Fabregas move to Chelsea confirmed

cesc goal bernabeuBarça have just confirmed that Cesc Fabregas will leave the club to play for Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea. Fabregas moves back to England after three seasons of dividing opinions at Barça. No fee has been announced yet and there is no more information on the length of Fabregas’s contract. There is still no confirmation on the Ivan Rakitic transfer but it could come at any moment.

Fabregas has written the following letter:

“Firstly I would like to thank everyone at FC Barcelona where I enjoyed 3 wonderful years. It was my childhood club and I will always be proud and honoured that I had a chance to play for such a great team.

I do feel that I have unfinished business in the Premier League and now is the right time for my return. Yes, everyone knows that Arsenal had the first option to sign me. They decided not to take this option and therefore it wasn’t meant to be. I wish them well in the future.

I considered all the other offers very carefully and I firmly believe that Chelsea is the best choice. They match my footballing ambitions with their hunger and desire to win trophies. They have an amazing squadof players and an incredible manager. I am fully committed to this team and I can’t wait to start playing.

It was extremely important to me that this transfer was completed before the World Cup so that my mind will only be focussed on hopefully helping my country try to retain the trophy.”

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13 Responses to Fabregas move to Chelsea confirmed

  1. The Daily Telegraph have quoted the price as £27 million (which at today’s exchange rate makes it €33.57 million). It’s a five-year deal with Cesc on £200,000 a week.

  2. The press here in Barcelona say the deal is worth €33 million with another €3million in variables.

  3. Well,this is profound change…now about Messi…is he gonna Defend with the team or not? He can have bad games but just defend like every one else. looks like Zubi is hard at work…this could be exciting ….

  4. ewe_gb says:

    Don’t approve at all with this transfer. It is right to bring in Rakitic to supplement Cesc. Right now when he could, must, take over from Xavi he leaves.

    With all due respect to Xavi: But wtf? As much as Fabregas has been criticised for being slow: Compared to Xavi in the last two years he was fast.

    Actually, Xavi’s time high time has been over since 2012. The Euro final was the exception that proved he still has had smthg in him. But since then…

    I think his influence is much too big.

    So all the best, Cesc. Always playing somewhere. So we will see how the past-Xavi-playing-style will evolve.

    No: I am not happy.

  5. ewe_gb says:

    I am actually getting more and more critical about the role that Xavi plays at Barca.

    First: It was a mistake to let Thiago go. If there was to be transfer then it should have been Cesc to Manchester United – I am surprised that Man Utd didn’t buy him now – for 40 to 50 millions.

    Second: Now we are left with an old Xav, Iniesta who has become 30 and was out of form for quite some time and Rakitic who has not yet proved that he “fits” in the Barca style.

    Third: The “Barca”-style which is for me the Xavi-style is doomed to evolve. And right now we have lost Cesc when he could be of some good use.

    Fourth: I do not deem that midfield strong enough in terms of creativity.

  6. layibiyi says:

    Really funny how we have managed one of the greatest midfleld talent ever accrued at once.

    I think I’m just going to continue with my laid-back support into next season. No need to stress.

  7. Lol…priceless comment Layi…”laid back support”…boy I wish I could that…lol

  8. ewe_gb says:

    I mean we are more than poorly equipped with creative players right now. What is your opinion, Nic?

  9. ewe_gb says:

    Given that Rakitic deal is for sure: After looking at the Brasil:Croatia game he is more a substitute for Busquets.

    I have thought that Mascherano will be his substitute. He is for sure not a substitute for Cesc.

    I am really surprised that such a lot of fans think that Rakitic will be better at moving the ball than Cesc when he will play for Barca.

    And as a dribbler he has been better if he had more space and in counter-attacks: Yeah, exactly the way Barca plays, isn’t it.

    He brings speed and his physicality: So he makes the team better in terms of its defensive issues – I just can’t see him contribute that much offensively.

    Certainly not more than Cesc.

    And might all the Cesc-haters anc Xavi-excusers be so kind to criticise him the same way Cesc has been criticised the last three years? Thank you. Would only be fair.

    Or you might start to question Xavi’s form, performance and his influence in the dressing-room, even in tactics and in the club. (Not to speak of Pique.)

    With all due respect for all his – Xavi’s – achievements.

  10. ewe_gb says:

    In case you have missed it, they have now already removed it from the official homepage, but Barca hit officially back on Cesc.

    At least, FC Barcelona has now removed the classless comment on Cesc from the official homepage: What a bunch of classless guys are working there?

    I think they act as the board and Zubi shows them. The earlier the Rossell-board & Zubizaretta disappear the better. I have no respect for them. They simply have no class.

    And is there anybody who believes that Bartemou hasn’t known anything about the Neymar transfer and all the rest.


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