Monaco renounce Valdés signing

valdes barça 2013According to the French sports daily L’Equipe Victor Valdés will not be signed by Monaco. The Barça goalkeeper had reached a pre-agreement with the French club but if the story is correct they have now decided to go back on the deal due to Valdés’s knee injury and also due to the good form shown by their Croatian keeper Danijel Subasic. Valdés’s future is now very uncertain but it seems likely he could look for a move to England. The problem for Valdés could be that nobody wants to risk signing an injured keeper. No doubt we’ll hear plenty of rumours in the next few days.

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5 Responses to Monaco renounce Valdés signing

  1. I feel bad for him but karma’s just a bi*** and, although i appreciate his many years of service, he could have handled his departure from the club that litterally raised him as a man better. I would offer him a new contract if I were Bartomeu but knowing him he would probably say “no”. So, Godspeed VV and to me he is not FCB news anymore. I am just a little ticked at his thick headedness. I mean look at the grace in Puyol and Xavi. Especially Xavi, when most are binding the book of his life at FCB with that last flyleaf, he is still calm and measured in how he is going about. That to me deserves more respect and admiration than someone who left us while raising the middle finger.

    • Barca4Lyfe says:

      I’m sorry Diatus… But I strongly very very strongly disagree with you on this. Victor Valdes is our hero. He wants to leave to try a new experience be4 retiring….. nOT everybody is a one club guy in the head! He just wants a last ride. Nothing wrong in that! He didn’t choose to leave because of money, he didn’t choose to leave because of anything else!

      My 101% love and support goes out to the most successfull, best ever keeper in our history VICTOR VALDES!!

      • Barca4Lyfe says:

        Ps. If ppl can choose to be ok with the bitch ass performance of a certain LEO MESSI in the final third of our lousy season…. Then I don’t see why you should discount your love for Victor Valdes,…a keeper who was fantastic for us especially this past 2-3 seasons!!

        • Barca4Lyfe says:

          Please also note that Stegen will need 3-4 seasons to be at Valdes’s current level as a sweeper keeper.

          That could be faster if we get Hummels ofcourse.

      • @B4LYFE- while I appreciate and love Victor Valdes (as I said, I hope we offer him another contract and I hope he accepts although I doubt), the whole “I need to experience another culture” crap he gave as a reason for wanting to leave was just completely absurd. What? Experience another culture so so far away from Catalunya…in MONACO? (sarcasm). It would be true if he moved to play for…say Waikato in New Zealand or say for AS Inter Star in Bujumbura (Tanzania) but instead of being honest about his wanting foe money he feeds us that crap of a need to experience new cultures. I love and have greqt appreciation for VV but I think what I am saying is exactly on point. I find it hard to believe that you seem to think that I (WE), as a fan(s), should be the one(s) who MUST be thankful for these guys…of pretty plea se…these guys are making out k ike bandits each year with their multi million dollar contracts…just don’t feed me a bunch of bull about why you’re leaving my club. I will respect you more if you are just frank and honest. You are entitled to wanting a raise as a professional but just be a man about it.
        ON MESSI- You are DEAD ON. I would have put him on the transfer market if I were president. I don’t think we will see the MESSI of before ever again. We might see flashes of it but all else at this point is an exercise in economic stupidity…I would change my mind if I see hm actually help jis teammates and DEFEND. I have been watching games from Pep’s first year and Messi was excellent because he was helping the team. If he keeps just “hanging out” in the field I say sell have m now that he is worth something. I saw Argentina play a friendly the other day and he was running is arse off…hellloooo!!!

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