Xavi set for move to Qatar

Xavi 2014The rumours began a couple of weeks ago but reports today in the Barcelona media suggest that the legend who we all know as Xavi Hernández has made up his mind to leave Barça this summer in order to join the Qatari team Al Arabi. It seems likely that Xavi will announce the decision on his return to Barcelona after Spain have played their final World Cup match against Australia.

If the story is true then Xavi will join Valdés, Puyol and Fabregas on the way out which certainly makes the sense of an end of an era stronger. Xavi’s contribution to the club has been enormous since he made his debut at the age of 18 under Louis van Gaal back in 1998. Since then he has played more games (a total of 723) and won more trophies (22) than any other player in the club’s history, while he has also won everything at international level with Spain who he has represented on an incredible 133 occasions. His consistency in Barça’s midfield earned him the nickname of ‘the machine’ and Maqui‘s style of play could be said to be more responsible than any other player for the term Tiki-Taka being invented.

Xavi will obviously be missed greatly and there is no doubt that he could still have done a job for Barça for at least another season. Nevertheless, however much it hurts to admit, Xavi at 34 is on the decline, and perhaps it is better for him to drop a level to a team where he can play regularly. If he stays at Barça he will almost certainly be asked to play less frequently and he will also face the pressure of being asked to reproduce the performances of previous seasons which he might ultimately find frustrating if his body cannot respond to the challenge. It is a shame that he has chosen Qatar as his destination as he could certainly have still offered a great deal in one of the top European leagues even if that were at a smaller club.

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7 Responses to Xavi set for move to Qatar

  1. Caleb says:

    A true hero of the club.

  2. layibiyi says:

    Gonna miss him!!

  3. Caleb says:

    It’s good that Lucho coming in feels like it has some continuity to it because, as you say, Nic, the sense of the end of an era is growing.


    Don’t think he should ever leave barca. True legend

  5. Barca4Lyfe says:

    What in the world is going on? Have we lost our direction? Why are we planning to sign Luis Suarez??

    Owh God, this really makes me sick in all sense! Sick because luis Suarez is not capable of holding up play and bringing Messi and Neymar into the game, sick because we have strayed from our own Moto by going for this player. Luis Suarez is everything Barcelona is not. We are purchasing Suarez and letting Alexis go. That is sick in so many different levels!!

    • Caleb says:

      I agree. Sanchez had his best year and seems like he’ll keep getting better. We have Messi and Neymar. Plus Pedro, Deulofeu, and Tello (with Cuenca still trying to come back). When you look at where we need to sign players—even if we have to break the bank to do so—our front line is not the place.

      At the same time, we now hear people (like Puyol) at the club saying it is hard to find defenders that fit the Barca mold, and that we are fairly well covered with Masch, Pique, and Bartra! Already preparing us for the potential of them not signing anyone! Certainly players are out there. We’ve tried to sign them. But then we shy away because we don’t want to spend the money. Yet we’ll go spend 70 million pounds or so on Suarez?!!

      I think the board has really lost its way. Suarez is talented, but he comes with so much baggage. Further, if Messi, Neymar, Sanchez, and Pedro are not enough fire-power for the team to be successful, one has to wonder if maybe the problem really isn’t in who we have up front.

      I just hope nothing comes of all this and we actually sign a couple defenders.

  6. kagisho says:

    we totally need to sign 2 new centre back and 2 new midfielders, because we have already lost fabregas and about to lose the el maestro so we need to reinforce those departments not the frontline because we have the quality there to lead the team in the likes of Messi, Neymar, Alexis and Pedro while we have Halilovic who can come to the ranks and add that fresh blood to the line up and fo his magic so sign suarez would just b waste of money in that 70m we can get 2-3 players to void at the back cause that’s where we lack we can’t depend on Mascherano n pique and batra no we can’t, we need two quality defenders please

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