Joke punishment for Mourinho

It’s ok kids! Not a problem at all! If you want to poke your opponent in the eye, that’s cool. At least it would appear that way judging from the joke decision of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF). Following the infamous finger incident in the Spanish Supercup 2nd leg on August 18, José Mourinho has been given a two-game ban but this punishment can only correspond to Supercup games which  Mourinho may never even compete in again. Oh, I nearly forgot, he also received a massive fine of €600 but he doesn’t need to worry about that as Real Madrid will foot the bill. Did I mention that Tito Vilanova received an identical punishment except he gets a one-match rather than a two-match supercup ban? Obviously being eye-poked is nearly as bad as eye-poking which perhaps says something about life in 2011. Alright, I accept that Vilanova turned to push Mourinho from behind but one might fairly say that Tito had been provoked by the eye-prod. However, judging by the decision it would seem the RFEF have decided to believe the special one’s insinuations that things had gone on before in the tunnel and Tito was the provocateur. Mourinho, who later claimed (read lied) that he didn’t know who Vilanova was, cannot really be relied on as a credible witness, as he also has a history of releasing these stories of behind-the-scenes happenings (Rijkaard supposedly looking for favours with referee Anders Frisk) without any evidence to back himself up with.

José Mourinho provokes somebody practically every time he opens his mouth. I’m not saying Tito Vilanova is totally innocent but what is the evidence against him? Apart from Tito’s immediate reaction to the finger we only have Mourinho’s abstract accusation of anything else. So what did happen in the tunnel? Did Vilanova call Mourinho a name? Or did he walk into Madrid’s dressing room and take a dump in Mourinho’s kit-bag? Whatever it was, (and if you think about it, it really can’t have been all that much) it is no justification for Mourinho to behave as he did. The image for the game was severely damaged and from Mourinho’s comments since the incident there are no signs of any remorse on his part. The decision from the RFEF today make things very clear: don’t worry José, you can do whatever you like, we will protect you and Real Madrid as that is more important than protecting the integrity of Spanish football.

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14 Responses to Joke punishment for Mourinho

  1. Simon Harris says:

    The interesting thing is that Florentino Perez has been harping on since the incident about how Real Madrid stands for moral values and fair play …. it’s pretty obvious that they can do what hell they like and get away with it! It makes me puke!

  2. barcacentralroger says:

    I am so utterly disgusted… Beyond belief. I try not to buy into the old game of suggesting that the football authorities are pro-Madrid, but I’m astounded by this.

    Maximum 12 match ban and they give a 2 match ban for eye poking…

    What do you have to get 12?

    *$*#@% and $%@~^, before finally #£!%!ing the president of RFEF’s grandmother?

    (Moderate this if anyone wants to – just so disgusted.)

  3. Josep says:

    It’s disgusting and honestly also very disturbing. Literally lost for words…

  4. Simon Harris says:

    Interestingly the judge was called Florez – Florentino Perez without the middle letters!

  5. FCB-Parbo says:

    Mourinho is the DEVIL himself. Words can’t describe him anymore. No no no, he has no remorse whatsoever as he hasn’t apologized for his behavior towards Barca and the footballing world, accept the Madrid fans. And it’s very sad that the RFEF has given greenlight for very disturbing violents. And also, the RM fans and their board is sinking very deep now and all of this because of Mou. There you have it, winning at all cost!

    By the way, it’s so funny and a joke that they will appeal.

  6. lee says:

    The fine was ridiculous and insulting, but still I think it’s great fun having such a villainous caricature of a coach at the helm of Madrid, who also have a villainous caricature CR7 scoring most of their goals. It’s almost like a professional wrestling match good vs evil. I expect Jose will hit Messi over the head with a folding chair next el classico. I mean, what could Real do to become more loathsome? Oh yeah . . . Neymar! Perfect fit.

    • barcacentralroger says:

      Ha ha! Folding chair. Next we’ll have Di Maria purposefully tripping over the referee so Pepe can roundhouse Dani Alves.

      It is great having villains – and in terms of what it does to relationships between Spanish national team players to be honest I’m not that bothered (not that fussed about La Roja), however what worries me is the heightened atmosphere leading to serious (career ending) injuries on the pitch OR more serious violence between fans off the pitch.

      I guess what bothers me about this incident is that it really seems to suggest that some of the authorities are in Madrid’s pocket – amazing for me to say this as I really don’t normally go into conspiracy theories. Okay, perhaps more realistically they’re not in Madrid’s pocket, but just so supremely weak willed that for a major incident such as this they dare only give meaningless punishments like this. A more telling state of la liga than the points gap last year…

      • barcacentralnic says:

        I have also always tried to believe in the integrity of the authorities, I know that there were times when Franco was still in power that things were biased against Barça but I liked to think things were all above board under democracy. Unfortunately the stupid corrupt b*+**¿ds in charge can make it really difficult sometimes. Some of them must be really suffering to see so much Barça success. Makes winning all the sweeter for us in the end..

      • lee says:

        Agreed, especially regarding the injuries, but there’s also just a pure element of money at stake here. La Liga doesn’t want Mourinho fleeing Madrid in a hissyfit, because Mourinho sells product (as Dr. Dre would say). He captivates and elevates the Spanish League in the eyes of the world (while denigrating the Madrid traditions), and the powers that be understand this more than they care about injuries done athletes. I think they sense Jose is at a breaking point. They didn’t want to push too hard. As it is, the whole world is captivated with La Liga for the first time since . . . I don’t even know when.

  7. barcacentralomer says:

    The best response IMO is to go out on the pitch and win everything. That’ll show everybody who the Real champions are and that Barca are not bothered by such ridiculous incidents. Moaninho and Co. can do all they want off the pitch but Barca have and will continue to do their talking on the football pitch and be remembered as the best team ever.

    PS : And I thought my country was ridden with corruption and other sinister happenings.

  8. barcacentralnic says:

    Mourinho has spoken of the incident and he calls his reaction “natural” here’s a quick translation of the report in El Sport:

    Without any hint of regret. The ‘Finger of Mourinho’ was an of instinctive and natural act.That’s what the coach thinks about the unfortunate incident with Tito Vilanova in the Super Cup.
    In an interview with Turkish daily ‘Hurriyet’, Mourinho claims to have been provoked as a justification for his action. “Football means emotion and sometimes they provoke you. Sometimes you react and sometimes not. But in this case, they provoked us. Yes, I may have done wrong, but I acted naturally,” he said.
    In conversation, the Portuguese coach admitted that getting his third Champions League is the great objective of his time at Real Madrid with whom he hopes to leave his name in golden letters in football history. “I’d like to win my third Champions League with my third team. In this way, my name will have a special place in football history. I’ll do it,” he promised.
    Finally, Mourinho defined himself as a “soccer icon” and said that for this reason it is difficult to manage relationships in the dressing room: “They see themselves as icons of football and they look at me and see also a football icon. I am the same as them. It is not easy to handle a dressing room if you’re not a football icon, There is no difference in status between them and me, “he said.

  9. FCB-Parbo says:

    Does Mou really understands what being a soccer/football icon means? In fact, he never succeeded as a footballplayer. A soccer icon, give me a break! This man is so insane and full of himself that he will always give himself a compliment, only coz others won’t give him that. He has to put himself in the frontline, otherwise he will fade away from himself. Oh, and did he just compare himself with the players? Oh, he is just a clown. And so funny, Barca beating Madrid is a provocation to Mou. Haha, that so funny.

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