Eric Abidal leaves hospital

Great news today as Eric Abidal confirms he has left hospital after 40 days recovering from his liver operation on April 10. Abidal posted the following message on Facebook 40 minutes ago:

Hi everybody, 
I confirm you that I went out of the hospital today: I wanted to give you first, this information.
I will give you more news tomorrow.
Gérard (my cousin) joins me to thank all of you for your numerous messages of support! 

Abidal can now enjoy the Copa del Rey final on Friday from the comfort of his home.

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3 Responses to Eric Abidal leaves hospital

  1. giapo says:

    Wonderful news!

  2. Fredegar says:

    I know you can’t look at it this way (at least not completely), but in the two games that finally defined our season, the two decisive goals (the second from Madrid and the first from Chelsea, both at Camp Nou) came from areas that Eric would have patrolled, had he been fit. So I couldn’t overstate how much I missed him during this troubled period for him. Get well Eric!

  3. mjmare says:

    Great news. Hope he fully recovers so that he can play a role next season…

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