Bojan moves to Roma (but he’ll be back)

The details of Bojan Krkic’s move to Roma were confirmed today. Roma will pay Barça €12 million now for the deal but there is a clause which states that Barça have to buy Bojan back for a price of €13 million at the end of the 2012/2013 season unless Roma excercise a block to this move back but in this case Roma would have to pay more bringing the total paid to Barça to €40 million. It may sound a little confusing but the chances are that Roma won’t want to pay the forty million so we’ll see him back at Camp Nou in a couple of years. Hopefully he will mature and develop as a player and get the playing time that he could never get at Barça. It is clear from that he was not happy with not playing more so hopefully now he will get the chance to show his real talent. I have to say my main doubts over Bojan have usually been over his mentality although he also needs to get a bit stronger physically, though he may still improve in both these respects with time. He is still only 20 so he may still develop into a world class striker though I wouldn’t bet my life on it. This is the best thing for both club and player right now. I wish him the best.

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6 Responses to Bojan moves to Roma (but he’ll be back)

  1. layibiyi says:

    damn, he’s still just a 20 year old!!!

  2. barcacentralomer says:

    Good thing we have the buyback clause although who knows if 40 million will seem like peanuts in 2013 considering the crazy sums being exchanged in recent years. Moreover if Bojan does develop into a world class striker in 2 years – 28 million might not be a princely sum anymore. Oh well I wish Bojan all the best and look forward to seeing him back in Barca colours in 2 years.

    @ Nic: Any truth to the rumours about Romeu heading to Stamford Bridge?

    • barcacentralnic says:

      There are plenty of reports saying the deal is very close to being complete for Chelsea to sign Oriol Romeu, but for the moment the player is in Colombia playing in the Under-20s World Cup so I don’t imagine the signing will be complete until after. Reports say we are trying to get a similar buy-back clause to the one we have for Bojan, and this is what Chelsea are trying to negotiate. Romeu looks a very good prospect but with Sergio Busquets likely to be around for many years it is going to be difficult for him to get first team chances at Barça.

      • barcacentralomer says:

        A bit odd that Romeu thinks he can make it at Chelsea where numerous talents have been wasted and eventually decided to head to other clubs. Moreover in a central midfield stocked with Lampard, Essien,Obi Mikel, Ramires and the highly rated Josh McEachran and where in the past very good players like L. Diarra and Scott Parker have failed to establish themselves, Romeu thinks he has a future. Good luck to him.

        • barcacentralnic says:

          I understand that Essien is out for a long time which is why Andre Villas Boas wants him. The new Chelsea boss has said Romeu has a “brilliant future” which is high praise indeed. Fair play to Villas Boas for taking the risk with a 19-year-old, I hope he gets a good opportunity to show his talent and develop as a player.

  3. Mike M says:

    A good move, Sad to see him leave though at least he’s got a coach who knows hims and he’ll get plenty of chances to show his true self.

    I still think if Bojan was left to play in Barca B for at least 2 years he would be better, as he would have got regular game time.

    Hope he does well at Roma and we can get him Back and fulfill his potential as our star #9

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