Supercopa 2nd leg: Real Madrid 2 FC Barcelona 1 (4-4 on aggregate; Real Madrid win on away goals)

Pep Guardiola’s Barça played seven times at the Santiago Bernabeu without ever losing. Half an hour into Tito Vilanova’s first Bernabeu game, tonight’s Spanish Supercup 2nd leg, and it looked as though Barça were going to be onto a hiding as Real Madrid took a two-goal lead on the night through goals from Gonzalo Higuain and Cristian Ronaldo, and Barça were then reduced to ten men when Adriano was sent off after 28 minutes.

However, Barça showed an excellent spirit to pull a goal back through Leo Messi’s 30-yard free kick just before half time, forcing a thrilling finish to the game.  In the end it was too much to ask, though efforts from Martin Montoya and Messi in injury time had merengues biting their nails till the final whistle.

It was finally decided not to take any risks with Carles Puyol’s cheekbone and Tito Vilanova named the same XI as in the first leg at Camp Nou. However, in the warm-up before the kick-off Dani Alves suffered what appeared to be a hamstring injury and he had to be replaced by Jordi Alba who came in at left back with Adriano switching to the right. The last minute change can not have helped Barça but for the first five minutes we didn’t seem to be affected as we played a fast-moving possession game as Madrid snapped at our heels. In the 6th minute Pedro, who was playing on the left, got in a dangerous cross and Alexis appeared to be shoved by Ramos as the cross came in, however, referee Mateu Lahoz waved play on.

José Mourinho had been forced to bring in Marcelo due to Coentrao’s suspension but he did have Pepe back in central defence, he made two other changes to the first leg with Di Maria and Higuain coming in for Callejon and Benzema. In the 7th minute Madrid created the first chance of the game when Marcelo slipped the ball through to Higuain and Valdés did very well to save with an outstretched left foot.

The warning didn’t seem to worry Barça too much and we continued to move the ball around well. However, in the 11th minute Pepe hoofed a long ball from the back, Mascherano was forced to turn and as the ball came down over his head he made a critical misjudgement and missed his clearance, allowing Higuain a clear run through to shoot home through Valdés’s legs.

From the first Madrid goal Barça seemed to go into shock and there was a twenty-five minute spell where we were taken apart. Mascherano got booked within a couple of minutes of Higuain’s goal for obstructing Di Maria, and soon after Marcelo fired across the face of the goal but just wide. Then in the 19th minute Piqué failed to deal with a long ball and Ronaldo managed a remarkable back heel flick that looped the ball forward and the Portuguese forward controlled the ball as it came down, Valdés managed to get a hand on the low shot but it wasn’t enough to see the score move to 2-0.

Higuain might have added a third soon after but Valdés saved again with his feet, then in the 28th minute another ball sent in behind our defence, this time got Adriano in a mess, and as he struggled for the ball he brought down Ronaldo, and Mateu Lahoz had no hesitation in pulling out the red card.

At this point Barça looked well and truly doomed and it would not be exaggerated to say the possibility of a severe humilliation was looking on the cards. Khedira had a volley straight at Valdés, and Mascherano had to make an excellent tackle to deny Higuian. Tito  reorganised, bringing on Montoya for Alexis, and Barça switched to a 4-1-3-1 with Pedro, Xavi and Iniesta in a line behind Messi.

Little by little Barça started to get a foothold. In the 37th minute we created a first moment of doubt for the Madrid defence when Iniesta cross was just out of Montoya’s reach at the far post. A few minutes later Iniesta fired in a shot that was deflected for a corner, then in the 44th minute we earned a free kick, 30 yards out, when Alonso fouled Xavi. Messi and Xavi lined up to take the kick and it was the Argentinian who sent a brilliant curler with power around the wall and inside Casillas’s right-hand post. It was a truly splendid strike to mark Messi’s 15th goal against Madrid which beats Cesar Rodriguez’s previous record of 14.

Before half time there was stil time for Ronaldo and Di Maria to have efforts fly just wide, but with the 2-1 score at half time there was restored hope for culés. The second half began much more calmly as neither side wanted to concede again. Despite playing with ten men Barça were still having slightly the better of possession though we were not finding much penetration going forward.

In fact, both teams were keeping the ball for longer periods when they had possession but neither side managed a shot in the first 15 minutes of the half. Barça had to be patient but the moment nearly came in the 62nd minute when Mascherano sent a long ball forward and Pedro controlled brilliant to eek out a shot but Casillas was there to save.

Pedro was in action again soon after, turning away from Ramos to sprint from the wing into the area but the angle was tight and Casillas blocked the shot by his near post. The game now started to come back to life with chances at both ends. Valdés had to make another stop to deny Khedira who’d got past Mascherano.

As time ticked on Madrid began to look more nervous. Iniesta tried his luck from 50 yards but his shot went well over, then in the 76th minute Messi sent a fine ball through for Alba, but it was difficult to keep control at such speed and as Alba tried to take the ball wide of Casillas the ball ran away from him just enough to allow Ramos to intercept.

It was Barça’s best period but in the final ten minutes Madrid might easily have added another, and Mascherano did just enough to force Higuain to shoot against the outside of the post. Tello mishit a half chance wide after Iniesta’s dribble into the area and with a minute left on the clock Valdés saved again from Ronaldo. As the game went into three minutes injury time Modric had a chance blocked with Khedira shooting wide from the rebound,

In a last push forward Messi put Montoya through on the right, but the full back allowed the ball to run which narrowed his angle and Casillas saved at his near post. There was still time for Song, who played a pretty decent 15 minutes, to find Messi on the edge of the area but his shot flew a foot wide of the post.

It wasn’t to be, but it was some pretty exciting stuff at the end and we should be proud that we pushed Madrid to the very last minute playing with ten men. However, there have to be question marks over what happened to our defence during those 25 minutes in the first half. It is not the first time any of our players had played at the Bernabeu so you would not think they would be intimidated at all. Even so, the number of individual errors is worrying, hopefully we won’t see another howler from Valdés for some time, but the mistakes from Mascherano, Piqué and Adriano were not usual from these players and we’ll just have to hope it is just one of those things that any player can make a mistake and we just happened to get a bad mistake from four different players over the two Supercopa games.

We’re back to the league now on Sunday at 9.30 pm with a game at home to Valencia.

Real Madrid: Casillas; Arbeloa, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo; Alonso, Khedira; Ozil (Modric m84), Di Maria (Callejon m79), Ronaldo; Higuain (Benzema m82).

Barça: Valdés 7; Adriano 5, Piqué 6, Mascherano 6, Alba 6; Xavi 6.5, Busquets 6 (Song m75, 6.5), Iniesta 7; Alexis 5.5 (Montoya m32, 6), Messi 7, Pedro 7 (Tello m82, –).

Goals: m11 Higuain 1-0, m19 Ronaldo 2-0, m45 Messi 2-1

Yellow cards: m13 Mascherano, m20 Pepe, m37 Arbeloa, m49 Piqué, m62 Khedira, m72 Alonso.

Red Card: m28 Adriano

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16 Responses to Supercopa 2nd leg: Real Madrid 2 FC Barcelona 1 (4-4 on aggregate; Real Madrid win on away goals)

  1. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    As it was mentioned by Nic in his well written write-up above, we finally lost our first Classico vs Madrid sadly but hopefully coincidentally in manager Tito Vilanova’s first Clasico incharge.
    What do we have to say about this Barcelona faithfuls?? I’m sure, just like Nic and I,,,, most of you are equally disappointed by the lost to our rivals Real Madrid. However, there are many positives to take home from this lost, in my humble opinion.

    We lost to a Madrid team that actually played pretty positively and not a team that cowardly parked the bus and sneaked one on us on a very very rare counter attack. Madrid fought us well and for some periods even looked the dominant side. Like Nic mentioned above, I too had a feeling that we were in for a trashing at one stage of the game….kudos to a well planned strategy by Mourinho and well executed by his Madrid boys.


  2. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    Let’s face the truth,, This past 5-6 years, we haven’t exactly spent our money so wisely when it came to the transfer market. And we seem to be picking out pretty much the same strategy, formation and going about the business in a very similar fashion since Pep’s time as Manager. Our winning tactic (4-3-3 tikitaka) is a superb tactic and surely can still be used…,however, we must acknowledge the fact that Xavi, Puyol, and Abidal are no longer as fit, as dominant and as 90 minutes ready as they used to in the year 2009 and 2011 no thanks to aging factors and health respectively.

    Without these 3 key players at their best, it is very very difficult to play at the same pressing intensity as we used to in those 2 Champions League winning seasons under Pep. We can all notice how the team as a unit is no longer pressing as much at current point. The high line in defence has also been penetrated time and time again as a result of this and the lack of balance in the transition of defence to attack.

  3. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    What can we do?? I’m not saying we should change our system and our style of play,,,but it must be said that, it is high time we start mixing it up a little.

    Of all the players that has featured for us since last season, I’ll be bold to point out that to date, Alexis Sanchez, Adriano and Fabregas are either not used to best effect or simply a bad mole in our near perfect team.

    I’ll begin with Sanchez. This guy was once deemed as the missing piece in our jigsaw. So far I’m seeing quite the opposite. Why?? When Sanchez gets the ball, pls notice what he does with it very very closely. 75 percent of the time he looks to take on defenders or run with the ball. Is he that effective in doing so?? SADLY,,,no. Sanchez is neither that quick, nor does he possess the ability to take on defenders on a consistent basis? Why is this?? PLS take note of his body stability when he runs. I for one noticed that Sanchez doesn’t quite possess the correct technique in running with the ball on a football pitch. This combined with his bulky upper body leads to poor stability when running past players. What can we do to correct this??? First Sanchez should look to stabilize his legs. Do more workouts on his legs and focus much lesser on his upper body. That combined with guidance from a good athletics coach will help in run at better with much better balance when on the ball. That apart, it must also be said that Sanchez has always been a flop when playing in wide areas since his Udinese days. He was infact almost dropped from their first team when been played in wide areas…..up till he was experimented through the middle where he started improving. Sanchez as the ability of playing very very good 1-2s through the midfield. His combination play for both Udinese and Chile has been remarkable when been played in a much centralized position.

    Sadly, it seems that at current point that central position of our attack is always reserved for Leo Messi to arrive or to slot in at most parts of the game. If Leo gets most of the central play…he gets most of the goals(which he does remarkably)……but what it also does is…..forcing Sanchez to go wide which is clearly not the Chileans favorite position. In summary, Sanchez is not the one we can rely on to play on the wings. Infact, we definitely can rely on Messi to ROCK the right or left wing. Yes, he probably won’t be scoring 70 goals for us in a season, by doing so,,,however this move could make us more stable and could bring out the best in Sanchez as well.

  4. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    Moving on, i’ll make it real short when it comes to Adriano. Adriano has the ability to make interesting forward runs. I would like to see him slot for us in LM or RM position. He can help track back from there and help out with defending when needed while providing good crosses, shooting from distance at selective occasions, and sometimes going on one of his mazy runs that we have seen before.

    BUT…TO USE HIM AS OUR RB OR LB is a strict NO. Adriano’s main weakness is the fact that he doesn’t position himself well on the pitch. Adriano when playing against a top opponent will always find it hard to cope with top notch wingers.

    The way i rate him on scale 1-10 in various aspects of his game…he gets a..

    6.9/10 for running and dribbling
    7.0/10 for crossing
    he gets a 6.5/10 for his workrate
    4/10 for his marking and tackling
    and a 1/10 for his positioning

    Adriano will break more of our hearts IF ever chosen to fill our RB and LB positions in crucial matches for this season.

  5. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    Fabregas on the other hand is a very very tricky story. Fabregas in theory was initially deemed as the most potential one to take over the baton from Xavi when he retires. However, sadly Fabregas seems to lack the fitness required to press consistently for 90 minutes. His passing is good, but not Xavi sort of good. Fabregas takes more risk in his passing of the ball. which does not jive well with the combination of Busquets and Iniesta. One missed pass leads to loss of possession and Iniesta and Busquets will have to work hard to recover the ball. Fabregas is required to tighten his passing of the ball….and should learn to keep in short and simple like Xavi for atleast 65-70%% percent of the time with 30-35 percent allocated percentage to try launch the killer pass or a direct through ball when possible. Fabregas’s play in midfield is still more Arsenal than it is Barcelona in my humble opinion. His ability to hold that midfield and dominate it in our classic 4-3-3 in the manner of Xavi at his best is still unnoticed.

    What should be do with him if we can’t get him to do the job of Xavi?? Other alternatives will be to give him a free attacking role in midfield with 30- 40% defensive duty responsibility only. A role that he played with great effect when at Arsenal. Technically, i’m very very certain that if we change our tactic to make room for a free role central attacking midfielder, we could get the best out of Fabregas…..and infact we could even retain the soon to leave Affellay as he is best played in that position as well.

    That apart, we could also try to play Fabregas as our deep lying playmaker, a role that he was used to in his early days at Arsenal. However the only problem is….Fabregas is injury prone. Asking him to get stuck in tackles as our solo DM is not at all the brightest move. However, i reckon that he certainly could be used if combine with either Song or Busquets at DM in the similar fashion that Xabi Alonso and Busquets does for the National team,,,don’t you think??

  6. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    Finally, i stress that i really think its time for us to spice up our formation. With our usual 4-3-3….things are not looking good at all. With 2 wing backs flying up….the DM and center backs has to be near perfect to prevent a quick counter attack from top opponents.

    Song added some aggression in midfield that i noticed after his brief intro. Something that Busquets just doesn’t have in him. If Song is our answer towards our classic 4-3-3 is yet to be seen. Busquets is a real good player. He is very very elegant player with the ball at his feet, very calm and composed and has the ability to read the game well, quickly spray the ball forward however sadly he is more soft and lacks speed as compared to Song. Busquets will be still perfect as our DM/deep-lying playmaker in our 4-3-3 if only we had the Puyol of 2006-2010 with Pique at center back with us. With Puyol Aging, and the lack of arial power from Mascherano, we can’t expect Pique and Valdes to save us all the time can we? We need these area’s super polished or else we have to bid goodbye to using our 4-3-3 and revert to something new…something suitable to bring out the best of the entire team and not just 1 MAN (Leo Messi) Our reliance on Leo Messi alone has got to be reduced. We must WORK AS 1 UNIT.

  7. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    At the current moment, we can fully rely on PIQUE, MASCHERANO, DANI ALVES, XAVI, INIESTA, MESSI, BUSQUETS, PEDRO, ALBA for the first team.

    What’s missing from this lot??
    1) A specialist defender with reasonable height and aggression and possess leadership qualities

    2) A player that can play atleast 70% to Xavi’s capability at central midfield. (Rafa, Thiago, and Fabregas are still not getting it right in my books)

    3) A player that can play both Wings/wide forward and CF roles with good effect to accompany Pedro and Messi in a front 3. David Villa can do it decently in the past…but can he still do it in the present?? For how long?? Will Tello and Deulofeu come good in the future? Cuenca is good at high crosses when played on the wings…but we don’t have a Cavani do we?? Cuenca and Sanchez has yet to be consistent in the goal getting department as well.

    Instead of so many wide forwards,,doesn’t anybody realize that we can only rely on Messi to get us 20 plus goal per season?? Is that healthy at all?? Depending solely on 1 man for the goals?? Can Villa hit 20++ this season after his injury we still have no idea.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something like a Robert Lewandowski, a Cavani, a LLiorente or a Falcao to shuffle with Pedro, Villa, Messi upfront?? I feel that we have so many unneccessary talent in that department. Talent that doesn’t compliment Messi and Pedro upfront.

    I am so sorry for this very long comments. I am frustrated and i am really hoping to see Tito ring the changes. I hope we achieve better than last season. I hope TITO is the right one for the complicated job!

  8. That was tough to watch, thinking the whole time, “If only Valdes wouldn’t have gifted them a goal.” It’s never easy to lose when you make mistakes that allow the other team a victory, but it is better than simply being out-classed and beaten. We’re still a better team than Madrid, but we’ve got to raise our levels of concentration and get the best possible performances every time on the pitch. It’s not, however, time to freak out. And we can be happy that we’re enjoying a great start to the league.

  9. barcacentralomer says:

    Its just my opinion but over the last season, I feel that the Real side under Mou especially in his second season don’t ‘fear’ Barca like most of the other top sides. They believe in themselves and while the recent meetings have not always been one-sided, Real have started to finetune their game and started to get better with each fixture.

    Coming to Barca, I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me but Barca’s defence has been below par for a while and the spectacular performances by Messi and Co. upfront have been covering up the weaknesses/errors at the back. Puyol is a legend without doubt but he’s prob got a season or two at most and the injuries are not helping either. Pique’s performance levels seem to have dropped considerbly and it appears he’s still struggling to recapture the form that earned him the nickname of Piquebauer. Whether his relationship with Shakira has got anything to do with it – I don’t know. Abidal’s illness and his resultant omission from the Barca backline is another reason for the increasing errors/blunders by our defence as he has been a world class LB and a top notch CB ( which even I doubted initially when Pep started playing him there) for us. I know we have gotten Alba to take over Abidal’s role over time but that will be gradual because filling Abidal’s shoes isn’t going to be a quick process. Dani Alves and Mascherano are currently the best defenders that we have IMO however the lack of quality backup in both the CB positions is something that Tito and Co. are going to have to examine.

  10. layibiyi says:

    Wow, those 25 mins was one of the worst 25 mins Barca has played this era. I actually joined the match during the onslaught, just before Higuain’s goal so I was thinking our players were drugged or something. It was crazy especially without puyol. Anyways, the defensive problems are there for all to see and its good to see many barca fans can link the goals conceded to our lack of pressing upfront instead of just blaming mascherano/pique alone like most other fans would.

    Tito has some work on his hand when we have to play similar tough games in the future. We need to find a manageable role for fabregas urgently!!! I remember him coming on to affect the game in our favour for the same fixture last season. And tello was considered ahead of him today, its unacceptable for such a marquee signing.

    Congrats to madrid and good to also see we fought till the end. Feels worse though when you consider we could have easily won the first leg 4-1

  11. We need to change our systems sometimes, especially in BIG games.

  12. barcacentralomer says:

    While the defensive problems are more apparent now, there also appears to be some confusion regarding the roles of some players upfront. Alexis like some1 has rightly pointed out looks a bit anonymous on the flanks of late and for some1 who was bought for 35million, this development is rather strange. There seems to be a rather similar situation with Cesc – another high profile signing. We all recall the ‘successor to Xavi and Iniesta’ tag when he returned, but again, where exactly is Cesc’s best position remains unclear. Alex Song has been brought in as a combo player and while he looked alright in the Busquets role, whether he can help a Barca defence which is currently having a dismal time remains to be seen.

    On a closing note, while I’ve never been convinced about Valdes being a ‘great’ keeper, I must say he put up a decent performance last night considering his defence were all over the place. We’d have a far more embarassing scoreline were it not for his saves.

  13. bc9jaCule says:

    That was, perhaps, the worst piece of defending I’ve seen from a top club since I began watching football. Different interesting points have been raised, not all of which I agree with but nonetheless, interesting. However, I’ll like to highlight that the reason behind our loss was NOT because of our inadequate pressing upfront nor because of our overall tactical set up.

    Listen, we can’t always have the ball for the entire 90mins, not least against a top team like RM. More so, on their own turf, in front of their own fans — it’s just unthinkable and virtually impossible. The thing is; our centerbacks should be alert enough and be readily aware that we can be dispossed at any point in time especially against tougher opponents. I’ll wholly blame our INEXPLICABLY SLEEPY defence. It’s quite painful to believe that the two goals they scored on us were simple balls booted out of Madrid’s defence immediately we lost possession — with special emphasis on ‘IMMEDIATELY’. The truth is that our defensive structure leaves a lot to be desired. Our high line of defence (a strategy which I think should be reserved for average teams that can be scored on more easily) kills us in big games, what with our slow centerbacks. If you all remember correctly, this was the major reason we lost against Chelsea & Madrid last season — the inability of our defenders to quickly track back and catch up with fast and vibrant attackers. And I actually thought we’ve learnt from last season’s experience.

    Did anyone realize yet, that; Madrid, someway, somehow, didn’t/couldn’t score on us immediately our centerbacks (without necessarily substituting either of the same Masche or Pique that were responsible for the two goals we conceded) dropped the high defensive line and stayed tight at the back close to Valdes? Our centerbacks are too fond of needlessly hanging around the midfield area (I’ve stressed this point time and again) and nonchallantly playing the offside trap rather than actually bravely defending against dangerous attacks. That reminds me, where were Mascherano and Pique when Ronaldo was racing clear on goal that, it was Adriano who had to leave his wing and come to their rescue? Yes, he did earn a red in the process but what would one rather have him do in that kind of situation? Allow Ronaldo a chance he’d most certainly take? I don’t think so as 8 out of 10 times, that would have afforded Ronaldo an opportunistic brace then, 3 goals up for Madrid under 30mins and ‘GAME OVER’ because we could have been in for a humiliating thrashing afterwards.

    Look, we’ve got an ‘OK’ defence. It’s just that our centerbacks need to stay closer to Valdes when playing against top teams like Madrid, Chelsea, ManU, etc.

    However, I must say we should be happy that it was not more than a 1–2 loss as it could have been worse especially after we got reduced to 10 so so early because Madrid had several clear-cut chances. I think we made Madrid look better than they actually are and I hope that flatters to deceive them. Valdes made a howler and picked up, I just hope our defenders pick up after this too.

    And I’m really liking Tito’s substitutions so far, except for that of Tello for Pedro as I thought Villa would have been the most ideal replacement. More vibrant, more threatening & more reassuring in front of goal. Well, except if he’s just on the bench but not that match fit. All in all, it was a highly spirited performance from our boys and they pushed Madrid to the limits and forced them to ‘EARN’ that victory despite going a man down so early. It’s just that our comrades needn’t go through all that hardwork if the defense had been so organized from the start. Oh, I almost forgot, that Messi freekick was what consoled me most — an absolute beauty of a goal. Pedro was awesome too and Xavi was at least a 7 last night — one word, MAGISTERIAL!!!

    Wishing the guys the best with the Liga, CL & Copa Del Rey.

    Visca Barca!!!!!
    Forca Barca!!!!!

  14. jordi usa says:

    I was born a Barcelona fan — no kidding, I was born at a hospital next to the stadium — and grew up going to the stadium and watching Cruyff, Neskeens, etc. But folks, it is time for some OBJECTIVITY, and SELF-ANALYSIS.

    Guardiola inherited an AMAZING team, that included Thierry Henry, Eto, and Messi. Who do we have now? An injured Villa, Pedro, Sanchez and Messi. Is ANYONE NOTICING?

    If you look at the statistics coldly you see that this team has been performing less and less well since that first team Guardiola inherited. Guardiola — through his epically inept signings — slowly tore this team apart. (It all began the day he decided he had NO FEELING for Eto, and continued with his worst decision ever, putting in Busquets for Yaya Toure)

    Tito Villanova unfortunately seems set to continue in this downward spiral — because it is not dramatic, no one appears to notice. But this year I predict no titles for this team and I assume then the bozos in charge (Rossell, Zubizarreta ) will have no choice but to do something.

    The cancer is called believing your own press. Yes La MAsia has produced some great players but they were introduced into the team slowly over years and were not required to carry a game against top teams like Real Madrid. Tello (excuse, is he better than Afellay, who gifted a goal to Messi in the last year’s supercup? I think NOT) and Montoya having to save the day in the last leg of the Super Cup is just not what these young players can handle.

    The signings, guided by this myopic, provincial — almost racist (only catalan players, OUR boys) can understand OUR SPECIAL brand of soccer — philosophy have made us pass up signing the likes of David SIlva, Kun Aguero, Luis Suarez, Hummels, Gareth Bale, Falcao, etc. etc. Instead we have wasted hundred of millions (yes, hundreds) on disastrous signings like Ibrahimovic (probably the worst trade in the history of soccer) Alexis Sanchez, Fabregas (most overvalued player in history), Hleb, Caceres, Henrique, Adriano, etc.

    The decision to make Messi the star of the team has cost us many titles. It has won him 3 balon d’ors but everyone plays for Messi now, and that does not a team make.

    Mark my words, this year people will finally acknowledge the end of an era that slowly began to unravel whe Mr. Perfect Guardiola lost his feeling for Samuel Eto.

    This is the truth that most catalans who are always bragging about their common sense refuse to see. Fortunately I have lived outside of Catalonia for most of my life, and I tell you their provincial, burgeois small-minded mentality is slowly killing the spirit that Ronaldinho brought to the club in their darkest hour. The flame he lit is almost all gone now, even Messi barely smiles anymore. I am telling you, it is over and this coach, who seems consipated and dresses like he is going to a funeral, will be our undertaker.

    • Pretty funny post I have to admit! You start with your birth and end with the guy (TITO) who looks to be headed to a funeral evey Sunday. Well, I disagree on Tito being our “undertaker”. I think that you, natural born fan, will be the first to jump for joy when at the end of the season he brings Champions & Liga home…mark my words and have faith my friend!

  15. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    I was bored…and i decided to read all the previous postings…..ahhahhahha IS THAT YOU TETMD??

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