Agreement for Claudio Bravo

Claudio Bravo. 2014Barça and Real Sociedad arrived to an agreement today for the transfer of Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo. Barça will pay €12 million to the Basque club for the 31-year-old keeper while Johnathan dos Santos will not be included in the deal as was initially expected. Bravo will sign for four years and he celebrated the move with a superb display tonight in Chile’s 2-0 win over Spain which sees the World Champions, with Iniesta, Pedro, Busquets and Jordi Alba in tonight’s team, going home surprisingly early.

There can be no denying Bravo’s quality and with Marc Andre Ter Stegen already signed it seems that the goalkeeping position will be very well covered. The press are reporting that Bravo will be number two to Ter Stegen but with Luis Enrique in charge I feel sure they will both start from an equal position and will need to win the position on performance and not on reputation.

My main doubt is whether this is the best situation for a young promising keeper like Ter Stegen who needs to be allowed time to develop. If the German makes an slip and is immediately left out for the more experienced Bravo he won’t get the chance to advance. On the other hand if Bravo is thought of as the number two then isn’t €12 million a bit much to spend on a substitute keeper? The other problem now is for Jordi Masip who is supposed to move up to the first team next season but now he looks likely to spend a wasted season  just like Oier Olazábal last season. Wouldn’t it be better to offer him another season in Barça B or a loan deal now?

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5 Responses to Agreement for Claudio Bravo

  1. Nic, a coincidence that Spain struggles the year Barca struggles?

    • I think there are obvious similarities in that neither Barça nor Spain has known how to break up a winning team. Remember how Guardiola stated that one of the reasons for leaving was he didn’t want to face those decisions. With Spain Del Bosque has also suffered this problem, the most obvious example is his blind faith in Casillas who is so obviously not the keeper he once was but Del Bosque refused to see it.

  2. I would rather have this problem than not have a good keeper. Good point on Massip but if VV is an example, injuries do happen. So, it is not money wasted. This is no different than having medical insurance (well, wouldn’t get my drift in socialist Spain but in the US maybe) … it is wasted money only if you never get sick. Benvinguts Claudio!

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