Champions League Quarter-Finals Draw: Barça vs Atlético Madrid

Atlético 0-0 Barça defending free kick 2014Barça have been paired with Atlético Madrid in today’s draw for the Champions League. A draw against another Spanish club is always likely to be complicated and the three draws between the two teams already this season suggests it will be a very close thing. The last meeting between the sides was the 0-0 draw at the Caldéron while Barça won the Spanish Supercopa at the start of the season with Neymar Jr’s away goal proving decisive after a 1-1 aggregate score. Unlike in the Supercopa Barça play the first game is at Camp Nou (Tuesday 1 April) with the return in Madrid the following week (Wednesday 9 April), though as the teams know each other so well, home advantage is likely to count for less than if we were playing foreign opposition.

Barça have avoided opponents who could prove tougher than Atlético such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Chelsea but the fact that these three teams have also avoided each other means there is unlikely to be any easy road to the final in Lisbon if we do beat Cholo Simeone’s men.

The full draw is as follows:

FC Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid

Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund

Paris Saint Germain vs Chelsea

Manchester United vs Bayern Munich

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2 Responses to Champions League Quarter-Finals Draw: Barça vs Atlético Madrid

  1. You know what, I think this is a good draw for us. The last 0-0 draw at the Calderon was the only game I saw this season, as I happened to be traveling through Madrid. I was very lmpressed with Atletico’s supporters but not so much with the team. And to be perfectly honest we should have won that game, we had a strong push towards the end of that game with a string of exquisite passes and a few near goals. I am 50/50 on this one and I’d rather it be Atletico Madrid that eliminates us than you know who. So, these will be great games to watch and if we fall, I will cheer for el Cholo and his “demolishers” to the end. Forca Barca!

  2. REWRITE: However, if David Villa scores a winner then I will just go shoot myself (read:Sandro & Zubi)…btw, not a death threat rather just a figure of speech!!!

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