Talking Barça 10/1/2012

In the latest Talking Barça Simon and I discuss the Espanyol derby and Messi’s third Ballon d’Or while taking a quick look forward to the coming games with Osasuna and Betis.

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2 Responses to Talking Barça 10/1/2012

  1. barcacentralroger says:

    I’ll probably repost this on the Osasuna Copa del Rey preview when it’s up, but to put it down on electronic paper now: Does anyone know how the card system works for this round of the Copa? last night Arbeloa was sent off, so he won’t play the next match, but Ramos and Diarra both picked up yellows – will they have to avoid a second yellow in the first leg to avoid missing the second leg?

    Also, to note that Khedira may be out for a little – looks like a sprain, but yet to confirm how bad yet (sorry for him), and it’s unclear when Di Maria will return. We could be facing a seriously depleted Madrid, as well as one who should be psychologically cowed.

    Yes, to add to your comments Simon and Nic, judging their performance last night, I wondered whether Madrid wanted to get through to face us…

  2. FCB-Parbo says:

    RM’s peaking is declining right now. They don’t play like they use to before the x-mas break and I’m glad for that and I hope it stays that way. The impact of CR is also declining and that’s much better for us.

    BIG UP BARCA, we are still the best club in the world.

    Visca El Barca!!!!

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