Clásico photos: Real Madrid 1 Barça 3

Here’s a few of the best photos I’ve found from Saturday clásico. I love the ones of Casillas on his back!

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3 Responses to Clásico photos: Real Madrid 1 Barça 3

  1. Xavi says:

    I love the second one, both teams and the Bernabeu applaud Messi’s entrance!

  2. gboye says:

    What shall we say to these things……….

  3. layibiyi says:

    lovely pics

    For those who think pep likes to mess around for no reason. Here’s from his FIFA interview in Japan.

    Turning to this season now, you’ve made a few tactical alterations. Why change something that works?
    People talk about tactics, but when you look at it, tactics are just players. You change things so that the team can get the most out of the skills they have to offer, but you don’t go any further than that. When it comes to tactics you have to think about what the opposition does and the players who can hurt you. What I’ve done this season is a response to the game plans our rivals are now adopting against us. As time goes by, people get to know you better. They pose problems for you and you have to come up with solutions.

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