Laporta sticks his foot in it

Ex-Barça president Joan Laporta’s declarations that Sandro Rosell could have done more to prevent Pep Guardiola from leaving and that the choice of Tito Vilanova to replace him is the result of panic have done little good for anybody. It would seem that Laporta is still playing his old personal battle with Rosell. Having declared before he left the presidency that he would not play the opposition to the new board, Laporta has not been able to resist the opportunity for an attack.

Unfortunately, Laporta has chosen the wrong attack. In trying to belittle Rosell, he has undermined the decision of Zubizaretta and put a little unneeded extra pressure on the new coach. After five years working as Guardiola’s assistant Vilanova deserves the support of everybody as he takes on his new role. Tito is not Guardiola and nobody should expect him to be, Guardiola had many qualities and a charisma that will be missed, but Tito must be his own man. There may be some tough decisions ahead for the new coach and there will be close scrutiny of every one of these from the press but Vilanova will ultimately be judged on results. With an excellent group of players at his disposal and the continuation of a proven playing philosophy there is no reason to believe those results won’t be positive.

When Laporta was president, Rosell knew his best strategy for becoming the successor was to keep his mouth shout. Laporta would be wise to do the same.

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4 Responses to Laporta sticks his foot in it

  1. Fredegar says:

    A propos of something completely unrelated (but I agree with you that it would be best for all involved to keep their mouth shut), I read that Yaya Toure’s agent claims that his player would be interested to leave City this summer. As his agent is Dmitri Seluk, a famous bastard, it’s to take with a pinch of salt, but I must say I miss Yaya’s presence in the team, if there’s any possibility to make him come back, I think he is the exact kind of player we need. He’s been a monster the whole year in England and his strength (but still coming with good feet) would be an asset… I always hoped we would play him as an attacking midfielder, so after he has played this role for two years in England, now would be the best of time to try it!

  2. FCB-Parbo says:

    I don’t like Rosell, but then Laporta is now just an ass. Why would he do something like that. He’s so wrong and I think that Pep won’t approve of that.

    Taking Yaya back would be wrong I think coz the reason he went was that he didn’t get much playing time. He won’t get it this time either. So It’s better that he stays where he is.

  3. barcacentralnic says:

    Toure is such an immense player and it has been great to see him playing so well in England. However, I don’t think another midfielder is a priority right now and I never much like “second comings”. Then again, if he came back maybe we’d get The Evil That Men Do back too 🙂

  4. FCBarcelonaRocks says:

    lol! TETMD’s homecoming would be epic. Who knows we could even get Yaya and Kolo both together =D Kolo is not great, but pretty decent to play at the back for us. He and Pique and Mascherano could well play the back 3…..with Montoya, Batra and Muniesa challeging for starting positions.

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