Cesc Fabregas still hasn’t signed for Barça

Yes, it’s true. Despite all the hype Cesc Fabregas has still not completed his dream of signing for Barça. I know the press need to sell papers but last week’s headlines about the imminent signing of Fabregas were totally unfounded as were their claims that Cesc would not return to London for training. Well, guess what? Arsenal started training today and Cesc was there! However, the papers in Spain are emphasaing that Cesc trained apart from his Arsenal teammates, in the gymnasium. There are suggestions that he may not go on tour to Asia with Arsenal on Sunday. Sport claim that Arsenal want €40 million while Barça are try to get the player for €35 million.

Now, I’m sure there are some negotiations going on and it might well be best for everyone if an agreement could be reached before Sunday. However, as I have already said on this blog, the only way that Cesc will sign for Barça is if the clubs can reach an agreement, and that is looking increasingly difficult. It is interesting to note from comments on this blog and on other forums that the fans do not seem all that keen on the Fabregas signing. And this is a sign that he is not a priority for us. There are plenty of reasons for being against the signing mainly due to the fact that he left us as a 16-year-old of his own free will, so why should we now pay a lot of money for him while blocking the path of other promising youngsters such as Thiago or Sergi Roberto.

That said, Fabregas would definitely be a useful addition to the squad. Every season Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova try to come up with some new attacking options and it could well be that Cesc is used in a role behind a two-pronged attack of Messi and either Pedro or Villa which would still leave room for Busquets-Xavi-Iniesta in midfield. This would give an option when either Pedro or Villa is injured or in need of a rest. As things stand we only have the back up of Afellay and Jeffren, as Bojan looks to be on his way to Roma.

I don’t think we will sign both Cesc and Alexis, but the addition of one of the two would be useful. I am glad to see that it seems we are not going to pay over the odds for anybody. Just imagine if we still had Gaspart as President, we would have signed Fabregas for €55 million, Alexis for €45 million, and we would have probably paid more than Chelsea did for the over-rated Fernando Torres. As things stand I still can’t see us wanting to go over €40 million for Cesc and I don’t think Arsenal will want to sell for less than €45 million.

Arsenal are not in the best of positions here. They have just sold Gael Clichy to Manchester City while players like Nasri and Arshavin are rumoured to be looking for moves. Arsene Wenger always tries to convince his players of the club’s ambition and if they lose Nasri, they will not want to lose their captain for a knockdown fee. A lot of speculation has been made about what Wenger promised Cesc last summer. Wenger may well have said he would allow Cesc to leave but I’m sure he did not say “at any price”. It will be interesting to see how things develop, and I wonder whether or not Cesc feels betrayed in any way by Wenger, or who knows, he may feel misled by Barça for not putting in a higher bid. I would find it very sad if Barça were in any way asking Cesc to rebel and not train or play for Arsenal as a means of bringing down the price. But it seems the club does not need to do this as it has the press to do this sort of destabilising.

The other main news from the last few days is that Andreu Fontás has been rewarded for his progress with a first team contract. Jeffren is staying for another year while Bojan is still looking at a possible move to Roma. Johnathan Dos Santos has made a public apology for his part in the Prostitutes-in-the-hotel-with-Mexican-team-players scandal though he made no mention of the young ladies in question during his apology, regretting only his indisciplined behaviour. I’ve always had my doubts about Johnathan and this episode will not help his future unless he decides to learn from it. Does anybody think Tottenham will but another Dos Santos from us?

Excellent news just in: Pedro signs new contract until 2016. His buy-out clause has increased from €90 million to €150 million – Link

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13 Responses to Cesc Fabregas still hasn’t signed for Barça

  1. Josher says:

    wow pedro and messi are going to be at that club for the entirety of their prime. fantastic. i hope that jonathan dos santos never is awarded a first team contract, he’s just not good enough at his best. and i don’t want cesc at barca this year. maybe 2 years from now when xavi is actually ready for a large decline in playing time.

  2. barcacentralomer says:

    @ Nic: I’m one of the many Barca fans who don’t think Cesc is priority signing and should definitely not be brought for a ridiculous amount of 45m. If we can get him for around 35m, fine, rest we have decent backup in the form of Thiago & JDS. However I have a feeling that the ‘our own boy’ factor might result in us paying around 40m to bring Cesc back ‘home’.

    A Man U supporter who’s a friend of mine is really happy with the uncertainty at Arsenal these days. He couldn’t stop laughing when he told me that the thing that must be giving Wenger sleepless nights is not the expected/ensuing departures of Clichy, Nasri, Cesc etc. but the fact that duds like Almunia,Denilson,Bendtner and Rosicky are still at Arsenal and don’t look like they’re on the way out…:)

  3. FCB-Parbo says:

    We don’t need Cesc, he’s just a glory hunter. If he pays the difference then maybe he can come. Last year it was his choice to stay at Arsenal. He didn’t try hard enough to come and this time around it’s the same old story. Poor Cesc, he must be hurting right now. His friends are really champions at Barca. He will have another trophyless season next year.

    Have you heard the news of this guy?

  4. layibiyi says:

    the thiago and fontas deals should be well-applauded….good for other youth players to see they have something to target. The lad that went to arsenal(bellerin or so) said he was promised first team football in 3 years and he’s currently 16. Isn’t that what thiago just achieved (not even considering the promise of ‘actually’ competing for trophies). Thiago collected a champions league winners’ medal

  5. layibiyi says:

    dario conca….very funny

  6. Edward says:

    Has anyone seen him play?

    “Barca have completed the signing of young midfielder Kiko Femenia from Hercules in a reported €2million (£1.8m) deal, with another €1.5m (£1.3m) depending on variables in the contract.

    The 20-year-old is expected to play for Barcelona B in the Spanish second tier during his initial season at the club before progressing to the first team.

    Femenia, who becomes the most expensive signing in relegated Hercules’ history, told informacion.es: “It opens a new world to me. It’s an incredible opportunity.”


    • barcacentralnic says:

      The only thing I can add on Kiko Femenia is that he is a hard working player with a modest type of personality (our type of mentality). He doesn’t score many goals, only 4 in 75 first team games for Hercules. He played in both games against Barça last season, coming on as sub for the last half hour as Hercules held on to their 0-2 advantage right at the start of the season, and he also played the first 62 minutes when we beat them 0-3 at their place in January. He’s signed a three-year deal starting off with the B team.

  7. Edward says:

    Has anyone watched Alexis Sanchez’ first two Copa America matches? Thoughts?

    I’ve watched parts of both matches and am impressed with his link-up play as well as his ability to find creative passes moving forward into pressure. His play actually slightly reminds me of Pedro’s, but with more play-making and dribbling ability. I think he would certainly add quality to the squad, I’m just not sure he’s worth 45 mil! None-the-less I think he would be more useful this season than Cesc.

  8. William Christiansen (barca4lyfe) says:

    Edward, you were spot on about the similar style of Sanchez and Pedro. After watching both those Copa games, and many other Udinese matches i’f concluded that Sanchez would certainly fit FC Barcelona like a glove. He is very unselfish. looks for passes alot. Never afraid to take on his man. plays alot of 1 two’s, neat technique. good first touch. Above all, Alexis Sanchez could be deployed as an AM, RF, LF, CF , RWM, LWM. To summarize, Alexis Sanchez has a very bright potential to be a world class player with the proper guidance and match practice of a patient manager. He is definitely better than Bojan, and has a brighter potential than Jeffren. I would pay 37 m for the guy, surely.

  9. William Christiansen says:

    Guys, i suddenly have the Sergio Aguero feeling. What if he plays that role David Villa plays down that left hand channel,, just the same way as he did for Argentina vs Ecuador. Could he be a cheaper and better alternative to Sanchez?? Plus point is,,,.he is Argentinian. =) Do you guys feel the same way tooo?? =D

  10. William Christiansen says:

    The only thing i’m concerned is if Aguero is willing enough to track back and help the team out when needed.

  11. layibiyi says:

    cheaper than sanchez? i doubt….they are both very expensive

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