FCB ALBUM exampleI received the following message about Barça’s latest initiative, FCB ALBUMS which allows users to create digital photo albums and personalized photo books with images of Barça players customized with your own photos. Sounds like a nice idea.

FCB ALBUMS is FC Barcelona’s first hybrid-online-physical license 


The online platform Look and Remember, specializing in creating digital photo albums and personalized books, launches FCB ALBUMS

FCB ALBUMS, early photo albums completely customizable FC Barcelona have been created by Look and Remember, a platform that allows the creation of digital albums and personalized photo books. Users can produce books in print or digital images from the Barça cracks such as Messi, Neymar, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol and other players, and customize it with your own photos and the text you want.

This project has been developed together with the FC Barcelona official club using images, which will be updated periodically in accordance with the new additions from Barca’s first team. This is the first hybrid license (physical and online) of FC Barcelona, ​​which became the first club in the world to have a product like this.

The technology implemented by the web platform Look and Remember, you invite several people to edit the same album, thanks to networking via Web of platform. Its operation, intuitive and simple, makes it possible to design an album in just over ten minutes from anywhere with internet connection, no need to download any programs on your computer.

Prices range from € 9.90, in digital format, and from € 30 in print, depending on the name of pages and finish.

FCB ALBUMS users have the option to choose different themes according to the occasion like anniversaries, births, weddings, celebrations. Additionally, users can create a unique version combining different albums. The platform is available in Catalan, Castilian and English. The albums can be purchased from www.fcbalbums.com in book form to receive it at home or in digital format to share on the network, which will reach all the world Blaugrana fans.

Some of the albums are: This goal is for you!, Barca congratulates you, our anthem, Train with us, You and Barca cracs, More than a club, The album of the stars, a game with us, Birth of a hurdle, Just Married, We are a team, Remontarás Now or I lived!

ALBUMS FCB is a publishing group license stroke, created in Barcelona in 1987. The new platform has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of specialists composed of technicians, designers, editors and visual communication experts. So, FCB ALBUMS takes a step forward in creating traditional digital albums, making endless customization options available to the user.

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