La Masia no es toca

La Masia no se toca 2014 Barça BetisA huge banner was unfurled before today’s game with Betis which bore the message “La Masia no es toca” (hands off La Masia). While I applaud the pride being shown in our fantastic football academy I’m afraid I can only imagine that if this is a message to the world about the FIFA transfer ban, then anyone from outside the club who might be watching, may well be thinking “nobody has said La Masia is not wonderful, the reason for the ban has to do with breaking the rules”.

The rule may be a bad one, FIFA might be totally corrupt, and there may even be a ‘black hand’ secretly manoeuvring to bring the club down, but at the end of the day there is a rule and the club didn’t comply. Let’s please not hear any more twisting of this case to make it out to be an attack on La Masia.

My final word on the matter is to ask Mr. Arsene Wenger to worry about your own problems and maybe Arsenal might be capable of winning something again (who knows, he could be reading, he sticks his nose into enough of Barça’s business).

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3 Responses to La Masia no es toca

  1. Caleb says:

    Haha, I like the swipe at Arsene. You got to wonder how much longer how many more trophy-less seasons Arsenal fans are going to endure.

  2. … and then on Saturday 17 May 2014, Arsenal won the FA Cup !

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