PSG knocking on Messi’s door

Leo Messi 2014According to Catalan TV show Efectivament, one of the possible explanations for the drop in Leo Messi’s form is because the player believes Barça want to sell him. At first the idea seems fantastical but it is known the club and player are supposed to be negotiating another new contract, and Efectivament claimed that there is a belief from Messi’s camp that the club is showing little enthusiasm to meet Messi’s terms.

Added to this the programme claimed that Paris Saint Germain have been knocking on Messi’s door practically every week with offers to try and tempt the Argentinian away. The French club would be willing to pay Messi’s release clause of €250 million, but Messi doesn’t want to `play in France. What Messi’s close circle doesn’t understand is why PSG keep coming back, and it seems they believe that it is with Barça’s blessing. This wouldn’t make much sense except for the fact that PSG is owned by the Qatar Investment Authority which is just another part of the Qatar state who are so involved with Futbol Club Barcelona.

Further revelations from the programme suggested that Messi felt deceived by the club for not trying to sign Kun Agüero, and that last summer Real Madrid were also prepared to pay Messi’s €250 million release claiuse, and an ex-Madrid director Julio Senn met Messi’s father and Messi’s lawyer in a Barcelona restaurant to make the first approach but Messi turned the offer down.

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2 Responses to PSG knocking on Messi’s door

  1. Oh booyyy…this juicy stuff. Somehow, there might be some truth to that. And if that is the case then I say SR, Bartomeu & Gang may just be tge worst think that happened to this club since we allowed RM to steal Di Stefano. Do we know if Messi plans a press conference on this? Is anyone trying to take the board to court to try to force early elections?

  2. akomolafe opeyemi says:

    Why is barcelonal loosing most of the trophy in this season?

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