It’s official: Messi signs new contract

Messi new contract may 2014The saga of Leo Messi’s new contract is over as the player today put pen to paper for an improved deal. The details of the agreement have not been revealed though it is rumoured that Messi’s yearly salary will increase from €13 million to €20 million making him the best paid player in the world. While it is all very well to secure the player’s future, one can’t help wondering about the size of the increase when the player has struggled to find his form this season. Players should be rewarded when they play well which was always the case with Messi’s previous improved contracts, but this time it seems he is getting the increase due to the amount Neymar is getting paid. I’m afraid this just seems to be more fallout from the Neymar deal last summer.

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4 Responses to It’s official: Messi signs new contract

  1. Carlos says:

    I understand what you are saying, but you cannot forget what he did for Barcelona, which I thought he was underpaid. Now it’s time to pay what he was due.

  2. Omar says:

    Totally undeserved. Barca reached an agreement with Messi before the Atleti game in order to spur him out of his slump, but he rewarded the club and the fans by walking on the field throughout the game and expecting other players to hassle to recover his lost balls. No wonder he was jeered at the end of the game. Since he came back from his injury, he has been using barca’s second half of the season as a preseason to the world cup. Sorry messi, we love you, but you have a lot to atone for.

  3. Rajesh says:

    It is better to blame the board, to bring in a new (unproven in Europe) 21 year old and offer him a contract, which was even above (direct & indirect) the best paid in the club, which seems to have definitely unsettled the seniors in the squad.
    This guy, inspite of being extravagant service to the club, never seemed to be worried about his payments before. Quite stupid of the board, if you look deeper, to wind up all the seniors like this.

    What is a pity is the guy has scored 41 goals, second most assist maker, and also have created more chances than anybody in the team, in a season in which the whole team, coaches and board was poor, and is being pin pointed as the problem. We forget that, he did all this, inspite of not being the soul focus of our attack, after Neymar arrival. Before, the whole attack was looking for Messi. Now the attack wants things from other players not named Messi, meaning there is more than one focus point in attack. Messi has received much fewer balls than he normally does. Even the midfielders were confused where to put the ball in? No wonder Cruff said – one ship cant have 2 captains.

  4. Rajesh says:

    Just to add to my above comment:

    A fellow commenter has picked up this stats of Leo.

    Leo Messi 2012/13 vs 2013/14 in Liga:

    Key passes: 46 – 75

    Dribbles: 122 – 143

    Dispossessed: 82 – 68

    Turnovers: 41 – 27

    Assists: 12 – 11

    Goals: 46 – 28.

    And most importantly;
    Passes *received* by Leo in La Liga:
    2013/14: 1649
    2012/13: 2004.

    Our most bashed player still ends up among the most rated player by whoscored. for this liga too!

    I agree, stats aren’t everything, and there were moments when we all wondered whats wrong with Messi. But this is a player who is marked by 3/4 players all the time. Simeone even had special drills with his players to stop Messi’s runs before the liga decider.

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