Rosell to resign as Barça president

Rosell neymarThe rumour began last night in an article in La Vanguardia but today the bombshell has exploded with the news that Sandro Rosell is standing down as Barça president. Rosell began the week announcing the new project for the reconstruction of Camp Nou, in his words ‘the most important decision in 50 years’, but just three days later he will present his resignation due to accusations relating to the transfer of Neymar Jr.

Rosell will give a press conference later today to explain his decision but it seems likely he will play the victim of a campaign as the Vanguardia article also talked about death threats against him and his family. The fact that these death threat stories are coming out now is a little bit suspicious given the other accusations. There are so many questions as to what will happen now but it seems a temporary president will be installed with new elections set for the end of the season.

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8 Responses to Rosell to resign as Barça president

  1. Kyle Parks says:

    Good riddance!

  2. We are goingg to have a great season. I a see “trophies”. I would bet on a treble right now! Just my gut talking…Sandro is leaving becauae he knows he did something wrong. The whole world knew it and it is just coming to pass now. Don’t let the door hit ya chico! Laporta now!!!!

    • Morde says:

      Treble? Hope so but ain’t gonna happen… maybe liga… the team is a bit unstable plus we got Man City a club that buys and buys players for billions… and are on a good run, we have our weakness in def especially from set pieces… lets hope for the best…

  3. Dobt let the door hit ya chico! Laporta now! I am calling for a treble (cup, liga, champions)…just my gut talking!

  4. barcacentralnic says:

    Press conference due to start in about 50 minutes., Sport are saying he might stay on as a director

  5. Fredegar says:

    Shit shit and shit, this had to happen at some point… How could he mess things that badly? But it’s okay, it’s just the vice-president in charge of transfers who gets the nod, so obviously he has nothing to do with this whole mess on Neymar’s… hem… transfer.
    I pray this will not hurt Barça too much, but I’m pretty worried.
    Gosh, 95M euros for Neymar, could have had three Thiago Silvas for this kind of money…

  6. Morde says:

    Is this whole Rosell scandal affect the team? Rumors out their of being banned from CL for 2 yrs plus dropping 22 points in Liga… I’m worried plz answer… tnx

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