Barcelona 2 – Club America 0, some reflection, and a bit of a look-forward

Apologies first of all as this review is only from the 57th minute onwards.  The game was scheduled to broadcast but for some reason only did so at that minute.  As a result, this is a super short report as the game was hardly entertaining or impressive for those 33 minutes.  There was a decent left footed shot from Villa in the 67th, Chivas had a chance in the 85th after some average defending on our part, and then we scored a second goal in the 89th minute after Carmona played Deulofeu on the left, who showed a great change of pace then dribbling ability to get around his defender and poke it across to Keita who had an empty net to aim at.

The game finished 2-0 after Villa scored in the 24th minute in the first half.  From the bit I saw, Thiago again looked the sharpest and most entertaining on the ball.  Please everyone feel free to write a summary of the first 60 minutes so that myself and others get a feel for the performance.

That ends our American tour and all in all it cannot be said it was that great, even considering Messi was missing.  A 2-1 loss to Man United, then a 4-1 loss to Chivas, and then a 2-0 win tonight.  We played well most of the Man U game and 60 minutes versus Chivas, but the 30 minutes I saw tonight were not to be remembered.  If I was in America I’d much rather have gone to see the United and Madrid friendies, which were full of goals and flair.

I must admit I found Pep’s overall strategy in the USA a bit strange, though who am I to question him.  I personally don’t see the point of playing the B kids to the extent he did.  It’s not like they were auditioning for the first team because of that group nobody will be getting promoted before the season starts or even during the season.  The proper first team players didn’t have a summer tournament, looked unfit, and therefore I thought would have been playing most these games for fitness.  However, the fact is they are veteran pros and will get just as fit in training.

Our next game is Monday night against Girona in the Copa Catalunya, which is a bit nonsensical in my opinion having just flown back across 6 or 7 time zones barely 48 hours earlier.  Will be interesting to see the squad we use.  Then next Sunday night we take on Real Madrid in the Bernabeu for the 1st leg of the Super Cup.  Messi, Sanchez, and Alves join training on Monday, which gives us 6/7 days of training with the first team all together.  A comment an earlier post said was about a tad worry that Madrid will be fitter and better prepared for that game, and I think that is a very fair concern having also watched their preseason.

Either way, we can all be happy the season is almost here and what a birth of fire we have.  Madrid twice, then Malaga away with their oil riches and new faces (Buananotte, Van Nistelrooy, Monreal, Mathijsen, Toulalan, Joaquin, and Cazorla!), a trip to Monaco for the UEFA Super Cup, and then Villlarreal at home.  Quite a schedule for 15 days.

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5 Responses to Barcelona 2 – Club America 0, some reflection, and a bit of a look-forward

  1. barcacentralnic says:

    The coverage in Spain was also cut for the first 12 minutes of the second half, but I did see the first half: we generally looked very good with plenty of neat passing moves, up front Villa and Pedro are looking a bit sharper and hopefully they can edge a bit closer to 100% before the Madrid game. I also thought Adriano looked in pretty good shape, showing a good change of pace before crossing for Villa’s goal, and we may see him again at right back against Madrid if Alves isn’t ready in time. but the best again was Thiago who has gone up enormpously in my estimation this summer, it was great to see that Iniesta Xavi and Thiago can all play in the same team. Who knows we may one day see a line up that finds room for those three as well as Fabregas and Messi, and then nobody would ever get the ball off us. Also a mention for Victor Valdés who was impecable with one particularly fine save in the first half.

  2. Caleb says:

    Fabregas, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, and Thiago all on the pitch! That’s quite the thought. It sounds a bit crazy, but they all can defend fairly well and they would only need to do so for 5 minutes of the game. That would be incredible.

    Thiago is looking really good. He still occasionally is a bit careless with his passes, but I think we’re a bit spoiled by our mature and amazing midfielders and the standards they’ve set. Thiago will hopefully get to those levels too as he gets more experience. Even Fabregas makes careless errors with passes a fair bit more than Iniesta and Xavi, so it’s difficult to think of anyone in the world that shows quite the same composure on the ball. Besides Messi.

    I’m concerned about Real, too. Then again, Real were flying high before they met us for the first time last season. Not that things will be the same this time. But they tend to be a team that dominates small teams but struggles against decent competition. Still, they look sharp.

  3. blaugranaboy says:

    caught some extended highlights now. we did look far superior in the 1st half and david villa should really have gotten 2 more at least. its quite frustrating he doesnt take easy one on one chances you’d expect him to bury.

  4. bc9jaCulé says:

    A very loud ‘HELLO’ to everyone in the house. Apologies for not having posted a word the whole summer.

  5. barcacentralnic says:

    Looks like the Fabregas deal is finally going to happen. I’ll try and keep you up-dated

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