Zubizarreta in meeting with Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique GavaIt’s more than just a rumour now that Barça are chasing Luis Enrique to be next season’s first team coach. El Sport report a meeting today between Andoni Zubizaretta and Luis Enrique at the latter’s house in Gava just down the coast from Barcelona. Zubizaretta was accompanied by directors Narcis Julia and Albert Valentin for the three hour meeting which according to El Sport involved discussions on possible transfers and the formation of the first-team squad for next season.

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4 Responses to Zubizarreta in meeting with Luis Enrique

  1. Omar says:

    Luis Enrique can have an immediate effect on Barcelona by beating or tying those scumbags from Madrid next Sunday, and open the door for Barca to clinch la liga by winning the last two games.

  2. Barca4Life says:

    The following will be my short view on the subject matter

    1- This is super unprofessional

    2- I feel that the team with that sorry excuse of a defense line up deserves to be in a much worser situation had TAta been a clueless manager!

    3- anyone paid attention to the candidates of this season’s UCL final? So I suppose you guys want this BArcelona team to beat those two and win the league. With that defense! Seriously??

    • Barca4Life says:

      In my view, Tata Martino is not to be faulted in terms of tactics, not to be faulted in terms of our down falls

      However, he has to be seriously questioned upon his continuous selection of a clearly unfit Leo MEssi!

      Since messi’s grand arrival after injury… He almost just walked into the team…. Occupying that central role. When Messi was shit for 60 minutes. Example- our last game against GEtafe…. Tata failed to react… Failed to do his part as a rational manager. He refused to sub out Leo Messi who up to then seemed very uninspired… Lazy to track down his own misplaced passes… Looked lethargic…. Zero sense of urgency… No hunger whatsoever!!

      Since the arrival of Messi, we not only dropped points, but players like Pedro, Alexis , FAbregas and Neymar has been facing a very noticeable lack of productivity in terms if assist and goals which was not evident when Messi was not around.

      My point here?? Tata has lost the dressing room to LEo Messi. Too much of respect!! Way too much of respect! Pls note that ahead of Leo Messi… Barcelona won titles because if that 6 second rule. Every player did his part in pressing the ball. Messi used to do atleast 60% more pressuring during those times!!

  3. Barca4Life says:

    “It is not a question of happiness but I have not been able to impart my intentions on the team and we have never been able to offer the best level of Barcelona.” Tata Martino

    I feel you, man! How could you do that when that GOd of BArcelona LEo Messi is so uninspired? How could you work your ideas when this team is more team MEssi than team TATA?

    Who could do better than you? Enrique? Seriously folks! Think again!!!!

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