Bye Bye Mourinho

mourinho sent off copa del rey final 2013It could hardly have been more fitting that Jose Mourinho should end what is almost certainly going to be his final season in the hot seat at Real Madrid without a trophy. To cap a bad night for the self-acclaimed Special One he was sent off tonight as Real Madrid were beaten in their own stadium in the Copa del Rey final by their city rivals Atlético Madrid.

To be fair Mourinho’s antics such as tonight’s outburst to get himself sent off or his famous por qué? por qué? rant have generally served as a continuous source of amusement. Though occasionally, such as the night he fingered Tito and then tried to belittle him by calling him Pito, he really showed an unpleasant side. This was again reflected tonight by his team’s manner of losing with the tantrums from Cristiano and the shameful attempts by the likes of Sergio Ramos and Di Maria to cheat the referee.

simeoneBesides the antics, both sides played their part in a terrific cup final but watching Diego Simeone on the touchline was a reminder of what I was saying earlier today about for the type of character Barça could do with somewhere within either the coaching staff or the team. I loved his reaction to the first double miss when he turned to urge the fans on to even more, and also when he helped to put Pepe back in his place. A magnificent performance from his team who gave everything from start to finish. Madrid are left to wonder what might have been if Casillas or Pepe had been playing.

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5 Responses to Bye Bye Mourinho

  1. Caleb says:

    Hahaha. For some reason this just made Barca’s season so much better.

    You’re completely right about Simeone, Nic. It reminded me a bit of Pep. We need that somewhere in the team.

    If we’re not going to change coaches—and Puyol isn’t getting any younger—where is our best chance of finding someone with that quality? Are there any players rumored to be coming in that could fill this role?

    • barcacentralnic says:

      Hi Caleb – there are plenty of rumours, as you well know, but nobody is talking about this particular role of inspirational leader. I think Thiago Silva is quite a strong character but not in the mould of a Simeone, Luis Enrique, Puyol or Bakero which is what I feel we need. Anybody got any suggestions?

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  3. mjmare says:

    I’d like to see Luis Enrique in some capacity maybe as assistent coach, with the mandate to motivate the players with Tito dealing with tactics

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