fault. He can’t do all the work!!!

  14. FCB-Parbo says:

    Here’s a great write up about Messi and team Argentina. Exactly my point of view.


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