Spanish Super Cup 2nd Leg: Barcelona 3 Real Madrid 2 (Barça win 5-4 on aggregate) )

Barça won the Spanish Supercopa tonight after a terrific battle with rivals Real Madrid at Camp Nou. Unfortunately the game exploded into a shameful incident in the dying minutes when Marcelo was sent off for a disgraceful scythe on Barça newboy Cesc Fabregas. The game ought to be remembered for the intensity of the game and for the goals of Leo Messi and Andres Iniesta and for Cesc’s brief appearance, but it will be remembered infamously for the finger that Madrid’s coach Jose Mourinho stuck in Barça’s assistant coach Tito Vilanova’s eye during the battle that saw further red cards for David Villa and Ozil who’d both already been substituted. So much seemed to be going on I can’t say what everybody was doing and I’m sure some of our players who jumped from the bench such as Pinto and Busquets were not too innocent and Valdés was risking a second yellow by storming out of his goal, however, I don’t think I am showing any bias when I say that what Mourinho did was cheap and cowardly and unfortunately some of that cheap cowardice is represented on the field in players such as Marcelo and Pepe who are consistantly involved in pathetic off-the-ball aggression on our players. That he should lie about the incident in the press conference is a sign of the type of man he is, but the worst of all is to claim he doesn’t know who Tito Vilanova is (calling him “Pito” which is slang for penis) shows a total lack of class from Mourinho. Really really pathetic and sad.

It was a shame because the game had been a thriller. Mourinho and Madrid can take some credit for coming out to play this time but then again after the 2-2 draw in Madrid they had to. Camp Nou welcomed home the Wembley XI and so new signings Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez started on the bench while Coentrao came into defence in place of Marcelo for Madrid. Both teams played a risky game that led to a great contest. Madrid pressed up and tried to force us into errors in our own half and gave us plenty of problems in this way especially in the first 30 minutes. It is down to our machine not being as well oiled as back at Wembley, however, this team know each other and with Madrid playing high up we occasionally found big spaces to make runs into.

Cristiano Ronaldo was particularly dangerous early on and nearly all the early shots on goal came from the Portuguese. Then in the 15th minute Leo Messi received the ball near the touchline and he set off on a run that immediately reminded me off his wondergoal against Getafe except this time his run was not so vertical but as he came inside he released a peach of a pass for Andres Iniesta to run clean through, Iniesta still had the task of beating Iker Casillas but he made a subtle dummy sending Casillas leaning so much to his left that he couldn’t reach the ball as Iniesta lifted it over his right shoulder. A classy goal indeed.

However, we had seen in the first game that Madrid are looking physically stronger than us at this stage of preparation for the season, and tonight they hit back quickly. Ronaldo poked in after Benzema fired a corner back across goal in what may have been an offside position. Almost immediately Pedro forced a save from Casillas after a good through pass from Iniesta and then Ronaldo hit the bar via Valdés raised fists but the power of the shot made it extremely difficuly to follow the flight of the ball and we were relieved with the let-off and not long after Valdés had to save from Ozil after Abidal had left him onside. Now the game was really buzzing but it was Madrid and Ronaldo who were looking more dangerous. However, as at the Bernabeu they dropped a bit the last ten/fifteen minutes of the half and this was when Messi began to come to life. He made a couple of dangerous runs, forcing Casillas to save one with his foot. And then again, just as at the Bernabeu, we grabbed a goal on the stroke of half time, and again it was Messi, though this time it was Gerard Piqué with a beautiful back heel who set him up to score with a right foot chip over Casillas’s dive. And once again Madrid went in at half time losing while feeling they had had the better of the half.

The second half was more cagey in comparison though I think it is fair to say we controlled things better. Messi was in the game much more and it is amazing to see how much physical battering he can take and just keep on playing. In fact it should be said that Messi is looking more muscular these days and he seems to be able to take the challenges of such strong players as Pepe and Khedira though I thought Messi might lose his head for a moment and take a swing at Marcelo after the cowardly kick while supposedly jumping for the ball. And while I’m on the subject Pepe should have had a straight red for the locked pointing-up elbow position he employed while body-checking Messi. More cowardly tactics from the cowardly-Mourinho school of football.

Victor Valdés was troubled much less in the second half, but we got a warning when Benzema volleyed over after 69 minutes. Then two minutes later the over-rated Sergio Ramos missed a good chance heading wide unmarked at a corner. It seemed most of our suffering at the back was at corners as then despite not having created that much in the second half Madrid made it all square at 2-2 and 4-4 on aggregate when we again failed to clear a corner and Benzema ended up scoring after various players had taken a swing at it.

Madrid probably felt they deserved it but there was one more chapter for Messi to write. He had the help of Cesc Fabregas who came on in the 84th minute to play on the wing. Cesc had been on the field for four minutes when he played a pass inside to Messi who kept things flowing finding Adriano on the right before storming into the area to volley the return past Casillas with an outstretched left leg. Camp Nou erupted in joy. Things exploded more in the injury time with the Marcelo sending off and subsequent free-for-all at the end. A sad end to a cracking match. It’s now nearly half past two here so I’m off to my bed now. Over to you guys for your views on all the incidents.

Barça: Valdés 7.5; Alves 6.5, Mascherano 7, Piqué 6.5, Abidal 5.5; Xavi 6, Busquets 6 (Keita m85, 6), Iniesta 7; Pedro 6 (Fabregas m84, 6.5), Messi 8, Villa 6 (Adriano m73, 6).

Real Madrid: Casillas; Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho, Coentrao; Alonso, Khedira (Marcelo m45);  Di María (Higuian m63), Ozil (Kaka m78), Ronaldo; Benzema.

Goals: m15 Iniesta 1-0, m20 Ronaldo 1-1, m45 Messi 2-1

Yellow cards: m28 Khedira, m42 Xavi, m54 Mascherano, m54 Ronaldo, m62 Pepe, m75 Ramos, m84 Coentrao, m93 Valdés

Red cards: m93 Marcelo, m94 Ozil, m94 Villa

Attendance: 92,965

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9 Responses to Spanish Super Cup 2nd Leg: Barcelona 3 Real Madrid 2 (Barça win 5-4 on aggregate) )

  1. Caleb says:

    This was really a great game. I must applaud Madrid for coming out to play. In the end it may just be Real that keeps us humming along at our unbelievable rate by being the opponent continually nipping at our heals. If it wasn’t for the threat we see in them we would have far less reason to continue pressing on. If we win Europe again in the next few seasons we very well may have our greatest rivals to thank.

    It was unfortunate that the game ended in chaos. Real was dirty and out of control at times. Barca had some really pathetic diving (but Madrid was not far behind). Madrid will no doubt feel unfortunate not to have taken anything from this match but let’s hope they keep believing they can play with us so we see some more fantastic classicos in the near future.

  2. Payman says:

    What Madrid is doing on the field borders on dangerous, especially what comes from Pepe and Marcelo. That scissors tackle on Fabregas at the end of the game was despicable, and only meant to injure or intimidate. Fabregas had barely been in the game for 10 minutes when it occured; its not like Marcelo had been scuffling with Fabregas all game long. Just nasty, plain and simple. Mourinho’s antics at the end of the game trying to pull a cheap WWF wrestling eye gouge is a clear indication that rough play and unsportsmanlike conduct is promoted by their coach. Marcelo and Pepe both tried to injure Messi also, with that pathetic donkey kick from Marcelo and the elbow from Pepe on that challenge on Messi. Madrid is inferior on the field, so they have to try to kick and intimidate us off the pitch. Truly pathetic.

  3. Ian Adams says:

    The scissors tackle was pure nastiness. Only someone who was completely out of control and cowardly would do something so disgustingly vicious. He could easily have broken Cesc’s leg just because he went from two directions on one unbending object. Not good at all.

    Apart from that I thought that Barca really dominated the game despite not creating much at the very end of the first half (apart from Messi’s gorgeous chip). Lots of through balls and on-the-ball creativity. Iniesta and Xavi once again were the midfield maestros. The entire back line was good apart from a couple of chances and not clearing the set-pieces well. Then of course we have the forwards. Villa was okay, so was Pedro, but Messi was just brilliant. The assist and the two goals were great. Busquets was quite nice in midfield as well.

  4. layibiyi says:

    damn!! i’m really getting fed up of playing madrid. When they win or hav ‘favourable’ results, we never try to turn the match into a chaos or deny them credit. they on the other hand do as much as possible to discredit our performances. Now, our beautiful goals will be overshadowed once more

    but like caleb said, i guess we need the motivation from them.

    i’m too lazy to discuss the match but i must salute to messi still

  5. blaugranaboy says:

    i was furious about mou last night and having read his postmatch comments, even more. what a despicable sewer rat he is. this is the most inexcusable thing ive ever seen a coach do. cowards and pathetic. he better get sanctioned for this. he’s seriously deluded, how can he then claim he has nothing to hide. even madrid fans on marca have said they are embarrassed by him.

    its such a pity because it was a really good match. it was tough at times but all reasonable amounts of it. the pepe elbow/body charge was bad but im not upset it wasnt red, thought it could have been. and llorinho then still says “he got a yellow for nothing”. marcelo’s stupid kick on messi was dirty but messi got on with it.

    football wise though there is no point in drawing conclusions. we look exactly how we should and how we did last year at this time, under fit and ill prepared. playing our style of football, with the very intricate touches and precise passing needs some practice. pique was very sloppy first half and busquets had an absolute mare the first 30 minutes. i mean even xavi got disposed in that 1st minute right outside the box which nearly led to an early goal. the guys need training to sharpen, so in no way is this a worry or critique, just stating the facts. villa is sadly still looking a bit so so and if he isnt careful alexis will be in there.

    we had lots of strong performances too. first, i seriously love mascherano. he is just so efficient at that center back role, reading the game perfectly and making tackle after tackle. i loved when CR was doing all those fancy step overs and masch just nonchalantly tackled him stripping him perfectly. LOL. CR looked so bleak, he played junk against us again. on the subject of CR, Alves OWNED him last night. dani had a superb defensive game, but he also put astray a few passes which comes down to preseason. abidal had a much improved game, some seriously silky touches and passes with strong defending. and of the midfield players, iniesta looks the sharpest. in both games his touches on the ball to pirouette or nutmeg an opponent have been marvelous, his finish was no average thing either. the rest over the summer looks to have done him well. messi was again stellar on and off the ball, no words really necessary. and even cesc, come on, he fitted like a glove! i loved it. he sprayed one huge pass, was getting past guys, and he is great at making the right forward run, if a pass was not over hit to him he would have been one and one with casillas to make it 3-1 earlier. that would have been wild!

    madrid can feel they played better over the 2 legs and maybe so, but both their goals tonight were scrappy bundle ins from corners (something again we saw little off during the real season). if they want to feel like they have reached our level now thats fine, they are a very good team with great players, but lets see how things go in November/December. plus after we conceded at 2-2, it was like we shifted up a gear and took it to them and broke through again.

  6. Fredegar says:

    Well, football first: what a fantastic game!
    We are less fit than Madrid and it showed in two compartments in my opinion: our pressing was less efficient than is the norm, and we were technically far from our usual stantards. Both resulted in Madrid, who were able to have a very good pressing, to have far more possession. They made a good use of it in the first half, creating a lot of danger, but we adapted and neutralised them in the second where they didn’t create much apart for the corners. They also maybe overreached a bit physically as they looked completely burnt once they had found their equaliser and weren’t able to kill the game and wait for OT. I personnally think we looked the better and most dangerous team, despite being behind them in terms of preparations, and that bodes well for the future, even if I agree we shouldn’t draw too many conclusions out of this.
    One worry though, the corners. We took a goal from a man alone at the far post in the first game, how is it possible that we let Benzema not only once but three times alone in the same situation in this second leg (resulting in a goal and two dangerous shots)? Plus the scramble for the second goal, plus the free header for Ramos, that’s far too much for me, let’s hope it’s just a preseason thing…
    But in general I liked us a lot yesterday, and what a feeling when Messi scored his second, everybody, the players, the public, (me) were extatic!!! Messi is out of this world definitely, Iniesta looked very sharp again, Villa was so and so, but his workrate is incredible, Mascherano has made his own the CB position and could (certainly not?) even top Puyol for this place, Alves was excellent in defence, people often think he is a defensive liability but it’s far from true. And yes, Fabregas fitted very well, he is another upgrade in our fantastic team. Generally speaking, I think Pep might have achieved what he wanted to do with this team, and we are now as near of perfection as we can. Time will tell, but my only fear is that he will judge that the only thing that he can change next year will be… himself.

  7. blaugranaboy says:

    i hope rosell takes this as serious as he can. i want him to push it far in terms of disciplinary action.

  8. Loki says:

    I concur that Madrid had the better of the two games and fitness is the reason for this but I’m glad that the quality of our goals compared to theirs over the two legs said something about the comparative talent. Noted points regarding how our game depends on a very finely oiled passing machine, however I think their pressing in our half of the pitch, and their service to Ronaldo, really tied Alves to our half, which meant we lacked that width up front. When Dani could get forward we looked the most dangerous and the introduction of Cesc playing as something of a winger gaves us further options to stretch them and gave us the winning goal.

    On to Mourinho. What are the potential penalties? Something must happen to him. Will it really be only a number of banned matches? Christ, Tito could probably raise an assualt charge. What is the Spanish press saying Nic?

  9. FCB-Parbo says:

    Mou is so shallow. I don’t have words to describe that moron. In this video below it looks like he would give Cesc a kick in his head, but fortunately a Barca member had prevented that.

    And because he couldn’t do that, he had to poke Tito’s eye. Mou is insane and so disgraceful.

    Barca board must take action!!!

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