Luis Enrique confirmed as Barça’s new coach

luis enrique celta 2013No big surprise but it is now official that Luis Enrique Martinez will take over from Tata Martino as Barça’s new coach. A board meeting was held this afternoon which has confirmed Luis Enrique will sign a two-year contract. The club has also stated that Rafinha and Deulofeu will return to the first team next season and that the signing of Ter Stegen is official. The club has also confirmed that Pinto will leave the club this summer, Eusebio Sacristan will continue at Barça B for another season and that Jordi Roura will take over from Guillermo Amor as organizer of the youth football.

luis enrique martinez player fc barcelonaI have always been a massive Luis Enrique fan so I am delighted to see him return to the club. There is no guarantee of success but I believe he possesses the character and motivational skills that we have been missing this year and if he can instil his never-say-die spirit into the team then we can only go forward. He is sure to improve the physical preparation of the team which has also been questioned this season, and after eight seasons as a player here and three successful seasons as coach with Barça B he also has the advantage of knowing the club and the press well. With the expected big changes in the first-team squad to come it will be a complicated job to create a successful team and we may need patience. The fact that the board haven’t called elections means the club is not in the most stable position which may also make things difficult next season. However, I believe we have chosen the best man available for the job and wish him the best of luck. Welcome home Lucho!

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5 Responses to Luis Enrique confirmed as Barça’s new coach

  1. barcacentralomer says:

    There’s no denying how much his never say die spirit is needed at Barca during these difficult times. However I’m just wondering why the board went for an unproven commodity (as a top manager) to turn around Barca’s fortunes. Its a gamble like Pep was in 2008 but Luis has a very, very big task ahead of him and I wish him all the luck.

    @ Nic: Since the departure of Ten Cate during the Rijkaard era and also during Pep’s reign, the role of the assistant manager has IMO been a relatively understated factor in the success of a manager. Who is going to be Enrique’s No 2?

    • I understand he is bringing the team he had at Celta which means his number two will be Juan Carlos Unzue, and Robert Moreno will also assist. Rafael Pol will be in charge of physical preparation.

  2. barcacentralomer says:

    @Nic: Another official Barca announcement, the arrival of Ter Stegen. What I find odd is that his arrival is linked to the departure of Pinto. It might be a coincidence but surely there’s no way he’s going to be Barca’s No. 2 right?

  3. I would have preferred the team be given to Xavi but I will take Lucho. I saw Xavi’s speech on behalf of the entire team during Tarzan’s farewell press conference and there is a great leader of men somewhere in there somewhere. Either way, not even sure he wants the job. Welcome Luis and my focus is turning to the World Cup and I hope that we will have great signings come to the club. We needbto sign well because Fifa’s ban willlikely go into effect next year.

  4. FCB4LIFE says:


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