Can Barça retain the World Cup?

puyol world cup winner 2010Four years have passed but we all remember proudly how Andrés Iniesta’s extra-time goal in Johannesburg earned Barça a resounding victory over the rest of the world. Barça’s captain Carles Puyol will hand the trophy back to the organisers shortly before tomorrow’s World Cup Final at the legendary Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, but at the end of the game the prize could be back in Barça’s hands if Leo Messi and Javier Mascherano have their day.

Barça’s supremacy in the universe is accentuated by the disastrous World Cup from closest rivals Real Madrid. From the moment Marcelo scored the tournament’s first goal in his own net Madrid have been struggling with blunders from Casillas, Alonso and Ramos adding to the calamity. Pepe did little to help by getting himself foolishly sent off while Ronaldo’s finishing again let him down. Madrid’s final humiliation came with Marcelo’s awful performance in the humiliating 7-1 elimination.

Messi Mascherano 2011Tomorrow at the Maracana and all around the planet watching on television, people will be wearing the number ten shirt of Leo Messi in the blue and white stripes of Barça’s 2014/15 second kit. History is waiting to be written (and subsequently rewritten), let’s hope Leo and Jefecito Mascherano can bring the cup home!

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3 Responses to Can Barça retain the World Cup?

  1. Caleb says:

    Hey Nic, I’ve been pretty hard on Messi and his lack of running, assuming it has just been laziness. Yet, to see him not running for the World Cup final has given me pause. Is there any chance that he’s not physically well? Anything related to the numerous times he’s thrown up during matches? Just wondering if you’ve come across anything along those lines. It is hard to write off his miniscule amount of running due to a lack of motivation during a game and tournament that could have placed him at the top of the footballing pantheon.

  2. ewe_gb says:

    Hi Caleb, if you have seen yesterday’s final then it is pretty sure that Messi is not the same anymore. He once had brilliant run outpacing Boateng and afterwards the first thing he did was to grab his tigh like he has done so often since last year.

    So the really serious question is: How can Messi get the opportunity to get a proper rest.

    In light of this, I think it is of utmost importance to buy Cuadrado as well and the purchase of Suarez make a lot of sense.

  3. Fredegar says:

    I was also worried a lot by Messi’s World Cup. Although he’s been absolutely brilliant when attacking and Argentina can squarely look at Higuain and Aguero when discussing why they missed on the biggest prize (why the f..k had they to be so sh..e just in time for the World Cup FFS!!!), Messi didn’t run the slightest to help defensively. So was he in bad shape or is it just how Messi now plays cos’ he can’t do anymore (see Ballague’s theory)? This is particularly important, cos’ Argentina proved you can carry two passengers when playing defensively, but at Barça where the pressing is of the utmost importance, it won’t cut much longer, so that would mean Luis Enrique has to completely alter the shape of the team (this might explain some of our signings though…).
    We’ll see, for now I’m just plainly disgusted for him not to have won it, I could have cried in my Argentina 10 shirt (had it not been for my stepfather watching the game with me)

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