Messi’s dribble against Nigeria

Just seen this from Argentina’s win over Nigeria. Messi’s run is simply amazing!

He also sets up the first goal for Higuain in Argentina’s 3-1 win. Here you can see all the goals…sorry the quality isn’t great

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3 Responses to Messi’s dribble against Nigeria

  1. Fredegar says:

    otchh… beginning of the second video just hurts, you should put an advertisement on it Nic!

    Seriously, I think it was a brilliant idea to give Messi the armband, he will take all the stick anyway if Argentina fails, so at least let him have full responsibilty. Also, I think now is the good time for him, he looks like he has matured a lot these last two years, he’s not a kid anymore and I really want to believe he has what it takes to be a leader. Maybe not in Barcelona (as a captain I mean) as a Catalonian will always have a better chance, but in Argentina it really makes sense.
    Pep might also have made a big favour to Argentina by recycling Mascherano as a centre back, a position where they haven’t had anybody convincing for a long time, as opposed to a defensive midfielder, a position where they have plenty of talented candidates! I don’t know where the “Mascher” played against Nigeria (if he played at all), but that could make a hell of a difference for Argentina’s prospects.

    Well, having a real coach could help them too…

  2. LeO says:

    Fredegar, i like you! what you said was awesome and true!!! i would like to see Messi succeed as Captain of my beloved Argentina!

  3. Fredegar says:

    Well, it was a pleasure LeO 😉

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