Remembering Romario

Romário Da Souza Faria only played for Barça for one and a half seasons and for the half season he wasn’t too great except for the night we hammered Man United 4-0. However, for the 1993/94 season he was simply sensational. Here’s a video featuring all 53 of his goals for Barça. He was such a clinical finisher, I especially like the first goal (at 3m38) in the 5-0 win over Real Madrid and the first goal (at 5.08) in the 5-3 win over Atletico Madrid.

And since I mentioned it here’s the highlights of that incredible match with Atletico. It’s a game that has everything, well worth a watch.




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1 Response to Remembering Romario

  1. wikd14 says:

    Romario was one of the reasons that made me follow Barca as a kid ^^;

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