Puyol staying at Barça

puyol 2013It’s been a pretty frantic week in the media with the usual rumours filling the papers about possible signings. What has been more noticeable has been the speculation involving players who are apparently not happy with their situation at the club. Last night all the main sports papers ran a story that began on local TV station BTV that Carles Puyol was considering a move to AC Milan in the summer. This morning Puyol announced via his twitter account “All the reports that are coming out are false. I’m only concentrating on recuperating and being fully fit for next season”

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6 Responses to Puyol staying at Barça

  1. Fredegar says:

    Our captain leaving? To go to Milan? No way!!! If there’s one player in this team who will retire as a Barça player, it’s him!
    As it’s silly season already, I had these musings with myself last night and thought I would share to see what you think of it: why not try and get Rooney to play for us? Let me explain: we very obviously need one/a few forward player/s to relieve Messi of the pressure of scoring all our goals. To me, that’s even a more pressing matter than our backline which I think could eventually sort itself out if all the team works for it (would be better to sign a worldclass centerback mind…). And Rooney ticks a lot of the boxes: proven goalscorer (and God we need that), tactical flexibility, able to play from the wings (as he demonstrated many times with United), incredible workrate and physical presence, doesn’t need to be the main star in the team (again he proved it playing along Ronaldo or Van Persie), I think he would be a better investment than a pure center forward that we would find difficult to fit in our team. Also he’s a bit unhappy now apparently and could be tempted. The biggest downnside is that his technical ability is not a match for our players, but well, maybe we could do with a bit more penetration even if we lose just a bit of technique in our front line. Thoughts?

    • barcacentralnic says:

      I rate Rooney very highly and agree that he ticks a lot of the boxes. I think it’s highly unlikely though as he’d be very expensive, he might not fit in so easily with a new language and culture, plus he’s not had his best season. Personally of all the strikers mentioned over the past few weeks I’d prefer Higuian but it looks like he’s going to Juve. From trying to read between the lines of all the speculation I get the impression that the only change to the forwards will be Villa leaving with Neymar coming in.
      I’m also praying the stuff about Reina isn’t true.

      • Fredegar says:

        We’ll share a prayer on this one, Nic. For me Lloris is the obvious candidate if we really have to replace Valdes. As for Neymar, he wouldn’t come cheaper or have less adaptation problems than Rooney IMO. Actually, I’m probably less frightened than most people here at the thought of Neymar in our team as I think he could bring us a lot, but my main worry lies with his work rate. I rated very highly the signing of Alves from the start cos’ I thought he would bring us a new energy that was very needed at the time. We’re probably in the same situation now, and I’m not sure Neymar can answer this particular requirement…

        • Fredegar says:

          As for Higuain, the problem is the same as it is for most pure center forwards, be it Lewandowski, Cavani or Falcao, whatever their class: how do you fit them with Messi? Cos’ it’s highly unlikely that we’ll send Messi “back” to the right wing to accommodate a new player, so any addition to our forward line will have to play from the wing.

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  3. GemixRai says:

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