Barça’s frustrating hunt for a centre-back

daniel agger barça targetWith just over a week remaining until the opening games of La Liga 2013/14 Barça have still not managed to secure the much-needed signing of a central defender. The two most-talked-about candidates, Chelsea’s David Luiz and Liverpool’s Daniel Agger, are both looking very complicated with both English clubs turning down offers from Barça this week.

According to The Daily Mail Chelsea turned down an offer of around €40 million and have apparently told Barça not to bother with any new bids as their Brazilian defender is not for sale. Barça then made a bid of €20 million for Agger only for Liverpool to reject it. Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has shown no signs of wanting to sell the 28-year-old Dane so unless Agger declares a desire to leave, the move is unlikely to occur.

Agger may still end up at Camp Nou, but there is a very good chance now that Barça will fail to sign anybody which may seriously affect our challenge for titles this season. On their day Piqué, Mascherano and Puyol are three excellent defenders but Puyol is now 35 and with his recent record of injury problems it would be optimistic to expect him to be capable of playing in more than 60% of games.

After that we have Marc Bartrá who has shown plenty of promise but he cannot be considered a complete player yet. There may still be time for him to develop but he needs to find more consistency if he is going to make it to the top. Alex Song and Adriano were used last season as emergency centre-backs but neither is best suited to the role. Apart from that, Tata Martino has shown confidence in the 18-year old Cameroonian Frank Bagnack but he needs at least one season with Barça B to see if he really has what it takes to be promoted to the first team.

In short, if we don’t make a decent signing before the transfer window closes it will be a serious failing and we will almost certainly have problems at the back. How ironic that Eric Abidal should be called up for the French squad yesterday. Perhaps our problems would have been solved if we had not allowed the Frenchman to leave.

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5 Responses to Barça’s frustrating hunt for a centre-back

  1. I could not have said it better. Geee Rossel &Zubi need to save face on this one…just PATHETIC!

  2. FC Barcelona Rocks! says:

    I really hope we sign a center back A.S.A.P. At this rate, I wouldn’t mind going with a 100% Tata’s decision of a player. I don’t think Agger will fit alongside Pique, I have to say. I think we need the guy with a decent ability on the air, and of an aggressive nature. A defender that looks to cut of the opponents attack. A guy that is not easy to beat. Basically we are looking at a 28 year old Carles Puyol!

    On the flypside, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s friendly against my home land. I hope Barsa puts on a good showing at the Bukit Jalil stadium here in Malaysia. I will be there as early as can be to catch up with the boys. The boys looked extremely sharp at training today. At one point Neymar got past Mascherano, Pique and Jordi Alba at one heck of a run, rounding off Valdes to score a delightful chip. My eyes popped!! Holy Christ have mercy! Mascherano got a lashing from Pique and there were some words thrown between the two.

  3. Caleb says:

    Why did we extend Abi for another year? I mean, didn’t we extend his contract when he was struggling to regain his health? And then when he’s finally back we just drop him (before we’d actually found a replacement!!). Why? To get bad press for apparent callous treatment of a player who was approaching legend status at the club?

    Surely just keeping Abi would have been worth the positive PR. It looked so terrible for him to say he wanted to stay and the club responds “sorry, but we’ve got to get rid of you.” It looks even worse now that he’s been called up for France. I mean, honestly, he was our best defender the season before his cancer. We should have at least given him the chance to see if he could get back to something close to that level.

    Add to that the transfer failures over the past couple summers regarding CBs. Someone really screwed the pooch on this one because we’ve needed a CB for the last couple seasons and with Abi leaving (and Puyol not getting younger) we could have actually benefited from signing 2. And instead we’ve got 0. Seriously? This is incredibly disappointing. Even Virgini would have been something (and cheap).

    But we have 57 mil for Neymar? I think he might do quite well, but I’m not sure our attack will always be able to score more goals than our defense is going to leak . . .

  4. ewe_gb says:

    All that is to say is: Get rid of Zubizaretta immediately because he is not up to the job – not at all.

    Next: Don’t reelect Rossel and his board. While they may have some plus-points regarding keeping the finances tidy they are really messing it up totally in the transfer department.

    Just to keep record, that Barca forwent a € 10 mio on the Thiago transfer…

    How difficult can it be to scout for promising center backs in Europe and South America for one year now, Mr. Zubizaretta?

    What about going for Verthongen last year? Ehhh,,,,,

    And now they don’t keep Abidal and Muniesa in the squad when Barca is more than short on defenders…

    What are the Barca scouts exactly doing? Do they have instructions to concentrate on midfield players and forwards only?

    It is just embarrassing not more and not less.

    Do even think that Barca will compete with this defensive for the CL is delusional.

    And we will see whether the midfield and our forwards will score enough in the league games to be able to compete with Real for the national championship.

    All in my humble opinion…

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