Deulofeu puts Spain’s under-19s in final

Gerard Deulofeu is possibly the biggest prospect in Barça’s youth academy. He is still just 17 years old but he is starring for Spain’s under-19 team in the European Championship taking place now in Rumania. He scored the first goal in Spain’s 5-0 semi-final victory against the Republic of Ireland. Watch it here, it’s a real beauty.

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1 Response to Deulofeu puts Spain’s under-19s in final

  1. Caleb says:

    Just watched the Man U game. Not too concerned that we lost 2-1. I am worried about Villa and Pedro a bit. Both seem to be quite a ways off of top form. Afellay is not convincing, either. None of our strikers have scored yet. In fact, all our goals have come from midfielders, and all but one of those from Thiago.

    But, on the other hand, the midfield seems ready to rock. Iniesta is at his best already and Thiago is making me say I really don’t want Cesc.

    Too much of the defense is missing to really make any judgements. But we should be able to make due with out any new defensive signings.

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