Luis Enrique or Tata Martino

297887hp2After the initial flurry of names as to who would become the next first team coach at Barça it now seems likely that Tito Vilanova’s replacement will be either Luis Enrique Martinez or Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino. The intention of the club is to name the new coach on Tuesday if not sooner.

According to El Pais Luis Enrique is the preferred candidate of Sandro Rosell while the problem of cancelling his contract with Celta could be resolved amicably with a compensation payment. Celta’s failure to register ‘Lucho’ with the Spanish Football Federation means there would be no regulation against him moving back to Barcelona.

Luis Enrique is keeping quiet on the subject though he sent a tweet today with a photo of himself and Juan Carlos Unzue on a cycling trip with a message saying “The AURUN STORE/HED team again on the move. Letting the legs and head break loose”. Some may see this as a not so cryptic message that the deal is done though Luis Enrique can always claim he is just talking about the cycling trip.

The other news from this evening is the report from El Sport that there will not be a meeting in Argentina with Tata Martino as had earlier been suggested. This again points towards the likelihood that a deal has been agreed with Luis Enrique as there is now no need for Zubizaretta or anybody to make a long trip. However, with modern technology it is just as likely that an agreement could have been made with Martino without any face-to-face meetings. Despite Rosell’s preference for ‘Lucho’ it is believed that Zubizaretta prefers Tata and the last time I looked the bookmakers were still making the Argentinian favourite for the post.

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9 Responses to Luis Enrique or Tata Martino

  1. harbimbollar says:

    Hope we resolve this on time

  2. Barcacentralnic says:

    Now El Mundo Deportivo says that Martino is flying in to Barcelona to seal the deal tomorrow

  3. Caleb says:

    I won’t lie, I’m pretty intrigued by Tata. Seems kind of like Bielsa without as much potential locker-room controversy and media tension.

    I guess taking Enrique from Celta at this time also seems slightly dubious. He is definitely the lower-risk, familiar option. But I’ve got the feeling that the team needs a bit of a shake up that a completely “new” coach can bring.

  4. barcacentralomer says:

    I agree with what Caleb’s views. Tata could bring back the ‘X’ factor that’s been missing since Pep’s last season. Luis is more like the safe choice though as he knows most of the team and vice versa. However, Luis seemed to struggle at Roma which isn’t exactly the biggest club in Italy so I’m a bit concerned how he would fare at Barca where the expectations are far greater.

    We’re also pushing our luck by continuously delaying the purchase of the elusive world class CB. Lets get the manager in quickly so that the Barca team can start its quest to reclaim its title of the best team in the world.

  5. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    In contrast to most of my fellow Cules here, I would rather opt for Luis Enrique than Tata.

    Now, do you guys have any idea as to why Tata is in line for this job?

    ANSWER: Because Messi said so!!!

    Now, do you know why Messi really said so??

    ANSWER: Because Messi wants someone who would favor him. Messi wants someone who will be loyal to him. Someone who would make him the main man and would shape the team around him, instead of Neymar. Just so he could make history again by scoring 50++ goals in the upcoming season while who gives a damn what happens to Barcelona come end season??

    I love Messi, BUT NO PLAYER IS BIGGER THAN A CLUB!!! We are team Barcelona, we need not bow down to anybody at all.

    I wish for us to be crazy unpredictable in attack, tight in midfield, and much better than last season in defense. We have the midfield to do so, we have the attack to do so. We just need to work on that defense, now. We need a CB or two urgently.

  6. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:


  7. Neymarjr fan says:

    The Bielsa school has made some very valuable contributions to international football and Tata is proving himself to be a great coach. However, the logical choice is Luis Enrique. Here is my reasoning:

  8. barcacentralomer says:

    Hiddink just quit Anzhi and apparently bookmakers are not taking any fresh bets on him taking over at Barca.

  9. Neymarjr fan says:

    Well, the club did opt for Tata Martino, although the top and logical choice was Luis Enrique. My suspicion is that a) there might have been some terms that could not be settled with Luis Enrique and/or b) the club wanted a more experienced choice at the moment.

    I think it is a good choice, as he has a lot of respect from the football community, even if fans outside of South America may not yet know much about him.

    I’ve updated the info in my website and added some videos related to Tata Martino to get a better sense of who he is and why he might have been chosen. I will try to update it constantly.

    Do you like him as FC Barcelona coach?


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