Talking Barça 24

In this week’s Talking Barça Simon Harris and I discuss the big Champions League game with  Milan. We disagree on team selection as I explain why I think Adriano should play tomorrow. We look back at the victory over Athletic Club and take a quick look forward to Saturday’s game against a much improved Zaragoza.

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1 Response to Talking Barça 24

  1. Bang Gowes says:

    Barca will win and through to the semi final, and it will be their 5th consecutive semi final. Their UEFA Champions statistic says all!
    From their 12 matches, Barca won 5, AC Milan won 3 & 4 draws. Barca made 18 goals, while AC Milan 16 goals. Barca top scorer is Messi with 12 goals, while Ibra from AC Milan with 5 goals. Barca is unbeaten from their 15 last matches (their club’s record), and won 12 matches of it. Since beaten 2-1 by Arsenal last season, Barca is still unbeaten & only lost 3 matches in their last 41 matches in UEFA Champions. In the last 6 matches against AC Milan, Barca is unbeaten. In the last 12 matches in UEFA Champions, Barca only lost 1 match against Italian club. The next goal from Messi will be his 50th goal in UEFA Champions (only 3 players so far reach this: Raul, van Nistelrooy & Thierry Henry). It also become his 13th goal, another new record in this event.
    In the meantime, AC Milan won 4 matches & lost 4 matches in their 11 away matches (including 2 draws in Camp Nou Stadium). AC Milan only won 1 match in their last 10 away matches. Between 2003-2007, AC Milan reach semi final in 4 times, but since then they never reach semi final again.
    Finally, it will Barca match. Barca has to keep an eye at Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He made 5 goals in his last 7 matches in UEFA Champions, including 1 goal at his former club.

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