Win a free copy of Barça The Guardiola Years

book cover finalOk folks, as it’s Christmas I’ve decided to run a quiz with a free paperback copy of my book Barça: The Guardiola Years posted to you as the prize. There will be three parts to the quiz with two questions to each part.

The questions for part one of the quiz are as follows:

1) Which player did Carles Puyol replace when he made his league debut for Barça as a substitute?

2) Which ex-Barça player said “Running is for cowards”?

DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION (You will be disqualified and receive loads of bad karma)

Send your answers in emails marked BOOK QUIZ PART ONE to

On Tuesday 24 December I will post part two with two more questions and part three will be posted before the New Year. If there are more than one person who gets six out of six correct answers the winner will be decided by the quickest answers averaged over the three parts. So, you can send your answers now for part one and look out for the next part on Tuesday. Just remember to send your answers for each part from the same email address.   

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