Villarrael 2 FC Barcelona 3 (player ratings)

Villarreal: Asenjo; Mario, Musacchio, Gabriel, Jokic; Bruno, Pina (Aquino m36), Trigueros, Cani; Giovani dos Santos (Uche m81), Perbet (Pereira m14).

Barça: Pinto 6; Alves 7, Bartra 7, Mascherano 6, Adriano 6; Xavi 6 (Fabregas m62, 7), Busquets 7.5, Iniesta 6.5; Alexis 6.5 (Tello m62, 6), Messi 6.5, Pedro 6.5 (Sergi Roberto m90, –).

Goals: m45+1 Cani 1-0, m55 Trigueros 2-0, m64 Gabriel (o.g.) 2-1, m78 Musacchio (o.g) 2-2, m81 Messi 2-3.

Yellow cards: m49 Alexis, m56 Mario, m84 Busquets, m89 Trigueros, m90 Cani, m91 Alves.

Attendance: 22,839

Sorry, no time for a report tonight. I’ll post a match analysis tomorrow.

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1 Response to Villarrael 2 FC Barcelona 3 (player ratings)

  1. FCB4LIFE says:

    In total,

    The team showed minimum interest in the game. ‘

    Messi in particular seemed the least interested in the game….especially noticed in the first 75 minutes. It is really worrying to me that Messi has been showing

    1- a lost in ball control level
    2- a lost of pace
    3- a lost of overall fitness
    4- a reluctance to do the minimum track back when losing the ball

    Special mentions has to be given to Dani Alves.
    He won the game with us not just through added luck…but superior attitude in eating that banana thrown at him and through his relentless runs up that flank and crosses that led to 2 errors from our opponents.

    We would have won by a better margin had Messi showed the minimum commitment for the game.

    Again, I am just pointing out the obvious guys. Don’t hate me for this….A spade is a spade!

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