Puyol out for rest of season

Some very unfortunate news this morning as Barça announced that captain Carles Puyol injured his knee in the game against Espanyol and he will need an operation which will take place on May 12. The player will be out of action for six weeks which means he will miss the Copa del Rey final with Athletic Club on May 25 and also the Eurocopa 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. A great shame for Barça as Puyol has been it terrific form recently, one of my favourite moments of the season is when he got a stitch stapled into his eyebrow in the game against Zaragoza and with barely a flinch ran straight back into the action. Sad news for our captain: who would have thought it having seen him looking so cheerful during the Guardiola homage after Saturday’s derby?


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5 Responses to Puyol out for rest of season

  1. mjmare says:

    A great shame that Puyol gets injured now. His performances have been outstanding in these last few months

    However, he now has a whole summer to rest and recuperate and come back stronger for next season.

  2. layibiyi says:

    I might sound selfish but puyol and xavi have paid their dues for the national teams.
    They could do us a favor by retiring from the national team in exchange for a longer career as some previous great players have done. Especially considering they have become relatively injury prone.

    I know the lure of the spanish golden generation is too tempting to turn one’s back to but its always good to leave when the ovation is high.

    • bc9jaCulé says:


    • FCB-Parbo says:

      Amen to that! Those two don’t have nothing to prove anymore. They have won everything together. I just want to see if Spain NT can manage without barca players, especially after what Arbeloa had said to Martinez.
      Btw AtMa are EL champions. Simeone is the driving force for them now. What’s wrong with Bielsa’s team nowadays. It seems like they don’t have the drive anymore to win a game. Maybe that’s a good thing for us for the CDR final.

      Visca Barca!!!

  3. mjmare says:

    I agree that It would be good for Barca if Puyol and Xavi retire from the NT, to focus on Barca, less long distance travels less games. Meaning fresher players for Barca and being able to solely concentrate on Barca. While giving an opportunity for other players to play in the NT.

    But both Puyol and Xavi love playing for the NT and will probably go on for as long as they can.

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