Sergio Roberto signs until 2015

Excellent news as Barça today secured the services of our rising star Sergio Roberto until June 2015. His previous contract would have come to an end next summer and he had plenty of clubs such as Chelsea keen to sign him on the cheap. The buy-out clause on his contract increases from €3 million to €20 million which should discourage poachers for a while. Sergio will continue playing in Barça B this season but it will be no surprise to see him build on his three official first team appearances this season despite the competition for places.

One of the big advantages of having the B team playing in the Segunda Division is that it is not so necessary to loan out players like Sergio. This way he is always playing the Barça style and he also gets to train sometime with masters like Xavi and Iniesta. Surely this is the best way for him to continue his development right now. Replacing Xavi and Iniesta when they retire is no longer looking a problem  with Cesc, Thiago, Sergio Roberto and perhaps Javi Espinosa to continue the line of Barça midfield excellence.

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7 Responses to Sergio Roberto signs until 2015

  1. barcacentralnic says:

    Hey, what’s up? Are you guys all on your holidays?

  2. layibiyi says:

    guess the strike’s is killing the vibe

  3. Lockie17 says:

    Comments have been lame guys! I for 1 could not be happier with the squad, morale and what I can make of the team spirit of the squad! Cesc and Alexis will be very valuable players this season could possibly add an extra 20 goals to our tally! Madrid are a joke of a club, giving us all the motivation and fuel for another record breaking season! Apparently Cassilas was dropped for the friendly tonight as punishment all good news for Barcelona!

  4. leebabysimse says:

    I’m wondering what the consequences of the strike might be? Certainly all games will have to be made up, but I wonder if that means extending the season or cramming in fixtures (which will causes injuries and weariness). Maybe both.
    I’m glad to hear about Roberto, though to be honest I haven’t seen much of him. At least Arsenal won’t steal him. Speaking of which, I actually rooted for Arsenal last night they are so down and out.
    It’s a shame the strike in Spain isn’t over a more fair distribution of television rights.
    One other note: I hated to see Eto’o go to Russia (as if he needs more money!). He has been bringing in silverware for about a decade straight, probably longer than any other player, and hasn’t missed one season without raising a trophy. Well I guess he’ll raise one in the Russia league as well, but it won’t count really. Inter will miss him. He is the greatest striker of our time, but nobody wants to admit that. Plus he scored the opening goals in two champion leagues final! i wish him well in Russia.
    Impatiently waiting,

  5. Loki says:

    Preparing for my wedding the week after next – manic with what I’m told is now termed “wedministration”. Also, had to watch the Gamper on such a shitty feed I gave up at half time.

    I am over the moon with the squad too – and with Masch having performed so well now at centre back I am not too concerned about our defence, although I hope that the general tone of optimism on Puyol’s injury is borne out to be correct. Really pleased that Pep is looking to use Cesc in inventive ways – false nine, etc, and am really looking forward to seeing Alexis play again.

    Seething over Madrid and Mooorinho too – if he was to get a really long touchline ban (say 12 games) what impact do you guys think that will have? I have never particularly thought that a team not having their coach on the sidelines would have much impact on a professiona team at this level, but I have friends who disagree. Plus, if it it was for as many as twelve games that would be a huge portion of the season.

    Finally, does anyone have the latest as to the rescheduling of the postponed games? If they do shift them to later on the season (ie, Christmas, after the first round of games, or even to the end of the entire season) then I am a bit gutted that we won’t then be playing Malaga early in the season when they’ve had less time to gel.

    Okay, that is all my thoughts. Lockie – I do wonder whether Casillas was dropped as punishment… do you have any more details?

  6. FCB-Parbo says:

    Well, Mou will never admit that he has punished Casillas, but the majority don’t think so. His excuse was to give the reserve gk a change to play. What a joke huh? They played 7 friendlies in their pre-season, which they have won with big numbers and some of them were lesser teams and Mou had never given him a change to play even as a sub. A while back then, CR made a comment about his tactics and the next game he was excluded. If you’re a player and you don’t support Mou’s behavior than you’re screwed. And this is also meant for Perez.

    What’s also so sad is that Madrid as a club and their fans are encouraging the violents on and off the field. With banners and all in their stadium, it’s so pathetic. You know, like Mou sad they have to win at all cost. But this is going too far!!!!

    Screw Madrid!

    Visca Barca!!!!!
    Forca Barca!!!!!

  7. Mike M says:

    Great to see that Roberto has extended his contract, he looks to have a great future. But it will be tough now to try break into the first team now with Cesc and Thiago there as well. But if he keeps on working had and playing well then he will get rewarded.

    I must say that the squad looks good, just can’t wait for a fully fit squad – that will be 1 mean squad, with the addition of cesc and alexis it gives Guardiola more options to change a game if and when needed. Its also good to see him trying out players in different position to see how they react.

    Wow in just 2 games Cesc could win 2 official trophies… more than he won at Arsenal in over 300 games…

    Mou… I think people have long ago lost respect for him, I was never a fan of his, his behaviour is petulent and disgusting from a near 50 yr old really pathetic. Can’t wait to see the day he leaves Spain

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