Barça reply to FIFA ban

Barça have just released a press statement in response to FIFA’s transfer ban announced earlier today. What is most noticeable immediately is press statement there is no mention of article 19 which is the article that FIFA have accused Barça of breaking. Instead there is a solid defence of Barça’s model of formation of youngsters which includes a very good education at the Masia which is provided by the club. Some of the points will perhaps help to reduce the punishment but there seems little denial that some wrongdoing wasn’t involved in signing the 10 youngsters in question.

The full reply is in the following 14 points:


  • According to the official statement issued today by FIFA, the Spanish Football Federation has also been sanctioned under international signings.
  • The allegedly breached article aims to protect minors from the acts of clubs that incorporate minors without providing the education and attention that FCB offers at La Masia.
  • The model incorporates La Masia educational training programs, accommodations, meals, medical care, attention to the needs of children and sports development plans.FCB treats athletes as people, a matter not considered by FIFA, which applies a criterion ignoring the disciplinary function of our educational training program.
  • All FCB players always have their federal licenses in order and to update as required by the respective federations. All of them at all times.
  • Some of the players affected by the proceedings of FIFA have even been convened by the Catalan Football Federation to participate in regional championships with the Catalan team.
  • Since opening the file, FIFA federal licensing of these players were withdrawn and they have not returned to participate in matches. So in any case there was no statutory participation sport from any of them.
  • FC Barcelona has not violated any civil law and that all children enjoy their training center are legal residents in the country.
  • The players ordered by FIFA to have their federal licenses annulled have the option to continue the Club, which maintains its commitment with them to ensure their educational training, with the aim that they do not suffer social damage, despite being unable to play.
  • No FCB player is in an irregular administrative situation.
  • FCB has proposed to FIFA for some time and in different areas, the need to revise regulations that seek to protect children, to make this protection more effective.
  • The FCB training model has always had the explicit recognition of FIFA and La Masia has always been used as an example of good practice.
  • Our candidates for the Ballon d’Or is an example of the recognition of FIFA for our sports training procedures.
  • FCB training model helps the families of many players in their integration and social growth.
  • Only in Catalonia, an estimated 15,000 players are registered as minors with the Federation, these players who have been born outside of Spain, would be in an irregular situation according to the criteria of the FIFA sanction.


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9 Responses to Barça reply to FIFA ban

  1. ewe_gb says:

    “….Some of the points will perhaps help to reduce the punishment but there seems little denial that some wrongdoing wasn’t involved in signing the 10 youngsters in question.”

    You mean that some wrongdoing was involved, right?

    • The law says clubs can’t sign under-18s except under 3 circumstances, a non-related to football change of address of the family, a move between EU countries for players aged 16 and over or in the case of a player being moving between clubs on the borders of neighbouring countries.
      I imagine Barça has tried to use the first clause by getting players to move residency to Barcelona saying their families moved here for work reasons. The loophole was always for the club to get the father a job somewhere but it seems this is what FIFA want to crack down on. The fact that this case involves ten youngsters makes a defence look pretty difficult. For the record the ten players are Lee Seung Woo, Paik Seung Ho, Chan Kyul Hee, Theo Chendri, Bobby Adekanye, Patrice Sousia , Giancarlo Poveda , Andrei Onana, Maxi Rolón and the tenth is said most probably to be the recently transferred Toni Sanabria

  2. Thanks for that Nic. Our model has always srruck me as sound. We have yet to see or hear of a player complaining about violations of his/her rights as a minor. I have a hard time believing that in the litigeous times we live in, one “prejudiced young player” has yet to bring suit against the club. It seems FIFA is making a political statement.

  3. ewe_gb says:

    Thank you very much.

  4. barcacentralomer says:

    Thanks for the link to the above article Ewe. I am not a lawyer but this issue doesn’t look like its heading towards a favourable outcome for Barca. The official statement like Nic says doesn’t address the alleged violation of article 19. I wasn’t aware that the club had been given prior warning and the most amazing bit is that it involves 10 players. It looks like we’re not going to get our world class CB for another season. Not to mention Ter Stegen’s agent making noise about stuff he’s not sure about.

  5. Fredegar says:

    Two things grate a lot in this story. First is the incompetence of the club, if the story provided by Totalbarça turns out to be correct. Second is the decision from FIFA to go after Barça, when I’m pretty sure that the situation is far worse concerning minors in plenty of other clubs, this really smacks of the “We’ll make an example” rule…
    Now the response of the club is totally unsurpising, we’ll make all the appeals possible, drag the story for years, and probably finish with the ban applied as FIFA won’t budge. What about an other way? Admit the wrongdoing, take the punishment, but turn the heat on FIFA by telling them it’s inacceptable that Barça are the only club punished and for the equality of justice they need to treat every club with the same standards. Then use the year without transfer to clean the club’s finances and give a lot of youngsters time on the pitch to prove themselves. That would probably be a write off year (although the team is still pretty strong as it stands), but it could also be seen as an investment and a great opportunity to start the club afresh on solid foundations!

  6. skyhawk says:

    Does anybody know if players can be sent out on loan/come in on loan under this ban?

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