FC Barcelona 0 Bayern Munich 3 (Bayern win 7-0 on aggregate)

barcelona 0-3 bayern munich third goal Muller 2013There was no comeback. There was no miracle. Instead Barça suffered a humiliating 0-3 home defeat to a splendid Bayern Munich side that now meet Borussia Dortmund in an all-German final at Wembley on May 25. 

It was always going to be tough for Barça with Puyol, Mascherano, Abidal, Busquets and Alba all missing but the news an hour before kick-off that Leo Messi was only starting on the bench was another big blow. Cesc Fabregas took his place playing behind David Villa as Barça lined up with Valdés, Alves, Bartrá, Piqué, Adriano, Xavi, Song, Iniesta, Pedro, Fabregas and Villa.

With the need to score at least four goals Barça set out with a risky formation with Dani Alves pushing up on the right while Pedro occupied the left wing. However, the result was that Bayern looked dangerous every time we lost the ball and only three important interventions from Piqué in the first 25 minutes kept us in the game.

Going forward there was little imagination with Barça looking for Alves who was well controlled by the hard-working Ribery while Fabregas was particularly unfortunate in his link-up play. Bartrá headed over from Xavi’s free kick in the 10th minute and the next attempt on goal from Barça didn’t arrive until the 24th minute when Pedro let fly from 30 yards forcing Neuer to tip over for a corner.

Barça’s best chance to take the lead came on 27 minute when Alves put in a good cross to the far post where Fabregas chested the ball down to Xavi who hooked a left foot volley over from six yards. In Barça’s best spell Alves found Xavi in the area but when Xavi squared the ball Fabregas got a poor control and Neuer gathered.

However, the danger from Bayern’s counter attack was always there and Robben was enjoying the space to run at our defence. In the 35th minute Song had to be quick to block as the Dutchman cut inside to shoot. Barça made a push for a goal before half time but the final ball was nearly always off target and the only shot on goal was a hopeful effort from Adriano that was easily saved by Neuer.

Half time arrived with the game still goalless but there was little surprise when Bayern took the lead early in the second half. Alaba played a long ball out to Robben in acres of space and when he reached the penalty area he easily cut inside Adriano before firing inside the far post.

Now needing to score six Barça began to fall apart. Vilanova brought on Alexis and Thiago in place of Xavi and Iniesta but little improved and Barça didn’t manage another shot on target until Pedro’s effort straight at Neuer in the 71st minute. A minute later Bayern went forward and Luiz Gustavo had a simple task to send a pass between Alves and Bartrá for Ribery to cross from the left and Piqué attempting to cut the ball out only succeeded in kneeing the ball into his own goal.

Straight after Bayern’s second Villa had a decent chance from Alves’s deep cross but El Guaje could only head narrowly wide. Then in the 76th minute Piqué lost the ball on a foray forward leaving the defence exposed, Ribery went past Song on the left and sent in a delightful cross to the far post where Muller rose above Bartrá to head home the German’s third.

There were late attempts for a Barça consolation goal but Bartrá and Thiago failed to find the target with headers and when Villa finally got one on target it was straight at Neuer. The result could have been even worse but Bayern’s substitute Rafinha fired wide near the end but the 7-0 aggregate score spoke clearly for Bayern’s superiority over the two games.

The idea that sometimes you just have to accept that the other team has been better is all very well but we really did not do ourselves justice tonight. Bayern should be congratulated as they have an excellent team who thoroughly deserve to be crowned as the new kings of Europe. However, it was like men against boys tonight and Barça were a shadow of the team that has thrilled us so much in the last five years. There can be no excuses about players who were missing or refereeing decisions in the first game. There were seven world cup winners in Barça’s starting XI and they haven’t just suddenly forgotten how to play. Tonight the only players who performed to an decent level were Piqué and Alex Song and questions need to be asked when even Andres Iniesta fails to do anything of note.

Finally, according to Tito Vilanova Messi felt a strange sensation after the Athletic game on Saturday and today he didn’t feel comfortable to play. One really has to wonder what is the point of having such an advantage in La Liga when we risk our best player to win a point on Saturday only to lose him for the biggest test of the season.

Barça: Valdés 6; Alves 5.5, Bartrá 5 (Montoya m87, –)), Piqué 7, Adriano 5; Xavi 6 (Alexis m55, 6), Song 6.5, Iniesta 5 (Thiago m65, 5.5); Pedro 5, Fabregas 4.5, Villa 5.

Bayern: Neuer; Lahm (Rafinha m77), Van Buyten, Boateng, Alaba; Javi Martinez (Tymoshchuk m74), Schweinsteiger (Gustavo m67); Robben, Muller, Ribery; Mandzukic.

Goals: m49 Robben 0-1, m72 Piqué (o.g.) 0-2, m76 Muller 0-3.

Yellow cards: m32 Robben, m45+1 Alves, m78 Piqué.

Attendance: 95,877

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18 Responses to FC Barcelona 0 Bayern Munich 3 (Bayern win 7-0 on aggregate)

  1. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    Good write-up, Nic!

    As a matter of fact, I am always wondering what is the point of having such an advantage in La Liga when we risk our best player to win a point on Saturday only to lose him for the biggest test of the season. Also, I have always wondered what is the damn point in playing Messi for a full ninety in certain La Liga games when we clearly had a great/comfortable lead with 30 minutes to run.

    Firstly, I must mention that like any die hard Barcelona fan (one that watches 95% of their matches inclusive of friendlies, i mean) I am well disappointed that a Leo Messi-less Barsa failed to perform to their best on this return leg at Camp Nou.

    It is worthy to note that this has by no means been an easy season for team Barcelona, especially during the period of time when they were without our manager due to his illness. Dear fans, I understand that most of us are frustrated about the performance. We have been always expecting such high standards from the players…we are infact, so used to those standards,,,so much so that a defeat in this score line may come as an absolute nightmare to some.

    I have been bombarding Nic’s blog with all my rants after the past few performances, and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Nic and any others who could have possibly got annoyed by my child-like petulance during those moments.

    Truth is, as a fan we may point fingers at many things and many individuals in this team during these times…on a night like this…we will call for many heads to be chopped. But let’s be honest here…….WE HAVE BEEN TO THESE SEMI’S for 6 season’s now!! And, sometimes, all good things must come to an end.

    We need some reshuffling. We need some proper management. We need to realign our direction. And most importantly, we as fans of Barcelona have to be behind Tito Vilanova and support him through this journey. I trust that Tito will call the shots, and bring in some much needed change needed for Barcelona as a the team. The man has been through such a difficult season, and it’s only fair if we grant him another season atleast before writing him off.

    If it were my way, I will definitely look to sell
    1) David Villa(Age factor and we need the money)
    2) Victor Valdes (He wants out, we need the money)

    3) Fabregas (Overall Fitness issues….never seems to be a midfield player capable enough to be part of our 6 second pressing rule)

    4) Mascherano ( Despite good tackling and aggression, his overall capabilities on the ball, is not on par to be considered as a Barcelona Defensive Midfielder. At best, Mascherano plays as our Center Back,,,which he certainly will need to get his knees done, if he were to ever dream of dealing with Mandzukic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Muller or any other top class Attacking player with physical height)

    5) Alexis Sanchez (my favorite pick of em all….I wish I could send him to the air port infact. Sanchez, in my outright opinion, is a player that seems very lost in that front 3 of Barcelona. He dribbles alot….but does he get past his players alot???? He loves to hold on to the ball like he is actually going to do something magical with it….however in most cases, all I see magical in most outcomes, is his magical dive. Sanchez also appears to be a player very one footed for my liking)

    6) Gerrard Pique (This one is borderline for me. I don’t mind him leaving for top money either. Gerrard Pique’s dip in form and inconsistencies at the back has been very very worrying. If he stays, he must be benched…and be forced to compete for a starting role. Pique has to find his game once again. Even in the 2nd leg against Bayern, Bartra seems a much better defender)

    Well, that’s just my take on things….its now all down to Jesus Christ, Tito Vilanova and Barcelona’s management team to make their choices!!

  2. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    I said it before…all we really need urgently right now is 1 killer striker to add to that X-FACTOR UPFRONT such as -> Falcao/Lewandowski/Hulk/
    and a great CB or 2 such as Matt Hummels/Kompany/Cheilini/ Andrea Ranocchia/Agger/Dante
    Accompanied with a fantastic management, proper training and guidance, we will RISE AGAIN, next season! Visca El Barca!

  3. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    On a side note, In my opinion I think Pique doesn’t deserve that ‘7’ you gave him. At best perhaps a 6. Bartra did improve and could possibly deserve a 6 or a 5.5. The ratings for the rest of the team is exactly spot on!!

  4. Caleb says:

    uggghhh . . . brutal. La liga it is. Hard not to dream about the off-season signings now.

  5. layibiyi says:

    Apart from a few fans, I think we’ve been fair to the team the past few weeks, understanding of their frustrations and unfortunate situations with injuries, illness and the likes. But we were betrayed today, I expected them to show some pride at least especially with the fans still cheering. I just had to laugh out for the second goal, were alves literally saw ribery running behind like everyone watching but did nothing.

    Still, I will probably consider the fact that many of the players didnt know how to react to in such situations, leaders were missing as the case has been this season.

    Like sid lowe said, that ‘era’ ended as soon as pep left, things have changed. Even though some of the core players are still around, we are in a new era and we are starting with a league championship. We have also been ‘lucky’ to see the amount of work needed to catch up with the top team. That should be the basis of our evaluations. We can still be like the old liverpool and look to maximize our talented generation despite coaching and personnel changes.

    Many delicate issues to discuss but lets enjoy our league and a wonderful ucl final.

  6. Yoho says:

    Injuries, ageing players, sickness to coach and players, no proper defense, and of course Cesc and Alexis, have contributed to Barca’s decline which started against Chelsea last season (Cesc and Alexis missing sitters at Stamford Bridge).

    I thought yesterday Barca played quite well in the first half and should have been 1-0 up. Positive points to be noted are: Bartra who definitely has the potential to be a great CB and with more muscles will only get better as from next season, and Song who played quite well despite little playing time this season. Song-Busquest playing together will definitely strengthen Barca’s defensive midfield. Adriano seem more reassuring than Alba.

    Next season Barca will need a CB and a good attacking player. They are still the best team in the world, but yesterday a full Bayern team at 100% full fitness played against an injury plagued, Messi-Less and sick Barca team at their 30% capacity. This Bayern team would have no chance against the 2009-2011 Barca. I am 200% sure Barca will reach the standard they themselves set out in 2009. Replace (not necessarily sell) Villa, Cesc, Alves, Valdes, Pique, Sanchez

  7. bc9jaCule says:

    Now, what can I say that I haven’t said before. A 0-3 loss at home, adding up to a 7-0 defeat after a 4-0 reverse in the first leg is just SUICIDE!

    Simply put, I’ll never be the type to condone indiscipline, no matter how good anyone might think he/she is. We just didn’t learn anything from the first leg, conceding 3 counter-attacking goals in the space of 30 2nd-half minutes – RUBBISH!

    I find it hilarious that some cules find it convenient to hide their whole body behind a single finger instead of actually saying things as they actually are. Fine, our defenders are injured, but if only the ones we fielded will just quit the headless overlappings for once and actually remember that their topmost responsibility is to defend first, then, maybe we would have played a 0-0 last night. Imagine; we were already playing with 2 overlapping full backs in Adriano and Alves, but the ‘dazzling, superfast’ Pique – despite being 6-0 down on aggregate – thought it fit to go on a forward foray, dribbling like some Ronaldinho, only to lose the ball in the middle of the sea and the next thing, a goal was scored on us. What a stunt, Pique – BRAVO!!!!!

    Yes, our attackers were unbelievably blunt too, but our defenders – especially our centerbacks – should have stayed tight at the back (like Boateng & Dante did through out the 180) and protect our integrity, instead of shamefully losing by 3 goals without scoring any. People say we lack defenders, I say; WE LACK DEFENSIVE DISCIPLINE!!!!!

    Song was our best player last night and Pique was at best, a 5.5.

    Visca Barca!!!!!
    Forca Barca!!!!!

  8. bc9jaCule says:

    Again, how the heck did a slow Fabregas who has always flopped against quality European teams – I forgot, he was even utterly unproductive against an Athletic Bilbao – make it to the STARTING XI against a rock-solid Bayern at the expense of Alexis? Seriously, a lot of questions need to be asked.

    Vilanova said Messi wasn’t injured but felt a strange feeling after the Bilbao match and, I ask, ‘who wouldn’t?’. Your team was a goal down and toiling hard and despite not fully fit, you came in & almost singlehandedly turned the match on its head with a goal and an assist. Then, out of the blue, the lead was laid waste to by a passive defence. So heart-dampning. I am, however, glad that he didn’t participate in the mauling last night.

    Anyways, win, draw or lose, Los Blaugrana runs deep!

    Visca Barca!!!!!
    Forca Barca!!!!!

  9. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    bc9jaCule – I agree with almost everything you mentioned…..except for the Alexis PART!!! FABREGAS WAS POOR, BUT ALEXIS IS FAR FROM BARCELONA QUALITY….VERY VERY FAR FROM IT. SELLING ALEXIS SANCHEZ WOULD BE OUR FIRST STEP TO IMPROVEMENT!! I would have not said a single word, if you mentioned Tello, Rafinha Alcantara, Deulofeo or any other player……I would get a stroke and die at a young age of 27 if anybody else in here comes telling me anything good about Alexis Sanchez. Alexis Sanchez is the first guy who should be shown the door!!!

    • bc9jaCule says:

      I wasn’t really particular about Alexis, just making a somewhat better reference than Fabregas for the attack. In fact, we could have done with anybody but Fabregas. However, you can’t also deny the fact that Alexis has upped his game & shown some valuable hints of improvement in recent games and merits that ‘9’ spot far ahead of sucha substandard Fabregas. And, yes, Fabregas should be the first to be sold if this team must move forward because, he has GROSSLY IMPEDED the growth and advancement of Thiago. Besides, Alexis is a much better and reliable go-to guy, @ least, to make for a quality-healthy bench.

  10. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    On another page, Song did pretty decent. Dani Alves, despite his error that cost us the goal showed alot of courage, workrate…and desire..something he was always about!! The ones that really let us down was Xavi, Iniesta, defensive discipline like bc9jaCule mentioned, and a sharp center forward. We need someone strong, fast, athletic, super hardworking, with a super goalscoring capability upfront. Someone who is versatile enough to switch and play in all 3 positions upfront. Someone like Hulk, James Rodriguez, Reus, Rodrigo from Benfica or perhaps we should just push and try Deulofeo or Tello in all three positions during the remainder games of the season. A purchase of a player like Lewandowski or Falcao could not be such a bad idea as well….but i have my doubts if they could drift wide and have a good game whenever Messi is coming in the middle. Messi should take the back seat for the rest of the season. We need to find the x Factor upfront. If we don’t seek for it,,,we will not find it.

    As for the defence, I really hope Bartra and Montoya is played at almost all the remaining games left. Also Sergi Roberto and Thiago perhaps even Rafinha should be tried at this point!! Seriously, I’m going for broke!!!

  11. barcacentralomer says:

    Spineless is the word that comes to mind when one is asked to describe Barca’s performance over the two legs against Bayern and especially last night. No one expected Barca to go through, we’d even have taken a high scoring draw in the second leg. But to be firing blanks in the two most important matches of the season for a team renowned for its attacking prowess is simply un- acceptable.

    Nic I really appreciate you mustering the motivation and energy to put up this post. I doubt I’d have been able to put something up so soon after such a horrible showing. I will say this that while the bulk of the blame has to go the players, the management and the Board have also played a part in turning one of the best teams ever into a mediocre side which was put in its rightful place by a brilliant Bayern. The failure to evolve and improve upon our playing style which was evident in Pep’s last season, the absence of any noteworthy tactical planning especially when Plan A wasn’t working and the transfer blunders including the meddling by the Board have all played their part in giving us this Barca side. If and only if every1 including the Board are willing to accept and learn from their mistakes can Barca move forward.

    Neverthless we shall continue to BELIEVE that things will get better from this mauling.

    Visca Barca!

  12. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:


    BREAKING NEWS : Gonzalo Higuain will leave Madrid at the end of the season. Should we or should we not go for him??? Can’t help but think of how well Higuain has been partnering Messi at International level. Could this be what we we need upfront? For 18M is it worth the deal?? Feedback people FEEDBACK..

    • bc9jaCule says:

      Higuain?! I’ve got mixed feelings about him. Admittedly, he seldom scores some wonder goals but, he misses more than he scores. Well, he’s a good header of the ball and often makes those darting runs into the box and not too bad either with laying off final balls but, he’ll need to up his game too, to succeed at Barca. Overall, he aint a bad goal poacher.

  13. Fredegar says:

    In a painful way, this is a result that has the merit to show us what has gone wrong and that will force everyone at the club to answer difficult questions.
    A deep analysis will probably have to wait until the end of the season (where we will hopefully still have a lot to celebrate) but for now, I think we must all congratulate Bayern for their great performance in this tie. I believe they have set a new standard and could be the dominant team in Europe for the next few years. We had set the preceding standard, proving that technical quality could beat the physical side of the game. The thing to do to beat us was of course to match us in technical skill and to beat us in the physical department, something Bayern achieved brilliantly last night: while their physical domination was there to be seen, the ease with wich they got out of our press (which I thought was good) in the first half showed how good they are technically too. Congrats Mr Heynkes, that’s a damn good job!
    Teams have been playing catch up with us for the last five years, now is the time to understand that it’s our turn to try and get to Bayern’s level!

  14. steyn10 says:

    Just wanted to add my two pence to the conversation. The team has lost a lot of key players to injuries. The manager has had to deal with cancer. Stalwarts have suffered significant dips in form. With some players, a loss of fitness has seen them lose the mental and physical edge required to kick on at the end of the season. Also, the management is paying for its abysmal record in the transfer market. Nowadays, a squad of 25 players is required to win multiple trophies – with the spate of injuries Barca endured this year, the treble was never on.

    We fans must be appreciative of this team’s ability to win the league this season in the face of so much upheaval. There is no questions the squad needs reinforcements, especially in goal, central defense and in the forwards. More importantly, the form, fitness of the elder statesmen must be boosted. The youngsters need game time before CL duty to gain confidence – Bartra, Montoya, Tello and Thiago must be given extended runs in the 1st team.

    Tito has had a challenging year to say the least. Jupp Heynckes spent the past 2 seasons without winning a trophy with Bayern Munich, some patience towards Vilanova would not be misplaced.
    We have come to expect ‘perfection’ from Barca everytime they take the field. Amazingly, Barca have given us fans much to cheer. In an era of fast, vertical football, Barca’s tiki-taka has been a saving grace of the beautiful game. For now, the Liga is there to be won – let’s get behind this marvelous team. Tito & Co can fix our CL woes in the off-season.

      • FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

        I 2nd that! Very well put steyn10! I’ll get behind the team. I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do as well. I’m gonna start attending Church very consistently frm now onwards just to pray that FC BARCELONA chooses to go about their transfer biz waaaay better than how they have been doing this past 5 seasons or so. I’m so nervous that we are going to spend on a few wrong players yet again. Fingers crossed, in Tito and co…I TRUST…..to JESUS I PRAY!

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