Bones Festes Readers!

Everywhere has its particular way of celebrating this winter solstice holiday period. One of the strangest things about christmas here in Barcelona is the appearance of the caganer in the christmas nativity scene. I suppose many things may turn up amongst the shepherds, wise men, chickens, goats, etc at the traditional scene but the appearance of a squatting man with his trousers round his ankles hovering above a freshly laid christmas log is a little weird to say the least. It has also become popular to have popular figures appearing as caganers so this year all across Catalunya there will be families celebrating the festive season while depictions of Gerard Piqué and Shakira go about their business in the presence of the little baby Jesus.

All of this, of course, reminds us that we are nearing the end of 2011. I’m not going to look back now at the tremendous success achieved by the team this year, I’m hoping Blaugranaboy will post a Review of the Year in the next few days, though it is worth pointing out that Leo Messi’s magnificent performances have earnt him the award of Champion of Champions from the prestigious French sports magazine L’Equipe beating other exceptional sportsman such as tennis star Novak Djorovic and Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel to the prize.

I am also reminded that it is now just over a year since the start of BarçaCentral. For those of you who followed my blogging at Fcbnews you will remember that I went through a period when I lost the enthusiasm a bit for doing this. I want to thank everyone who encouraged me to keep going as I now feel much more inspired to keep this going and also to make it grow. I’d like to give a big shout out to Darren for originally setting up the site to get us started and also to Roger and Diatus. Even if circumstances have led to you guys not having time or whatever, this blog wouldn’t be going without your early contributions. I’d also like to give a massive shout to Blaugranaboy who has helped to ease the workload with his insightful contributions.

Most of all I’d like to thank you readers for following the blog. One of the mainstays of the blog is the comments sent in and I’d like to thank every one of you who have contributed in this way. BarçaCentral may not be the blog with the most comments but I am convinced we have the best quality. But even if you have never sent in a comment, if you follow the blog that is still greatly appreciated. Regular readers will know I’m not the biggest whizzkid on the computer but I have been trying to expand my use of social media which has led to me signing up with a Twitter account. These things do seem to help with spreading the word so I will use it as I’m sure it’s also very good for sending out news snippets.

There is also a BarçaCentral Facebook page and all “likes” are greatly appreciated, if you haven’t done so already it would be very much appreciated if you took a minute to click through and like the page. I’ve also been trying Google+ which I find has many advantages over Facebook and I invite you all to follow me and BarçaCentral there. One other site I’ve joined is Empire Avenue which I would recommend very highly to anybody involved in social media, blogging or in trying to build an online profile. You can support the blog there by buying shares in BarçaCentral and keeping our price high!

Well, that’s enough begging from me. I’d just like to wish you all a happy holiday period, or as they say in Catalan, Bones Festes!
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11 Responses to Bones Festes Readers!

  1. Xavi says:

    Merry christmas everyone! Thanks Nic and BB for all the work in keeping the blog going. Love the pic of Piqué and Shakira 😀

  2. layibiyi says:

    Happy Holidays everybody!!

  3. bc9jaCulé says:

    Thanks Nic — and the entire admin — for EVERYTHING. Right from when it used to be fcbnews (NigerianCatalan was my username then) to this very wonderful site u guys got going now. And Nic, I was glad to read that your enthusiasm about the continuity of this site is still on the high.
    And to every culé out there in every corner of the world, Merry Xmas.

    Visca Barça!!!
    Força Barça!!!

  4. FCB-Parbo says:

    “FCBNews says goodbye”. Yup, that was a year ago and everybody was then so shocked. Time flies so fast that it seems like it was yesterday. Thanks team BarcaCentral for continuing this blog. Thank you all for your time and hard work for keeping this up. I really miss the old commentators. I’ve enjoyed their comments coz their were insightfull. Anyway congrats to the team. Cheers!


    is it true dat we re using cuenca,s.roberto and m.montoya in an exchange for torres.let me know pls.

  6. barcacentralnic says:

    Hey Abdul. I don’t know where you got your information but I haven’t heard anything about it. I have to say it seems very unlikely. I don’t think Barça are planning to get anybody in the transfer window despite Villa’s injury, but we shall see.

  7. Hi, Nic, congratulations for your new blogger experience. I see this is a successful idea. I hope we are going to live more victories next year. Anyway, I praise your description about catalan “caganer”. Actually, there is a whole tradition in Catalonia about the shit. I think that’s teh same in other countries, but catalan people have a lot of expressions and thoughts about the craop, to shit, etc.Indeed, people don’t consider that the identification like a “caganer” is an insult, but a sign of fame or success.



  9. barcacentralroger says:

    Bones festes Nic and many congratulations on another amazing year of barca blogging! I’m sorry that I couldn’t be involved but really appreciated the opportunity to contribute further but will always continue reading and commenting as long as you keep writing them! Congrats to BBoy also, who is a real pinch hitter (to shift into some baseball terminology!); together you guys are providing us with our near daily diet of all things Barca!

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