Xavi staying at Barça

xavi 2013After weeks of rumours about a move to Qatar or to New York, Xavi Hernández has reportedly decided to start the season with Barça. Earlier today a story broke which claimed the negotiations for Xavi’s departure had broken down. Barça were reportedly going to pay Xavi a leaving bonus and if the local press are to be believed the final offer from Barça wasn’t what Xavi was hoping for. Luis Enrique is said to be happy for Xavi to stay and he will now return to training at the club on Thursday along with Alex Song, Ivan Rakitic and the other Spanish World Cup players. Xavi is 34 and still has two years left on his contract though depending how things go under Luis Enrique he could still look for a move in January or next summer.

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2 Responses to Xavi staying at Barça

  1. Fredegar says:

    Well, I must say I’m not too happy with this whole story. That he asked for a “bonus” to be freed from his last two years is pretty disturbing, that the club made an offer that he refused is appalling, that he is now staying at least in part for this reason is really bad in my opinion.
    On the sporting level I can’t say I’m on the moon either. Don’t misread me, I love Xavi. He’s been a legend for our club and of course still is an incredible player and can bring us a lot. But if you’ve got Xavi in your squad, the squad must be built around him, I can’t see him play a bit part role, he probably would’nt accept it and the fact that he will probably captain the club would not allow for it either. My point is, I’m sure Xavi is still an incredible player, but I don’t think he can again carry us to the amount of success we crave so shouldn’t be central in the club’s plans, but I can’t see him staying and NOT being central in the club’s plans. Now would have been the best moment to leave the club full of glory I thought, that he chosed not to, and particularly the circumstances in wich he chosed not to, is disturbing. Hope I’ll be proved wrong mind you…

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