Preview – FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad

Bring along your warmest coat, a scarf, some gloves, and whatever you need to be warm because if your lucky (maybe not this time) to be going to the Camp Nou tomorrow evening prepare for a chilling piece of history.  The temperature forecast for the game is -4 degrees Celsius which according to a Barça director will be the coldest in the entire history at our special stadium.  We have gone 3 draws in a row of late, something that has never happened under Pep Guardiola, so we need to get things heated and get a “w”.

Real Sociedad, one of the teams we drew 2-2 earlier this year, will be our opponent.   They are sitting in 12th spot, pretty much where one would expect, but French manager Montanier is under a bit of pressure with a high ranking director of the club feeling they should be showing more in their second year back in La Liga.  Usually this team is far better at home but this year it’s splitting hairs with 13 at home and 10 away.  This team plays pretty good football when on song with a few talented players like Prieto, Zurutuza, Griezmann, LLorente, and Vela, but I just don’t see them imposing that style at the Camp Nou.

Obvoiusly the team and fans want us back on winning ways.  The league has become a must win scenario, more so than ever before, and this sort of fixture is one I think we can firmly believe is winnable.  Pedro is unlikely to play tomorrow, but other than the long-ter injuries, it’s as per normal.  I think there will be some rotation tomorrow and Cuenca and Thiago could start.  Abidal renewed until 2013 today following Cuenca’s renewal to 2015 a few days earlier, both good pieces of news.

Really not much more to say.  Everyone expects and wants a win.  Some entertaining and energetic football would be nice, but maybe unrealistic considering the weather and compact fixture list of January.  Once again, just have to sit down and watch it unfold.

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2 Responses to Preview – FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad

  1. barcacentralenrique says:

    off topic but an outrageous statistic floating around in spain today.

    16 – the number of fouls commited by pepe in la liga this season. 16 – the number of fouls committed by messi this season. wow

  2. Ian Adams says:

    Can we please go out with some fire in our game? Otherwise I’m going to be extremely disappointed especially because our game has been so off when we play away of late. Just get a win. I don’t really care how it could be 8-7 for all I care just get those three points.

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