Piqué out for three weeks

Gerard Piqué will miss this week’s European Super Cup final with Porto due to a calf injury. Piqué tore a muscle in his left leg in training yesterday and will be out for three weeks. While this is not too serious for Friday as Mascherano will probably partner Abidal with Alves and Adriano as full backs, it will make us a little bit concerned about any further injuries to defenders until we are sure we have Carles Puyol back to 100%.

I imagine most of you saw Señor Mourinho’s open letter yesterday where he tried to make out his actions at Camp Nou on Wednesday night was simply defending Real Madrid. That is why he only “apologises” to Real Madrid supporters and passes the opportunity to apologise to the rest of us for his behaviour. However, as John Carlin points out in this article in El Pais (sorry, only in Spanish), Mourinho is being foolish. He may think he is intelligent but his behaviour has one detrimental effect which is much more serious for Real Madrid Club de Fútbol than any other that might have to do with their image as a club or any touchline ban that he may now get as Alfredo Flórez, judge from the Comité de Competición opens a case against him, and it is that he helps to motivate the players and coaches of Football Club Barcelona to strive for more success.  There is always a possibility that success can breed complacency and sometimes the desire and hunger to win can decrease. In this sense Mourinho is doing a great service to Barça and is only damaging Madrid.

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1 Response to Piqué out for three weeks

  1. Mike M says:

    It will be tough without Pique and Puyol, but i’m sure Abidal and Mascherano will do well plus we have Bartra and Fontas

    And Mourinho, he’s just an a**hole

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