Gica Popescu jailed for three years

I was saddened to read this morning that Barça’s former captain Gheorghe ‘Gica’ Popescu has been condemned to three years of prison by a court in Rumania for financial irregularities in the sale of players to foreign countries. Popescu played 96 games for Barça between 1995 and 1997, being made captain by Bobby Robson and lifting the Copa del Rey and European Cup winners Cup in his second season.

The irregularities involved tax evasion, extortion and money laundering, and it must be said what a shame it is that a man who has had such a successful career with all the financial benefits that involves should need to stoop to such levels. There is the chance for one final appeal against the court’s decision so we should hope that he can somehow prove his innocence still. However, if the verdict is confirmed it will be a terrible fall for Popescu. There are too many sharks in football out to grab all they can and as a result the fans are asked to pay increasingly-inflated prices for tickets and merchandise. Let’s hope he learns his lesson from this stupid and greedy episode.

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13 Responses to Gica Popescu jailed for three years

  1. barcacentralnic says:

    I’m trying to find more on the case and it doesn’t seem clear if he is actually going to prison or if some of the sentence is suspended. Anyone know any more then please send a comment. I did find a quote from Popescu: “This trial has done me much harm, I hope it will end well. I consider myself to be clean, We hope things will get straightened out on appeal. Such decision is difficult to accept when you know you’re innocent. It is very hard to wipe off everything has happened during the years since the trial began, yet, that’s that, we respect the decision, but hope things will get straightened out”

  2. layibiyi says:

    3 years is quite a while….haven’t found much about it though.

  3. barcacentralnic says:

    Hi Layi, I think it must be a suspended sentence. Makes my headline somewhat false it seems. Apologies for that.

    • CCCC says:

      The story is true.He was found guilty and sentenced for 3years one month and 10 days today on tax evasion involving transfer of players from Romania to foreign clubs.

  4. Dan Dan says:

    he will make prison he is already arested

  5. gabi says:

    Today at 17.15 he surrendered to the police.
    He received 3 years of prison and 1 month with execution.

  6. Bluefeelings says:

    Gheorghe Popescu was a legend and a role model for several younger generations of wannabe footballers. Yet, he made the mistake to have the wrong entourage and I think this is his biggest mistake! The other 7 will come out after they will finish the sentence and will be back to their little games of dishonest business because they don’t know better. Popescu worked all his life hard, he wasn’t gifted with Hagi like talent and is so sad to see that his career will be wiped of the international scene. No one will be able to support him publicly ever again and I’m talking about all the worlds best players and FIFA officials. So sad, one of my heros is not my hero anymore!
    PS to all the ” civilised western world”, we deal with corruption in Romania show us your measures in place for the corruption you have in your countries! We are the only country in Europe and maybe all the civilised word to have a former prime minister in jail, and ex defence minister in jail, several millionaires in jail and on…..No corruption in your countries? Don’t make me laugh, where’s money, there’s corruption!

  7. dsadsadffwefewf says:

    Now all they are in prison and also maybe the next one will be Hagi 😉 with alot more …. this is a great victory for the Romanian fan’s who know how the think are going, and how hagi, popescu, steaua, dinamo, gloria bistrita, pandurii, otelul galati and cfr cluj are making arrangements!!!

  8. Kyhrt says:

    He was condemned and the decision is final. He was guilty of charge and fully deserve the punishment. He also must pay back 600.000USD in addition to the 400.000USD he paid back in 2006. Also note that he is condemned at 3 years and 10 months and not 3 years and 1 month as originally was stated in media.

    Good to be known by everyone who is interested in this topic that those other 7 convicted in same process are hated in Romania as some of them have publicly declared that are gangsters and proud of that. Some of them used offensive language in many TV shows, humiliated many innocent people in public places, beat people in the stadium.

    In Romania this is seen as a victory overall and the internet is filled with messages from people that are happy with this.

    As for Popescu, no man with a decent IQ can be sorry for him just because he was a good football player. As long as you do illegal action with that kind of people then you, as a human being, are one of the worst kind.

    Hope this clear the situation for you.

    From Romania, regards !

  9. Francisc says:

    in total was 3 sentnces in tree courts
    1.not guilty
    2.tree years with suspesion
    3.tree years 1 month with execution
    …..honestly people who kill pedestrian becouse driving drunk not get tree years with execution
    shame on you romanian justice!!!

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