Mallorca vs Barça

Sorry guys, I have no time for a normal match preview for Barça’s game at Mallorca. Just remember it is at the unusual kick off time of 5.50 pm local time. I am unlikely to be able to do the report for the game but I’ll write about it as soon as I can which will probably be on Tuesday. Feel free to send comments here to discuss the game. Apologies, normal service will be resumed for next Saturday’s game at home to Zaragoza.

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11 Responses to Mallorca vs Barça

  1. ewe_gb says:

    it will be interesting to see the reaction of the team concerning their willingness and eagerness to score. also looking forward to tito’s reaction regarding the line-up. barca needs no plan b tito told us. still I would like to see more movement at the front: messi coming from the sides and villa through the middle.

    and if alves continues to produces his crosses you will need villa and fabregas to go for them to score.

  2. HerrDiego says:

    Again the Barcelona game is televised in private TV! al least in Spain, I don’t know if in the rest of the countries you are luckier… we should boycott that. Currently in Spain not many people can afford that cost. I propose to defend and try live streaming till the Team’s Presidents and the Federations consider its behaviour and reduce the price of everything. I use a good web site in spain called or others like tarjetarojadirecta or , whatever similar site is also good . VISCA EL BARÇA!!

  3. Caleb says:

    A good win just to keep our lead in the table. I’m really interested if Atletico will keep up this pace…Maybe they can actually beat Real for once, knock on wood.

    Messi…he doesn’t run very much any more. Very selective when he’ll play defense. None of those really long runs that used to be one of the highlights of his career. Seeming to be less and less involved in games. More bad passes. Yet he’s chasing a hat trick every other game. Just not sure what to think about it.

    Tello has some real promise but doesn’t hook up with Alba as Sanchez and Pedro seem to. Tello definitely offers us something different. Pace to burn and able to go to the right and the left. It would actually be interesting to see him play in the center sometime…

    Sanchez is still obviously convinced he needs to be best friends with Messi by trying to pass to him every time he gets the ball. Is it because Messi sometimes lashes out at players when they shoot instead of passing to him? I think Tito needs to address this somehow.

  4. bc9jaCule says:

    Good game, anyways.

    As for the Messi issue someone raised, I still remember how far Messi had to track back to the ‘2’ position to help win a ball — which he did — and immediately nutmegging a Mallorca player in a way words CAN’T describe, before starting an attack. And, do you remember how he scored his first? It was a beautiful solo run (taking three Mallorca players out of the game in the process) before unleashing goalward amidst a forest of legs in the penalty box which was why the ‘keeper couldn’t save it as he barely even saw the trajectory of the ball. All I’m saying is; calm down a wee bit, Messi plays almost every game for us so, I won’t ask him to burn out all his energy in every match by running non-stop. Ever heard of the word “CONSERVATION”? That’s what I think he’s been doing for the past three seasons and he has somehow mastered the art of doing so.

    As for Alexis, I kind of agree with you but I’ll let it pass because he is still building his chemistry with the team which has been improving tremendously this season. And yes, he has been dribbling more too. My point is; he’s beginning to feel his place and “belongingness” in the team more and more and at this rate, he’ll surely come good in more departments by the time he naturally feels more liberty in the team.

    On we march, cules.

    Visca Barca!!!!!
    Forca Barca!!!!!

  5. I could easily be wrong, but my comments are not based solely on this last game. If you watched Messi play when he was 1620 you’ll likely remember that he incessantly harassed defenders. He can still defend just fine if he tries, but he just doesn’t often. My point isn’t that he can’t play defense. It’s that often he doesn’t. Our other two forwards are expected to do a lot of chasing and pressuring, whereas Messi doesn’t seem to have the same expectations placed on him. Part of me thinks this is not right; like he’s becoming bigger than the teams philosophy. But part of me says as long as Messi scores 50 goals a season in La Liga it doesn’t matter.

    And his first goal last night was down to a keeper error, in my opinion (and the commentators on the channel I watched). We may disagree on that. I guess I just think of his goal versus Getafe five years back and feel like he had a lot more pace back then. His dribbling skills are now better than they were, but he doesn’t have the pace to lose defenders quite like he used to. I’ll admit, this is largely based on my memory and I could be wrong. But just watch him blow by this first defender.

    But please note that I also said I don’t know exactly what to think about the issues I mentioned as Messi always seems to be scoring goals in spite of his “lower work rate.” I’m not saying he needs to be benched. I’m just raising a question. He’s had a lot of “bad” games the past couple seasons and still ends the game with 2 or 3 goals. I’m just curious if everyone thinks that his effectiveness in front of goal gives him an excuse not to work as hard as the other forwards on the team and if this is placing him above the team philosophy? And there is a chance that not everyone agrees that Messi doesn’t work as hard on defense. I recognize that as a possibility.

  6. Good match at the end 🙂

  7. barcacentralnic says:

    Hi guys, thanks for the comments. I missed the first twenty minutes of the game (just caught the Valdés save from the downward header) and didn’t have a great view for the rest of it. However, I’m back in Barcelona and the normal service will be resumed.
    On the subject of Messi, I think he has been told not to run so much. It may seem a strange logic (like preferring small players) but there is a history at Barça of this type of thing – wasn’t it Charly Rexach who said “running is for cowards”?. With Messi it seems in order to maximize his effectiveness he is learning to conserve his energy which makes him more lethal especially near the end of games. I don’t think this ‘special treatment’ for Messi should be interpreted as favoritism of any manner. It’s just trying to get the best for the team and so far it seems to be working brilliantly.

  8. Caleb says:

    Thanks for the answer, Nic. That makes some sense. I still feel like he may have lost some pace, but he definitely pics his moments pretty well. Like I said earlier, I was torn between seeing him not work “that” hard and still seeing him score bucket loads of goals.

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