Fourteen Barcelona players in World’s top 100

In anticipation of the Fifa awards later today The Footy Blog has produced a list of its Top 100 Footballers compiled from the votes of 19 well respected football experts. That all nineteen voted for Leo Messi in first place is not surprising and only underlines the levels of greatness that Leo has reached. Barça have a total of fourteen players in the top 100, eight are in the top 24, while we have three of the top 4. The Barça players and their positions are as follows: Messi (1), Xavi (3), Iniesta (4), Piqué (12), Villa (16), Fabregas (18), Busquets (23), Alves (24), Pedro (49), Alexis (50), Valdés (55), Abidal (56), Mascherano (80), Puyol (91). I’m sure there will be some disagreement with the final positions, personally I’d have Mascherano, Alexis, Alves and Fabregas a bit higher while I perhaps Piqué and Villa should be a little lower. What do you think? See the full list here.

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3 Responses to Fourteen Barcelona players in World’s top 100

  1. barcacentralenrique says:

    these lists are just too subjective, but the biggest problem is that its not split by position. some magazine just did that. how can you compare a great keeper to a great midfielder? anyway, i dont put very much stock in these kind of lists at all. i mean, i dont see how valdes is so low seeing as he is quite likely the most on form keeper in europe the past years. no one has performed to his level of consistency. even abidal, few defenders have played as well as him and lets not even talk about masch. anyone who watches barca more than 2 times a year will have put him way way higher. villa could def go down for me based on the past year and fab could be higher. fabregas is easily top 5 center midfielder in the world along with his two teammates and probably ozil and silva. i dont want to hear about any schweinsteiger or de rossi, even wilshere or gotze. the first two are past their best and the latter 2 are completley unproven and don’t have the body of work. plus fab is just better than them. but like i said, i dont really dont put any importance to this business.

  2. barcacentralnic says:

    i don’t see Schweinsteiger enough to give much of an opinion though I was a bit surprised to see him in the top 10. The list is not perfect, they never are and the forwards receive more votes in detriment of defenders, but I think it’s a pretty good effort and I’m glad to see the judges can appreciate a player like Busquets.

  3. Caleb says:

    Yeah, I agree with Nic about certain players being rated too low (masch, alexis, cesc, alves) and others too high… But seriously, Puyol at 91?? Not really sure about that call. I think that’s more about people thinking “Oh, he’s just getting too old and can’t get it done like he used to.” But, whenever the pressure has been on Puyol has put in a great performance. I agree that he doesn’t have many years left at a really high level, but until he actually starts to act like he believes that I’m not going to bet against him… He’s still a beast. Give him some props.

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